Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Haunted Asylum

My Hubby is a dry waller. He works for different companies, and goes where the work is. It is probably the only advantage to being a sub- contractor.
In the spring of 2003, he took a job for my brothers uncle, working out of town. It was only about 45 minutes away by car, but Hubby didn't have a car. He decided to live on- site for the duration and come home only on weekends.
I didn't realize at the time that this job would be so different from the rest. I didn't realize that this summer job would have such a dramatic affect on him...and us.
The job was supposed to be simple. Take a former childrens residence, and turn it into a retirement home/hotel. This place sat on about 100 acres and included its own water treatment plant, and its own power generator system. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was more of a warehouse for unwanted kids. The home was built in the 50's, and eventually closed down in the 90's. What happened in those in between years is the stuff that horror movies are made of.
Children were placed there for a variety of reasons. If a child was deemed 'retarded' or suffered any kind of illness - epilepsy, physically handicapped, troublesome, or just unwanted. Rumors of staff abuse, rape, torture and even murder echoed throughout the near by town. Nobody cared. Infact, the home had a very interesting way of dealing with the town folk and the kids. You could sign out a kid for the day, and even get paid for it. Yup. They farmed out the able bodied kids. Most were overworked on farms and in private homes.
This place had its own morgue. Tres creepy. Then again, the whole damn thing was creepy. Girls were raped by staff members. kids were locked in the padded room to 'settle down', sometimes for hours. I was in the "quiet room." It freaked me out.
In one room , a cable man was killed by an agressive boy. He was in stalling cable in one one of the bedrooms and was stabbed with his own screwdriver.
The basement was probaly the worst. There were single rooms, with bare cement walls, little light, and one small window about 18 inches high- at the very top of the wall . It was so incredibly depressing and dismal. Apparently, the most violent kids were kept there.
The nightmare came to an end some time in the mid 90's with the closure of the facility. It remained empty for about 6 years, until a developer bought it lock,stock, and barrel for about 1 million dollars.
Hubby and another sub contractor agreed to stay on the premises. That way, they could work later, and completely eliminate travel time. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and Uncle Ned was happy to have his best guy on site 24/7.
It was the little things, at first. Hubby was in a room across the hall from the old gymnasium. At night he would hear what sounded like sneakers squeaking on the floor. The former cafeteria would come alive at night. The microwave that Hubby brought for his food would beep. His electric kettle would go missing. It always turned up later. Chairs could be heard being moved about. Not creepy? All of the chairs were gone. Then there were the mice.
One night after both men had been asleep, they were awakened by the sound of a thousand running feet. The room was invaded by probably 100 little mice. They ran around as if terrified of something, syncronized in their fear. Another night, hubbys air mattress jumped in the air, as if a wind had taken hold of it. It danced around the room like something out of Fantasia. The room had no windows.
The murdered cable guy must have been hanging out, too. Hubby had cable on his television. Strange, since the building had been abandoned for more than 5 years, and the only hydro was from extension cords criss-crossing the hallways.
Hubby thought that a night at the 'home' was just what I needed. I love everything paranormal, and had never met a ghost that I couldn't deal with. I packed up my keds and headed off with my man for a night of adventure.
I asked my guy not to tell anything when we got there. I often get a feeling for a place. Sometimes, it feels like I'm going to vomit, other times I have the urge to cry. Sometimes, I'm just creeped out.
I knew immeadiately that something was amiss. The whole property felt tainted, unclean, wrong. I knew where the morgue was, without being told. I felt overwhelming sadness in that room. I heard the ghostly children playing in the gym. I heard laughter and felt the fear. At the pool that night, I could feel unseen eyes watching our every move. Hubby had the joy of watching a 200 pound pool cover dance in the moonlight one evening during a solo swim. He even felt cold hands on his legs one night in the pool house change room. He still continued his midnight swims.

We went on a tour of the facility. Hubby took me into the restricted area, accesible only by a key, 'borrowed' from the groundskeeper. ( the groundskeeper, by the way, had been there since long before the place closed. He told Hubby that he wouldn't even come onto the property after dusk) My guy had been living there for weeks. He knew that place like the back of hand. Somehow, in the early morning light, we got lost. My panic increased with every step, but I refused to give in to panic. We quickened our steps. I heard foot steps behind me, also going faster. I smelled fruity perfume, in a closed down hell hole. It didn't seem possible. I didn't say a word as we navigated those hallways. I was afraid to. We finally left out of an emergency exit. When I spilled my guts about the echoing footsteps, Hubby admitted that he had heard them, too.

