Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Week

I am such a slacker. Another week gone and I have barely been around. Three birthdays in 8 days does make for a busy schedule, but still, I am a slacker, grade A.

This is my wee nephew Ryder, all growed up at 9 months. Isn't he the sweetest lil guy? I seriously do not get to see him often enough, but who knows what the spring weather may hold for us. With our family friendly yard and swing set I just may get more lil guy time yet.
Speaking of nephew, I am over the moon happy because my nephew/Godson has been for the past two weekends in a row.
He is slightly more growed up that Ryder - Chris is 22. I have missed him more than you wold even think humanly possible. Oh, and please don't tell Chris that - I will never live it down.
It is like part of my heart is finally healing...All 0f those empty holes left by the passing of my Dad, the disappearing act of my my many moms..I love the playful banter between Chris and the girls. They may not admitt it, but they have missed him too.
No news is good news I sppose when it comes to Shawn and his leg. First of all, over a year ago, the doc said that Shawn was NOT in pain and there was no possible way that he COULD be in pain..10 months and many tests later, it turns out that he is in pain and the family has no clue how to help Shawn with it..We are now waiting for yet another doctor to see what he/she can offer us. Anything will be better than living like this.
The next test on the agenda is a spinal tap. (Thank goodness, Shawn LOVES that movie).
So, that is that.
KC is acclimating well to her new environment. She adores her new 'attic' bedroom with her three feline room mates. I know she does, no matter what she may tell you.

Spencer is but an ugly memory in my mind now. I hope that soon enough, he will be in KC's mind as well.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Life goes on, whether we want it to or not. My heart has been broken a million times over these past days. Most of it comes from watching my eldest go through her first, worst, break up ever.
I hate this.
The break up itself has been difficult enough. The move into a smaller home has us all jockeying for our own space and there truly is so little of it.
The worst, the very worst of all of this has been the breakdown of a family unit.What else can you call, really? We welcomed Spencer into our hearts and home, made him one of us.
It seems so unfair that Kayla has to give up her confidant and Jessica has now lost the closest think to an older brother that she has ever known.
Shawn has lost a fishing buddy, and Spencer has lost his father figure.
KC has lost all thst she has known for the last three years. The person that she loved lied, cheated and betrayed her in nearly every way possible. This is not a transgression that I take lightly....My daughters are my everything.
If there is one good that came of this it's that my daughter is back at home where she is cherished and loved for the wonderful woman that she is.