Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Photos

How cute is Flor with the puppies? Yesterday we had some visitors...Gabriel and three of his kids (There was Juan missing, again) stopped by with a 'Gaby' cake. All that Kayla asked for a Gaby cake and of course, Gaby was kind enough to oblige. She has done this twice for us, and I am so touched.
I wish that I would have taken more photos. I always think about that after...

Kayla got a super cool Batman balloon from Mom Dad.

This is Caro with Bruno and Lola. She feel in love with the puppies, but everyone does right? Isn't that why they call it puppy love?
I had to pinky promise her that she could come over anytime she wanted to play with the babies and Bumble. Bumble is a huge attention hog and would eat that up. A pinky promise is unbreakable, after all.

This is the Gaby cake. I can not even describe it. It has three kinds of milk, apparently. Skim milk. That makes it practically diet, right??? OMG, it was soo moist.
Today is Shawn's birthday. We are waiting for him to get home so that he can open his gifts and we can go to the casino. I have never been gambling before. Well, ok, once, at my brothers stag and doe I put a dollar on that wheel that yo spin, and when I was a kid, I would gamble away my allowance at the fall fair. This is different. This is grown up gambling!
I am pretty broke, which actually works in my favour. I have $20 to blow and then I am done.
If I win big, that will make all that much more exciting.
Ok, I have to get moving. I need to do my hair and make sure that I look good for when the photogs take my winning photo.
Look for me in the paper!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kayla is 18

Today, my middle baby, Kayla turns 18. Did you hear me? I said EIGHTEEN!
It seems like only yesterday that I brought the bright eyed tyke home from the hospital.
I have so many stories to tell, so many fond memories of her growing into the beautiful young lady that she is today....She is kind, and silly, and always makes me laugh, even when I don't want to.
She is incredible, and beautiful, and everything that I had ever hoped for - and more.
Happy Birthday, Bubbie.
I love you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There is not much happening here right now. I am kind of on a down swing as far as my mental health is concerned and I just don't feel like doing much of anything.
Still, there are puppies to be fed, watered and played with. They are way more active now and are actually interacting with us. They come running when one of us calls 'puppies' at dinner or playtime. Mind you, so does Bumble. He has been acting out recently - chewing on shoes and peeing on the bathroom floor. I keep reminding myself that he probably has middle child syndrome and this too shall pass.
Speaking of middle child - Kayla turns 18 on Friday.
This is mind blowing.
Jessica went to see her doctor today and she is weighing in at a whopping 113 lbs. She looks great and is healthier than ever. Maybe it has something to do with her extended grounding and the subsequent family time that she was exposed to? I don't really know and I don't even care, for that matter. She has started hanging out with some different kids at school and the change has been noticeable even in the past couple of weeks.
KC and I watched Blindness on Friday evening. (We were too cheap -errr, broke to hit the theatre). I will just say this - Don't bother. It should have been called Lameness.
Just saying.

Tomorrow Shawn and I are off the OHIP office (the place that issues health cards to all Canadians, the card that allows you free access to health care) to try and get his mess straightened out. We were told that someone else had been issued a card in his name and that they would not be able to issue a card to Shawn.
That is unacceptable to us and tomorrow we are finally going to deal with the problem. Well, this is the government, so we'll see how it all turns out. All I know is that somebody better help us with this.
So, that's it.
Guess I better hit the sack. Ruby has been barking at night for her puppies and it has been well over a week since I have had a decent nights rest. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that tonight is my night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am sitting here, trying to think of what to write. Oh, I have a ton of crap on my mind, I just can't decide what it is I want to discuss.

The puppies are all fine. I am amazed each and every day at how quickly they are growing and changing. I have five tiny miracles right here in my living room.

Shawn may be back to work on Monday. His bosses are still out of the country, doing God knows what, while their employees are all waiting to work again so that they can do silly little things like, oh, I dunno, pay the rent??? You know, silly things like that.

Nothing much ever changes with Shawn's family. I really thought after we lost his sister last year that things would change with us. With them.

It looked as though things had improved, actually.

Family members were calling me by name, not just her or she. Nope, for the first few months, I heard my name.