I was ready to go home. Enough is enough. As we were packing the car for our ride home, I laughed aloud at my fear. Completley irrational. What a scaredy cat I had been . As I laughed at my silliness for letting myself be frightened, I heard a harsh SHH!.

I got into the car and let my brave guy finish the packing.

Hubby remained on site for about 2 more weeks. When I got home later that day, we noticed that one of my shoes had been left on the job. I found it 2 days later, while Hubby was still away. It was stained and smelly, while the other one was clean and new.


Saturday Night

I had such an awesome weekend. Friday night was dinner with family in Elmira at a fabulous restaurant. Saturday night was a visit to the farm, and hanging out with people that are my family by choice.
KK and J had other plans, and TMOC decided to stay home, so Hubby, KC and I went out to the farm with Jethro and Heidi. We got to spend time with The Boy and The Girl, Heidi's parents, and Heidi's sister. Heidi's mom, Sally, is so wonderful, and down to earth. She welcomes everyone into her home like they're family. She makes you feel instantly at ease.
KC got achance to ride a horse, and I got a chance to catch up with some old friends. I seldom get a chance to hang with Jethro ( who has known me since I was 10 ) or Heidi's family.
Going to the farm is like catching your breath for a few hours. I can't explain it. It's like a safe place. There is no other place on earth where you can feel so relaxed, so content, so welcome.
We had a great dinner ( no bbq for us 2 nights in a row ), and laughed. I can't remember the last time that I felt so good. Heidi's Dad got me caught up on the home town gossip. Lori S had a baby! Billy R won $ 50 000! Old man Sisto isn't dead! Big news. I loved every minute of it.
Heidi's sister is so sweet. She makes me miss my sister Lucky.
And the Pug. He is the reason that we got Ruby Tuesday. After we dog-sat him for a couple of days, we were hooked. That dog is love sponge.
Jethro drove us home, ( being that we are to lame to have a WORKING car ) and J and KK had a chance to visit with Uncle Jethro. TMOC had a chance to catch up, too. The night was over way too quickly, we were saying good-bye again before I knew it.
These times with the people that I love the most are always over too fast, and too far in between. I hope that Heidi and Jethro move back home. I hope that we get to spend more time with them. I hope that our next visit isn't so long in coming. I hope that nothing ever changes...the farm, my friends, my family.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back...

TMOC is gone now. He left for his uncle's house, and then he's flying home tomorrow evening. In some ways, the visit seems like it went by too quickly. In other ways, it was just long enough.
We really didn't do much. We watched Curb Your Enthusiasm, and podged a wig for Hubby since he misses his long, flowing locks so much. I'm still picking glue out of my hair.
We went out to dinner with TMOC's aunt and uncle, and had a wonderful time. There's nothing like an evening of laughter to finish off a long day.
I probably won't see my big brother again until his wedding next year. It's funny..I miss him so much some times. I really do. Then when we're together, we revert back to our youth. I can't seem to break the cycle. No matter how hard I try.

Friday, August 25, 2006


After my last post about our ghost girl, things have changed a bit in our quiet little house. It seems as though someone - or something - is opening the cupboard doors in the kitchen. Strange.......I'll keep you updated.
J has been doing better. Her blood sugars have been closer to normal, and her cheeks are looking rosy again. She is eating more, too. We're going out for all you can eat tonight. I hope that she can keep up!
TMOC is here. We're all going out for dinner tonight and maybe doing some garage sales this weekend.
Has everyone been over to her indoors and todemesne's blog? I got a good laugh out of them today. Check them out if you have time...
Gotta run.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


TMOC arrives tomorrow, Friday. He'll be here for 5 days. I can only imagine the things that he has in store for me.....

