Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yesterday marked 13 long years since my Dad passed away. I think that recently I have been missing him more because my mental health is really not so great. I am struggling with issues that are both silly and frightening. I can't stop the stop the silly and innane from seeping into my brain, so as you can well imagine, the scary thoughts are much more invasive.

The good news is that both Shawn and I are going to see my Mum in September (?) and I will see my ocean again. Not only will I see my ocean, I will get to share it all with Shawn. We will be staying with my Mum for at least part of the time and I am hoping that this will help along the healing process that both she and I are still working through. All I know is, I need my Mummy.

Mr. Landon is still astounding me every day! He was marching around Kayla's place wearing my grandmothers heirloom ring the other day, happy as can be until Kayla caught him. Not even two and he likes baubles and jewels.
 He says things like 'oh wow', 'ok' and NANA! The OH WOW is usually when he is angry at his mom, like 'oh wow mom, really? ' He says bye, and gives great hugs when he is in the mood.

My Jessa just graduated from highschool. It doesn't seem all that long ago that she was in grade 8, sick as a dog, and fighting for her life. Now, she is gorgeous, healthy, and on the honour roll!

September will also mark the 11th anniversary of Shawn and I. What better way to celebrate then a trip to see the ocean, and puffins, and whales? Eleven years - I am still amazed at our staying power.

Next month is the Sci Fi Convention in Toronto. This year it may well be a family event like none other. We are doing our best to get the whole fam damily there for at least one day. I think that Landon is old enough to meet and greet with the celebs. James Marsters will be there, and if KC does not meet him this year, she may well have a full blown break down.

So, that's that. I am still keeping my head above water, still a crazy, funny, Nana, and still sane enough to worry about my sanity.