Oh, yes, I hate my name, but having any of them call me Biddie doesn't sound right.

That was then.

A month or so ago, one of Shawn's family members called the house looking for Shawn or Brenda.



Come one. We have been together for more than 7 years now.


I was tempted to over look that.

I DID overlook that.

Then, today, the bullshit started all over again. Shawn's mom said some things to Shawn today that had him beyond upset..Livid, in fact.

It seems that no one in that family can wrap their tiny little minds around the fact that yes, we are a couple. (Couple of what??) Shawn has helped me raise these kids longer than - well, longer than the bio fathers have been around.

I am just about ready to give up. What does it take to get through to these people? What have I done - or not done - to make them treat me like I am less than human?

I don't want it to get to me, but it does.

How can I pretend that something doesn't hurt me when it tears me up inside?

Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15th, 2009. 1 st day eating solid food.

Sleepy little girl, crashed right out in Kayla's hand. (Feb 14 th)

Ok, ok, I promise, I will lay off of the puppy stuff - soon. My life is so wrapped up in puppies right now that there really isn't much else to talk about. They are just beginning to eat solid foods right now, and it is such a relief. Ruby can't feed them anymore - it could kill her - and I am not willing to risk my baby. Shawn has been an incredible nurse for the pups. Kayla has put all of her spare time into mothering and playing with them, too. Even Bumble has helped. He tries to be the mommy dog when nobody is looking.

Valentine's Day was meh. Shawn and I exchanged cards and I took Kayla and Jessica to the movies later in the evening. We wanted to see Coraline, but missed it, so we saw The Uninvited instead. It was creepy,and although I thought that I had it all figured out, there was a bit of a twist at the end. We had a great time, anyway, and that is the most important thing. I feel as though I need to reconnect with my girls, especially Jessica. There have been some issues between us that I really want to work on. Grade 9 can be such a pivotal year, with so many changes and different paths...I worry about my girls. Peer pressure can make or break you sometimes.
Tomorrow is Family Day here in Canada. We are planning on hanging out and playing board games, eating cake ( baked fresh by Kayla) and watching movies. Do you all have
plans for your day off?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


exam at vets office: $94

I.V. injection: $70

other costs related to vet care: $469

Saving Ruby Tuesday: Priceless

We had a close call tonight...I feel so blessed to have had friends and family step forward to help us save my Ruby dog.

It's going to be a long night - I have 5 little puppies to bottle feed.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Things..Copied from facebook

25 Random Things

Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 11:47pm
Rules:Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
1. I wish that my siblings lived closer..Just Steve and Kelly :)
2. My doggies are like my 'other' kids.
3 .I am closer to my former mother in law than I am to my own mom(s).
4. I have the best friends in the world. It's true, I do.
5. My daughter is named after a sister that I no longer speak to.
6. I HATE to cook. Like, I mean, it makes me wanna cry, I hate it that much.
7. I would be lost without my i pod.
8. My father has been gone for almost 10 years (this July) and the pain is still there.
9. I wish that I was more involved with some of my family.
10. Thinking of the ocean makes me want to cry. It has been too long since I seen, smelled, or touched it.
11. Shawn and I have been together for more than 7 years and (some) of his family still can't remember my name, or the names of my children.
12. I had a crush on Aqua Man when I was a kid.
13. Maybe I still do.
14. I wish that my girls would not have had major health problems. I think about it sometimes and I feel guilty.
15. I seldom drink booze.
16. When I do, I tend to over do it.
17. My family is more important to me than anything in the world.
18. I have a hearing loss in both ears. I used to wear a hearing aid, but everything was too loud. 19. Sometimes, I wish that I had super powers.
20. I am a movie junkie.
21. I truly believe in paying it forward. I pay it forward whenever I can.
22. I can't eat KD without thinking of Heather.
23. I am resentful that both of my ex's have disappeeared from the lives of their children. I wonder if they even think about the pain that they have caused.
24. Divorce has changed my life forever...My parents, and both of mine.
25. I am glad that I finally found Shawn. I wonder why it took so long.....

Some of you have already seen this on my facebook, and I am not going to tag anyone, just play along of you want )