Monday, April 30, 2007

Things Are Looking Up...

Good news today. I got a phone call from my family doctor today. I have an appointment to see a shrink on May 24th. This will put me one step closer to recovery.......................

Friday, April 27, 2007

Howard Jones

I need a boost today. The damp spring weather is getting to me, and there is a lot going on in our house right now. It seems like more bad news everyday....
Things can only get better..Right?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am such a dork. I set up a facebook account, as I'm sure most of you know already. You know this because if I have your email address, I sent you an invitation to join. For all of my friends and readers out there, I meant to invite you. I did.

What I didn't mean to do was invite, oh, say, my divorce lawyer, J's nutritionist, my ex husband and his wife, and former friends. Gawd. I am so glad that I didn't have Rudi's email. He would have been sent an invite too.

You can meet my ex yourself, if you want. He accepted my invite, and we're now facebook friends.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shawn is back to work today! Whoo hoo! Not is he only back to work today, but he has 3 different jobs on the go. I don't think that I'll be seeing much of him in the following weeks.

We got a new fridge on the weekend, too. Not NEW, but new to us. We also mananged to get a microwave in the deal. We only paid $25. I'm still pinching myself!

Ruby turned one on Saturday. KC was joking about the fact that the dog had a better birthday than her or her sisters this year. Next year I'll buy KC a squeaky toy.

I haven't seen the EPL since our little expedition on the weekend. I'm looking into a duck blind or a camo suit like KB suggested.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tracking The Elusive Pot Lady

On the way home from grocery shopping yesterday, we spotted thses tracks. Shawn and I couldn't help but wonder....Could it be.....The Elusive Pot Lady?
We were astonished at our luck! Since little is actually known about the rare and Elusive Pot Lady, to actually find evidence of feeding behaviour was more than we could have hoped for. It sparked a debate between Shawn and myself. I firmly believe
that she is a hunter gatherer, (as my evidence here clearly shows). Shawn surmises that she is merely a scavenger.
The change in seasons may also have have an effect on her daily routine. We noticed that with the advent of warmer weather, she traded her metal pot for a plastic bowl, and slippers for bare feet. Instead of merely drinking water, she was eating a meal of rice.

The easily startled EPL darted into the shadows when I pulled out my cell phone. Experts believe this to be the only existing photo.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mr. T Treat your mother right

I found this on Beefcake Almighty's blog. He's on Corky's blogroll, you really should check him out.
Anyway, I was going to save this for Mother's Day, but I couldn't wait.
I can honestly say, I have NEVER seen anything quite like this before!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm finally posting some more photos of the pups taken while Heidi was away. The bottom one is a pic of where they literally just fell after about FIVE straight hours of play.

We had so much fun.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


There's been so much crap rattling about in my head the past couple of weeks. I had a million ideas for when I got back into my blogsphere, and now, here I sit, blog-challenged.
This bites.
Maybe it's because Shawn is STILL home, on the very day that his boss promised that he would be back at work. I swear, he is driving me CRAZY(er). He won't shut up about some dream he had about me fooling around with the guys from 38 Special.
Yeah, right.
It could be because while I was on the phone with both KC and J, he mimicked me, repeating everything that I said, and throwing some gibberish in with it.
There must be trillion little repairs that he could be doing in this house, right now. Seriously. Half of our furniture looks like it belongs in a frat house. You know the kind I mean. First, the legs broke off of our sofa in the front room. I didn't mind, because that way, Porky can get up and down from the couch on her own. Then, a couple of days ago, the base came off of the matching chair. It's like a video game chair now. Well, kind of. Like a hideous wing back 80's flowery video game chair.
Shawn is shouting blog topics at me with lightening speed. Some of these topics include Ron Jeremy, throwing up, his fathers unyeilding compassion, the kid next next door, his loser friends, spousal abuse, Shawn's desire to start his garden, the smell coming from the basement, my brothers wedding, the asian lady the patrols the street in her slippers drinking from a large metal pot, matter how hard you try, you can never unbotton a belly button.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Back

Whew. It has been a long couple of weeks. I have missed everyone. Incredibly. Have you all missed me and my insane ramblings?
April 3rd I had my court date. It went very well actually. I have a cousin that works at the courthouse, and she made certain that I spoke with duty council and was bumped to the head of the line. I asked for something called Adult Diversion, and the judge approved it without even thinking twice. The general concensus was that the 2 security guards were a tad overzealous, and that maybe this didn't HAVE to go to court. As it turns out, the whole thing WAS a training exercise with the 2 security guards, and since nothing was found in my bags, but only in the cart, the judge was very lenient.
Adult Diversion is different for every client that it deals with. My workers name is Deb, and I've met with her once. This is how my rehabilitation works. I have to write a letter of apology to the grocery store. Deb feels that this is going to be helpful to ME, and it is an exercise only, the letter will never be sent to the grocery store. Deb feels that (in my case) the store has done enough, and there is no need for me to have any more contact with them.
I have to see my family doctor, and get a referral to a shrink. I have already done this, but my family doctor wasn't terribly helpful. In fact, he was confused as to WHY I needed to see a shrink. I'm not holding my breath on that referral.
I have to pick up an application for disability. Just get one, and show it to her.
I have to walk the dog, or TRY to leave the house every day.
That's it, folks. If I do these things, (and I will) then the charges will be withdrawn.
My record will be clean.
Crap, what a relief that is.
Shawn goes back to work full time this week, with the company that laid him off a few months back. We are SO happy. This is the company that loaned us the money to pay our crazy gas bill in December.
Our fridge sprung (sprang?) a freon leak last Wednesday (right in the middle of Jericho, no less). We are now without a fridge, again. It sucks. I can't buy milk, or keep any leftovers, or enjoy a cold drink. It sucks, big time. Our microwave died, too. April has been a crappy month for appliances in our little house.
We did have several days with the Pug, though. The girls were sad to see him go. We're already planning next years Juno awards, when I'm sure that Jethro will be a winner again.
Imagine that. Our own Jethro a Juno award winner. I couldn't be more proud.
I missed everyone so much. Cindy actually phoned me last week. I gotta say, she has the cutest voice. I'll be back tomorrow. The kids are waiting for their turns on the computer, and I have about 100 emails to read. Thanks for waiting.