I See Dead People

It's true. I do. My girls do,too. Not like that kid in The Sixth Sense. They don't hang out with me, or chat about the weather with me, and my therapist is most definetely NOT an earth bound spirit. We do however expirience more than our fair share of paranormal happenings.
It was one of the reasons that we moved 3 months ago. Ok, the crack head neighbours and the slum - like conditions didn't make us partial to the place, either. The truth is the townhouse felt "off" from the minute that we 1st moved in. We moved in anyway, desperate for a home near the school that the 2 youngest girls missed so much since our last move.
It was a townhouse like any other. It was an end unit, with a small livingroom, diningroom, & kitchen,and a miniscule 2 piece bathroom on the main floor. The upstairs contained 3 bedrooms, and the main bathroom. An unfinished basement completed the unit. Hubby and I took the basement, so that each of the girls could have their own room. I didn't mind - at first.
I can't really say for certain what the first indication that our ghost had followed us was. KC was scared to be alone in her room , but considering some of her past expiriences, I couldn't blame her. Maybe it was Hubby complaining to me about the girls tickling his toes at night, or the way that I pulled the blankets off of him some nights. The cupboard doors in the kitchen were always open, even if I was home alone, or I had just closed them. Then we started seeing Her.
At first, we thought that it was J, our youngest. I would see a little blonde head just above the stair railing, coming down the stairs. When the blonde head reached the bottom of the stairs, she simply vanished.
KK was having problems of her own. She seemed to get he worst of it. Her bed shook at night, she actually fought with unseen hands to keep her blankets on the bed each night. Voices called to her when she tried to drift off to sleep. Then, there was the face in the mirror. A little girl of about 8 with blonde hair and an icy smile.
I suppose that I could write this all off as mass hysteria. Except for one thing.....Nobody was talking about what was happening. I hadn't told the girls, they hadn't told us...everyone was suffering in silence.
The worst of it seemed centered around KK. Alone in the tub one night, a woman appeared in the bathroom, slowly making her way to the tub, where KK was bathing. When they made eye contact, KK let out a scream that defies description. It was the kind of scream that makes your blood run cold. I knew as I ran up those stairs, this was real terror. I felt it in my bones, and I also knew, then and there, that we needed to move.
The problem was, and still is, that our ghost, the little blonde haired girl, has been with us, for about 3 years now. She has been a part of our lives since about the time that Hubby started working at the former children's residence, the haunted hell hole that nearly drove Hubby crazy.
We have been here since June. I love it here. For the first time in years, I feel comfortable. The girls are no longer afraid to be home alone, and the house doesn't feel oppressive or unwelcoming. It has been more than 3 months and there have no strange happenings, or unexplained events. Our little house has a lightness, a homey, comfortable feel to it. In fact, I love it here. I hope that our little ghost does, too, because she is bound to show up, sooner or later.....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


As promised, this is Porkchop. She is our 'Grandma' dog, rescued from the Humane Society 2 summers ago. She is cranky, a little mean, and passes gas from both ends. She is also a huge music critic. She hates James Brown and barks like mad when she hears his music. What can I say? She is absolutely one- of- a kind and we wouldn't trade her for anything...


Yesterday was not one of my better days. J and I had to go to the JDEC - The Juvenile Diabetes Education Centre at the hospital. J is my 11 year old and she was diagnosed with JD when she was only 3. It has been something that she, and the whole family, has struggled with ever since.
It seems that no matter what we do, her blood sugar, or blood glucose levels, are sky high or way too low. For years, J suffered from low blood sugars and seizures. Now, they're way too high. We have tried different types of insulin, changed her schedule, changed her diet, nothing seems to make a diference.
I have to tell you about my baby. She is one of the most content, even tempered kids that I have ever met. Truthfully. Her 1st word was HAPPY. When she was little, she would ask if she could go to bed, instead of asking to stay up. She has never complained about this horrible disease, not once.
It breaks my heart to see her suffer like this. I worry endlessly about the complications of this
monstrous thing that has taken over her life.
When we went to see her Dr. in March, J was slim, but healthy. She was 89.5 pounds, and 5'1. Yesterday, she had grown an inch, and dropped to 78 pounds. She should weigh about 92, 95 by now. I was shocked. I knew that she had lost some weight, but I was unprepared for something so dramatic.
We are now faced with finding a way for J to put on weight and do it in a wasy that will be healthy for a diabetic. For everything that she eats, she needs insulin, and finding the right balance has always been difficult. Now, it seems nearly impossible. We have one month, to bulk her up, or the Dr. will have to put her back in the hospital. Anymore weight loss, and she is back in the hospital.
As her Mom, I feel responsible. I feel like my defective genes cursed her with this life altering
nightmare. I feel like I should be able to control it, to make it go away or at least make it something that we can deal with. How? How do you fight something like this? I don't think that I can stand the thought of J in the hospital again, hooked up to an IV, pale and sad. I hate it.
You know what the worst part is? She won't complain. She never does.
I would take this away from her in a nano second, the blink of an eye, and take it upon myself. If I could. If only I could..........

