Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When Jessica and her friend were swarmed at the mall in January, I really didn't expect much to come of the subsequent police investigation. I thought that maybe the two girls involved (the girls that actually attacked Jessica and her pal, the others, three boys, just kind of stood around and acted as look out) would get a slap on the wrist.
Honestly, I was just happy that the police took us seriously enough to make a report and look for the girls. The mall security certainly didn't do much about the incident until they were notified by the police. They brushed my phone call off quickly enough.

One of the girls was sentenced on July 9 th (I am waiting to hear about the other offender) and she got 18 months probation, a two year weapons ban, and, best of all? She served 52 in custody.

I am shocked. Canada has been notoriously easy on it's young offenders. There is always a publication ban (no names or photos of anyone under 18), which I personally think is bullshit. I don't care about a kid that was popped for shoplifting a sweater or a can of food, but I do want to know if a violent kid is in my neighbourhood.
Wouldn't you like to know if there were a dangerous offender living on your street? Is a rapist any less dangerous if he/she is under 18?

There won't be any names published in this case. I know the girls names, I have not told anyone else who they are, but I am ok with that. I am hoping that this is a lesson enough for these two young ladies (I use that term very loosely) and that from now on they will think about the consequences before they act again. Fifty two days would be one heck of a deterrent for me, that's for sure.

I wonder if the five dollars was worth it?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's been close to a week since my last post and I have no idea where the time is going. The summer is just flying by, at warp speed it seems.

Kayla was accepted to college. We had the tour on Monday and got the confirmation this morning that she is IN. I am so freaking proud that I am busting at the seams. No, really, I am.
Kayla wants to be a chef. A chef! She is following in the footsteps of her Dad and Uncle TMOC. They all love the kitchen. I avoid the place like the plague and don't even like making sandwiches for myself. Seriously. Shawn says that it just easier for him to cook cause he can't stand to see me in there crying.

Anyway, enough about my issues. This is about Kayla.
For a kid with learning disabilities that struggled through school, and generally hated every minute of it, this is amazing. Incredible.

Have I said how proud we all are of her?
I know have two daughters in college!

Tomorrow I am heading up to the coffee shop to meet an old friend from high school. We have not seen each other in about 25 years. That is a hell of a long time. I am feeling pretty ok about it though. A couple of months ago this would have been heart attack inducing, but since meeting Kim at the library a while back I have a new confidence in myself. That and some Rx meds from my shrink :)

Shawn is another story...He is bored to tears and wants to be back at work, now. He has gone back for a couple of days here and there, but the pain is just too much and the doctor wants him to stay off his leg as much as possible. His appointment with the specialist is in November. Gah. Sometimes I wonder if time is standing still, the wait is never ending. Other days, I marvel at how quickly it all passes.

I am planning a trip to Colorado this autumn, to see my sister, Kelly. I have never used her real name before, but have always called her Lucky, the nickname that TMOC and I call her. Thing is, she hasn't been so lucky recently. She has gotten along fine for years without me, but my well tuned sister radar tells me that she could use a (large) shoulder to lean on. I can't get there any sooner, for practical and financial reasons, but I am going to move heaven and earth to get there before Thanksgiving.

Friday will be the 10 th anniversary of my Dad's death (and marks the 13 th for Kelly's Mom).
I think that I will try to spend the day doing something that my Dad loved. It feels like the right way to honour him, ya know? I'm not sure what that will be yet, but I will think of something.