Thursday, April 28, 2011


that I can bake and survive. Yes, I made these on my own, and they are 100% home made by me.
Oh, and they were incredible, if I do say so myself :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here it is rhe eve before Easter morning and I still have baking to do, side dishes to plan, and floors to mop - after all, Landon will be here!
   Happy Easter, Everyone!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Finally, The photos

Our trip to Toronto was fabu. I have been meaning to download pics for a couple of weeks now, but a lost camera cord and spring cleaninghad me somewhat sidetracked.
We met so many wonderful people! Nicholas Brendan was not just sincere and sweet, but he was crazy ass funny. He blamed it on his medication for a throat infection, but we got the feeling that this was the real Nic. We learned many interesting things in the Q & A sesssion with him.
 For instance, did you know that the age of consent in Spain is 13?
 Also, he has a dog named Steven. Not Steve, Steven.
 Alot of his character on Buffy was just him. It was more casting then acting. Another thing that both KC and I learned that we are by far NOT the biggest geeks out there. Convention or not, I can't imagine an adult dressing as an Avatar character - we are talking full body blue make up - or a Steam Punk with all of the regalia.
 Oh, and another thing? Storm Troopers STILL freak me out.

Dustin Diamond was a very pleasant surprise! He was great. He was not the douche bag that most people think he is. He hugged us, told us some juicy inside bits about Saved By The Bell, and was just a nice guy. I really dig him.

Here we are at Dundas Square. If there is a protest, an impromtu concert, some sort of live action show, you will find it here. This was Elvis, I think, but he was blasting Johnny Cash songs. Whatever. He was awesome. He was there for at aleast two days in a row.
I was also offered a free bag of limes (courtesy of The City Of Toronto), which I declined, but later regretted,. KC bought a mini Butter Finger for 27 cents,for some cause or other.

 This was the breath taking view from our 22nd floor hotel room. You can see the water, but most of the view was a construction site that was closed down for the weekend. Still, the water quiets my soul, and gives me a feeling of peace....I was quite happy there.
This is one of my favourite photos. KC and Claire Kramer. You may know her as Courtney from Bring It On, or Glory from Buffy.
 She is one the one the highlights of our trip.
   We had to wait in line to see her, and the man in front of us was special needs. He took up about 15 minutes of her time, taking pic after pic, gifting her with Avon jewelry, and repeating the same thing - again and again. She not only took the time to to actually listen to this guy, she posed, happily, for about 20 different photos. She was so patient and kind that I not only immeadiately liked her. I respected her for her treatment of a man that most people would have ignored or dealt with quickly.
   She rocked.

 Honestly? That trip wiped my ass out. We got home late Sunday night and I spent most of Monday sleeping. It was my first big expedition since I got sick, and I realized that everything must be done in moderation. (Not a word that is normally in my vocabulary). I need to get out more, exercise, be active, but this was like a whirl wind of activity.

  Hopefully I will be more prepared for our next trip. It will warmer by then, and Dundas Square will be a hive of activity. I can only imagine what is in store for us...