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What Happens At The No-Tell.....

Friday was our night away, the first in 3 years. Unless you count my 72 hour "vacation" a couple of years back. It didn't matter to me that what started out as a whole weekend away was now only one night, or that we were staying at some dive a few miles from home. It was an adventure just the same.
It started with dinner at a restaurant with a view of the mall. The lasagna was almost as good as mine, and Hubby's burger was homemade and huge,just the way he likes them. It was more like dinner theatre, because shortly after we were served, we watched some rent a cops take down a shop lifter. Three security guards for a girl not much bigger than my leg. She put up quite a fight, though.
After dinner it was off to our favourite hole-in-the-wall, across from the kick ass toy store and Chapters. Imagine my surprise to find out that there was a La crosse tournament in town and nearly every hotel/motel was booked. By the time we found a place, we had spent 1/2 of our budget just getting there. The lady at the front desk thought that I was crazy when she read the address on Hubby's id. Less than a block away. Yup. We were smack in ther middle of the old 'hood, and only steps away from Hubby's whole family.
I still didn't care. Away is away, right? We hunkered down for the night,content to be alone.
The room itself was pretty standard. Two queen size beds, a fridge, a broken night stand, and the same a/c unit in my Nanie's apartment - 25 years ago. Thankfully, the place was sound proof, and we only had a drunk knock on our door once.
We spent the evening together, just the 2 of us, and caught up on....Stuff. I kept the weather network on all night because neither one of us brought a watch, and we didn't want to miss our 11am check out time. At 9:30 the next morning, we discovered that we had pay TV. Oh yeah. I watched the weather network for 12 hours and there was free movies playing.
We left at 10:45, soaking up every minute that we possibly could. It was glorious. Truthfully. We had such a good time that Hubby promised to take me "away" once a month.
I can't wait for September.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Some Of My favourite Things.......

Some Of My favourite Things.......

A photo of my garden,I am so proud of it...SOMEBODY thought that these flowers wouldn't grow....And... Ruby Tuesday Soho. Ruby came into our lives on June 18,th of this year. Our terri-poo, Poodle passed away exactly one year earlier. We didn't plan on getting another puppy on the anniversary of Poodle's death. It just worked out that way. I think that some things are just meant to be......

Friday, August 18, 2006

Today is Friday

Today is Friday, and YES, I'm in love.
Our road trip has been scaled back to just a night away at our favourite No- Tell- Motel, across the street from 3 of my favourite places: Chapters, the movie theatre, and a really kick ass toy store that sells hobby supplies,too. I could spend all day in there.
Hubby has promised NO WORK on Saturday, so in a couple of hours, he is mine, all mine.
Can't wait to get the weekend started!!!!
The Cure -- Friday I'm In Love (rUmPeLsTiLtSkIn)

For My Hubby

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

10 things that you might not know about me

#1 I am deathly afraid of heights. I won't even stand on a step stool.
#2 I once had my nose broken after I was hit by a Grey Hound. Not the bus, but an actual grey hound. Smashed my face and broke my nose.
#3 I used to work at a morgue,in one of the local hospitals. I helped with autopsies. That's why blood and guts don't bother me much.
#4 I have a Yoda lamp in my living room. His eyes light up when you turn him on. Creeps the kids out. Big time.
#5 My best friend and I have never had a real fight. I think that it's because she is too sweet to argue with me, and knows that I can't be reasoned with. It's true.
#6 That I partied with The Forgotten Rebels. This means nothing to those of you that are not part of the Canadian punk scene, but it was big news when I was 15 and hanging with them.
#7 That I was once picked up by the cops for suspicion of attempted murder. Long story. No actual charges laid. I'll save that story for another time....
#8 I was once attacked by squirrel. True story. I tried to help the little bastard escape a garbage can in Toronto. Never again.
#9 I once "borrowed" a car with my best friend in Nova Scotia. Course we didn't know who the owner was, but we did return it. Drove it right back into the driveway.
Almost as good as new.
#10 I spent the night with Hubby in an old, HAUNTED, mental facility for children. That was spooky as hell, and I will NEVER go back there again. Another long story. Save it for later.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Barnyard

I don't do reviews,it's too much like english all over again, but I will tell you that you have to see this movie. Hubby and I took our 11 year old to see The Barnyard yesterday. Not only was there no swearing, or sex, but we all enjoyed it.
Sam Elliot, Courtney Cox, Kevin James, Wanda Sykes and Shaggy all provide voices in this family friendly comedy. I actually laughed out loud. If you have kids, or, if you're like Hubby and I, you just love animation, check out The Barnyard.
Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

Great family movie.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


There's something that some of you may not know. I've only known my sister for about 4 1/2 years.
TMOC and I call her Lucky. We found each other in February 2002 after what had been for me, a 22 year search.
I first heard of my sister when I was 11. My Nanie let the secret out one night when I was there for an over night visit. I was astounded. Shocked. This was what I had always wanted. A big sister.
I would dream about what she was like, where she lived, who she was. I searched phone books, wrote letters, made phone calls. I even went to a psychic. For years, I got no where.
Life went on, for me, and for Lucky. I didn't know where she lived, knew nothing about her, except one thing. I loved her.
It's funny how you love someone that you've never met. I waited for the day that we would meet,the day that it would all come together. I waited, and waited.
We both got married, had babies, and got divorced. She was always on my mind. I thought of her the day that 1st daughter was born. I wondered if she had children of her own. I thought of her on Christmas, every year on her birthday. I wondered if she was happy, where she was, did she even know about me, and TMOC.
In 1999, Colorado experienced such a tragedy that it sent shock waves around the world. I watched the Columbine footage on T.V,with my Dad, over the phone.
"Dad, she could be there, her kids could be there." I thought that she could a teacher, maybe I had nieces or nephews there.
I had no reason to think that Lucky was in Colorado. No reason to think that she was anywhere but in Canada, where she had been born. I prayed, for the students and teachers at Columbine, and for my lost sister.
On September 11, 2001, I watched, along with the rest of the world, the terrifying footage of the World Trade Center being attacked. My thoughts once again went to my sister. Was she in New York? Was she safe? Could she have been on one of those ill fated planes?
It strenghtened my resolve to find her. I went to work with a vengance. I left no stone unturned this time. I needed to know once and for all. I needed my sister.
I've seen a lot of reunion stories over the years. I watched every one that I could. Every episode of Jenny Jones, Montel, Oprah, Sally name it. I knew that not every reunion had a happy ending. I knew friends that had their own stories of lost family members. It didn't always end with one big, happy, family. I knew that. I also knew that with us, it would be different.
I found some adoption sites on the web. There were so many, and you had to be registered at the right one...But, which one was the right one?
Christmas came and went that year, and my sister was never far from my thoughts. I had no phone call, no e mail, no nothing.
In February, I found a new site. 24 hours after I registered, I recieved an e mail.
It was the news that I had waited 22 years for. I had found my sister.
The world stopped spinning, my breath caught in my throat. It was the news that I had been waiting for, news that I knew would change my life forever.
Our first contact was via e mail. There was so much to tell,so much that we both wanted to know. She had 2 kids, a boy and a girl. We had both been divorced, from men with the same name. She DID live in Colorado, and was very close to Columbine. She was a teacher. She had in-laws in New York.
The best part was, she was exactly like I knew that she would be. Smart, and beautiful, funny ,and kind,with a heart as big as her smile. I love her so.
I love her in a way that I never thought possible. She is so much more than a sister, more than a friend, more than I could ever have hoped for. I love my niece and nephew, and my brother-in-law, even though we've never met. I know them in my heart. Of course I do. They've been there all along.
Bright Eyes -- First Day of My Life

For my sister, Lucky

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Party's Over

So K.C. had her party last night. I must say, I'm impressed. Nothing was broken,stolen,smashed or burned. When I called home to check on things the first time, K.K was already stressed out.
That was about 9:30. By 11:30, when I called back, K.C. was the life of the party. And happy to let me know that she is no longer puke free.
All she had was wine coolers.
Today, she is hung over, and not looking for ward to working this afternoon. She has made a solemn oath to NEVER drink again.
You see, there is a method to my madness.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Bad news. The road trip has been postponed until next week. I was so looking forward to it that I cried when Hubby told me that he had to work on Saturday.
Curse this bi-polar crap. If I'm not laughing, I'm crying. No in between. I need this road trip now more than ever......
Punk Rock Girl

Another favourite.
Potsmokers Cartoon

Neil Diamond sings about smoking pot. Scary stuff.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Almost like Magic!!!!

OOh look everybody, Biddie has links, um, I mean, I! I have links!

I, Biddie, have figured out how to do links! To my blog friends, like for example, the smartest hick in the world. Like who would have thought that a little chick from the sticks knew so much about computers and stuff, especially since I didn't pay attention in high school---I mean, SHE, she didn't pay attention, you know, when computers were all new and stuff.

Especially since I'm so busy watching Johnny's latest--I mean SHE, Heidi, is watching Johnny Depp's latest movie and that's why SHE couldn't possibly have fixed up those links.


(because I'm pretty sure it was really just pure dumb luck)

What The Eff?

I must have hit my head when I fell yesterday... I agreed to let K.C. have a party on Friday while Hubby and I spend the night away. We haven't decided where yet. I was insipered by my blog friend, CindyDianne, who recently took a road trip with no destination.
Seriously, what was I thinking?

Speaking Of Suckfest............................

Yesterday sucked.
Ok, not completely. One of my favourite people in the whole world stopped by. She is my former mother-in-law. Hubby #2's mom. I love her. She always makes me laugh. She adores her grand daughters, and they adore her back, she knows that her son is a jerk, but it hasn't interferred with our relationship. We're are still family, she and I,more so now than when Goof and I were married. And, she loves Hubby.
So that was nice. I was having a good day until I went downstairs to get the laundry.
I should back track and tell you that I am a complete klutz. I'm certain that my photo is in the dictionary if you look the word up. I have broken my ankle, several toes,and foot numerous times. Always the right foot. Always. I almost cut my baby toe off while baking a pie once, too.
Told you. Klutz.
My foot is still not healed properly from my last incident. I stepped on my own foot and "shaved" or "flaked" a piece of bone off. Ouch.
So I'm bringing the laundry up yesterday. No big deal, right?
I should also mention that our little house is about 80+ years old. Most of the fixtures, etc, are original to the house. Including the heating vents on the floor.
I had noticed previously that the floor vent by the front door was cracked. Didn't think a thing of it. I stepped on the damn thing and it broke into about 4 pieces. I fell through the floor, and it sucked me in clear up to my thigh. The laundry went flying like confetti and I folded like a K- mart lawn chair.
I was so stunned that I just kinda sat there. Stuck. My dear friend just looked at me, too shocked to do anything. The kids were horrified. K.C thought that I broke my leg.
I couldn't bring myself to laugh, but I didn't cry or pee myself, either. ( standard reaction for me)
Man that hurt. My poor foot was swollen in a matter of seconds. Pretty impressive, really.
Today, I'm sore and bruised, and a little bit battered. I don't think that I fractured my foot, just my fragile ego. Why do I always fall when I've got an audience? My dear friend thinks that I will do ANYTHING for a laugh. Maybe she's right. It was pretty funny. I wish that I could've seen my face. In fact, the more that I think about it, the funnier it seems.
Yup, got the giggles now. Full on hilarity. Excuse me while I go pee......

Monday, August 07, 2006

Grandpa Ed

Today is a bad day. I went a funeral this afternoon, for a family member that I haven't seen in a couple of years. Not only do I feel sad, but I feel endless amounts of guilt for not visiting with Grandpa Ed.
Ed wasn't my REAL Grandpa. He moved in with my Nanie when I was about 15. My Grandpa had passed away about 5 years earlier,and Nanie was lonely. She had raised 8 kids, and had never really ever been alone before.
I don't know how they met. I think that it was at the food court of a local mall. She was funny and personable,everyone that knew her liked her.
He was grumpy and surly, and used to having his own way. They hit it off.
I learned very quickly not to speak when Ed's favourite 'programs' were on T.V. People had been uncerimoniously tossed from the apartment for lesser offences. He and my Aunt Jill had a now legendary fight over country music. She was for he was against.
In spite of everything, I liked him. He was good to my Nanie. Some family members complained that she waited on him hand and foot. She did. She needed to. It was her way of saying that she cared. She needeed someone to fuss over, and he needed the fussing. It wasn't one sided by any means. Every time that Ed left the house, he came home with a present for his girl. It could be a can of hair spray,or a new lamp,or key chain. She needed that.
They would have been lost without each other. Indeed, they were.
In October of 2001,Nanie became ill. I can't even remember from what. What I do remember is Ed. I saw him at the hospital, and he was lost. He wouldn't leave her side, even after the doctors told us that she was gone.
At the funeral, he spoke of her as if she were still coming home. He looked different, like 1/2 a man. Not like our Ed at all.
I worried about where he would go, who would see that he ate,that his laundry got done,who would be there for him.
In December of that year,the unthinkable happened. Ed, despondant over the loss of his best friend, tried to kill himself. He set fire to his mattress,wanting to be with Nanie again. Of course, Ed being Ed changed his mind. He walked out of the apartment in his slippers,and went to have his oil changed. My Aunt Josie found him several hours later.
Most of my family members pretty much gave up on Ed then. They were angry with him for setting the fire that destroyed all momentos and tangible memories that they had of their parents. No one was hurt, but a lot of lives were affected. People were angry.
I saw the truth of it all. Ed wasn't trying to hurt anyone. He was in so much pain that he literally could not function without the love of his life. I understood then. I understand even better now.
Ed passed away last Friday, after living out his remaining years at a retirement home. He never recovered from his loss.
Today, along with the sadness, and guilt, I feel a little bit of joy. Maybe, just maybe, Nanie and Ed are together again. Watching their programs and drinking tea.
I hope that he says hello for me.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Circa 1978

Do not adjust your computer screen. The photo you are viewing IS technicolour. IT was the 70's, after all.
This is about 1978,my big brother,TMOC,our dog,Boss, and me. I'm about 9 here.
TMOC and I were latch-key kids. Our Mum had left years earlier,so long before that I have no memory of ever having lived with her. She left with our next door neighbour,Stan, who also left behind 2 kids.
We lived with our Dad,and our beloved dog, Boss in a little town house. My Dad owned a towing company,which meant that he was gone- alot. It also meant that sick days were often spent in the garage being watched by one of my "uncles". I loved it when the burly truck drivers would teach me words that I never heard in my Catholic home,or when they would let TMOC and me drive the cars in the junkyard. The best part was watching them play barbies with me. I don't know who had more fun.
I was the unofficial mascot of Professional Towing. We played pinball and ate candy, drank pop and drove clunkers, found treasure in the abandoned vehicles. Life was great.
Dad was always at work it seemed. That left TMOC and I to our own devices. We played Batman & Robin,watched The Odd Couple,and argued over whose turn it was to do the dishes. (His)
I thought that my big brother was the smartest guy ever. I believed every word that he said,took it as gospel. He took me everywhere. I had crushes on all of his friends, and was the text book bratty little sister. It didn't matter. He still played with me,took me to the comic book store, bought me chips.
I didn't realize it at the time, but we were poor. Dad owned our little town house, and had his own business, but things were worse than I ever knew. One of his partners was stealing from the buisness, and he almost lost evrything. We never knew. Our Christmases were still huge, with nearly every toy on our wish list. Ok, TMOC got a Big Jim instead of G.I.Joe, and I got a Darcy doll instead of a Barbie. But he tried. We had every electronic toy before any one else. In fact, TMOC charged his friends to play pong on our game console. Hey, it was hi tec.
Yup, TMOC was quite the enterprising young man, even at 12.
All things must change,and change they did in 1980. My Dad met someone special, and TMOC moved to Toronto with Betty and Stan. My Dad and I moved to a small town to be closer to his new "friend" I missed TMOC terribly. No more exlax hot chocolate, no more bus trips down town, no more Batman & Robin.
TMOC is in Nova Scotia now, with his fiancee. I adore her, the kids love her,and she and Hubby are kindred spirits. I've known her since I was 15. She is most definetely too good for my brother.
I miss him like crazy. I know that we're too old to play silly games. I know that he has his own life. I have my own life, too. But what I wouldn't give for one more game of pong,or a trip to the comic book store.
I'm 37 now, and he's 41. The funny thing is, no matter how old I get, I'll still be TMOC's little sister.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Do Not Adjust Your Computer Screen...

H.R. Pufnstuf TV Theme

Dilling - I found it! I would love to have this on dvd, but my family is the kids techno color nightmares.

In the spirit of my childhood nostalgia,I'm posting more of my favourite commercials and T.V. shows. How scary were the 70's ? Gives me goose bumps.

I forgot about this. I used to have the biggest crush on Shazam!!
Sigmund and the Seamonsters intro (1973)

this one is for dilling....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl

I used to watch this every Saturday. Can you believe how cheesey the 70's were? scary.

Barbie Commercial

The Barbie that I always wanted...
Crest Gel Toothpaste Cavity Creeps Commercial

Does anyone remember this commercial?

Back in The day

I'm filled with nostalgia today. Thinking of my childhood, and people from my past.Life in the small town where I spent (as my Dad would call them), my formative years.
One of my favourite memories is playing Chase with the kids from the neighbourhood. The great thing about Chase was that everyone played. We had kids as young as 8 and kids that came home for the weekend from college.(or jail). It was hide'n seek, except with teams. We would have 3 square blocks to run and hide in,nothing was off limits. We hid in strangers sheds, under cars,someones front porch. It was heaven.
The other game we played was kick the can. I can still see my brother 'Menty' clothesline-ing himself during one particularilly wild game. We never locked our doors. Everyone said hello to each other. There were no secrets in our small town.
Sometimes, I yearn for those days. I wish that my girls could live such a simple life. The local cops used to drive us home on slow nights, and sometimes, they even flashed the lights. Yup. Life was good.
I guess when I feel down, when it feels like life has kicked me in the head, AGAIN, I have those memories to draw from.
Life really was good.
Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today is 47 with the humidex. Is it possible for your brain to melt?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have Hose, Will Travel

We are barely settled into our our new home, I still have boxes to unpack, curtains to hang,walls to paint. We've been here 2 months, after fleeing our old neighbourhood, full of drugs and hookers. Guess what? As it turns out, the house next door to ours is known as a crack house.
The landlord didn't tell us THAT when we moved in.
They're pretty quiet, actually. The worst part is all of the unsavoury looking characters that come and go. It only took us a couple of days to figure out that the place next to ours is a boarding house. That didn't bother me much. The old guys watching my dogs frolick on the lawn didn't bother me. The people coming to buy drugs, parking in my driveway, now THAT bothers me. Nothing deters these guys from using my driveway. Two weeks ago, Hubby and I came home from market to find a moving truck in our driveway, and part way across our lawn.
I've been mulling over the solution to this problem. I could call the police, but I don't think that my call would take priority. I am not legally allowed to have the vehicle towed. My solution was the garden hose. A bit of water never hurt anyone, and it has been crazy hot lately. So far, the offenders have high tailed it off of my property before I could get the water turned on.
Then yesterday, the gods were smiling down on me. I heard a car, and sure enough,there was a car in my driveway. Parked. Just waiting for me and my hose. K.C. watched from the window as I put on my shoes, ready for the attack. Then it happened. The passenger side door opened, and instead of STEPPING out, MR.Next Door ROLLED out,down my driveway, and onto the side walk. What does the guy in the drivers side do? He watches. Just like K.C. and I did from the livingroom window. Mr. Next Door reaches the sidewalk,and just lays there. Kinda like a turtle on his back. Or a dead bug, on his back with his arms and legs straight up, pointing.
I am a PSW, trained to help people in distress. Did I help? Nope. Couldn't. I mean the guy wasn't hurt, he was loaded, or hammered, or baked,whatever. I sat on my couch and watched. Mr.ND had to CRAWL up the little hill and into his front door. The funny thing is, my driveway hasn't been used since. Maybe I'm a little evil. Maybe . But I loved every second of it..And I didn't have to get the hose.