Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Want Action Tonight...

I don't really have to write a report, because Heidi wrote a killer one on her blog, already. Seriously. That chic rocks. Don't believe me? Just check out these photos. This is me and Jethro. I am lucky enough to have two best friends. Heidi and Jethro. I have known Jethro since we were 10. He is like a brother - except I like him. I love him, sure, but I like him. Heidi and I have been friends since we were 13 and 15. That is a LONG time. We have never been to a concert together before. Ever.
Jethro took this photo of Ratt. We were feeling badly because Shawn couldn't make it and he loved Ratt back in the day. We also took a video - a medley of Ratt's big Hit. Round and Round. It was good. They rocked. KC hated them and complained every minute. I was glad when they finished.
Ah...The soccer moms. As the night wore on, they got friendlier and friendlier with each other. I kind of felt like I should have paid extra just to watch them.

C.C. Rocking out. Need I say more?
I'd like to say thank you to my sponsors....Seriously, KC and Spencer paid for everything for me yesterday. They bought my ticket, bought me some food, and even bought me a drink. I did bring my own vodka, though.....
Heidi and Jethro. How cute are they?
Ok. You're still cute.

Brett Micheals and someone else. Who cares. It ain't C.C. Brett played with a broken hand, so I have to give him credit for that, even if he did spend half of his time on stage plugging his new TV show.

You Rock! Seriously, YOU ROCK!
There's Brett and that guy again.
C.C and Brett. Oh yeah. C.C., I love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C.C doing one of his solos. He was kicking ass. Really. I would have gone just to see him. He still has it.
Group photo, minus Jethro, who was taking the photo. I got frisky with Heidi after watching the soccer moms all night. Couldn't help myself.

I look stoned. Or drunk. Or both. I am neither.

Heidi and KC. Yup, they gotta take the funny face photo every time they see each other. You should see our family album.
In all seriousness, I had soo much fun. Heidi and I laughed until our sides hurt, and even our anxiety(ies) were forgotten for the evening. I spent some time sitting by the water at Lake Ontario, and I have to say, it was incredible. I have missed the ocean more than I realized, and just being near the water was soul cleansing.
The whole night was incredible. The only thing that would have made it better - no perfect - would have been if Shawn would have been there.
Next time. And there will be a next time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Talk Dirty To Me...

No, no, don't talk to me (Corky). I'm just gearing up for my concert tonight. You know the one. Heidi, Jethro, KC, Spencer, and I (can we say 5th wheel, boys and girls?) are all going to see Poison in Toronto. I am SO excited because this will be a REAL concert with my two best friends. Beyonce was awesome, but it was a diva show. This will be a REAL concert. A rock show. Old school. Oh yeah.
We (KC, Spencer and I ) were going to take the greyhound, but we wouldn't make it back in time, so (here's the best part) Spencer's MOM is driving us and picking us up. I feel like a spazz. I'll probably feel like an even bigger spazz when I get into her car with my teased hair belting out 80's tunes.

This is the real reason that KC and I wanted to see Poison SO badly. C.C. Deville. We saw him The Surreal Life Season 5, and we fell in love with him. How could you NOT? I mean look at him? He's hugging Mrs. Brady! He was so sweet, and we decided right then and there that if Poison ever came to Toronto, we would be there.

We were going to bring a big, sparkly sign that says C.C., I LOVE YOU!, but Jethro asked me if HE would be sitting with us.
Point taken. I'll leave the sign at home, BUT, I am seriously thinking of teasing my hair and sneaking some booze in. (Yup, in the bra. I could get a 60 in there)
Sorry Jethro. I can't promise anymore than that.
Later, friends. I gotta go find my hairspray. I only have 4 hours before Mom gets here to pick us up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sooo...We paid our ginormous cable/internet/phone bill on Friday. Shawn took me to the movies (no pocorn, just the movie, took the bus, no was our economy date!) and then we hit the hardware store to look for an adapter for the DISHWASHER that Kayla dragged home (don't ask). By the time all of that was done, and we were at the bus stop, soaking wet, it was well after 10. Shawn had to be up at 5:30 for work (yup, putting 7 days, that's how we paid the damn bill)and I was beat to a snot. It was raining, and miserable ,and I wanted my bed - and snuggle time with Shawn. We had to take 2 more buses to get to Rogers and plop down $500 smakers. OMG, but that HURT. FIVE HUNDRED bucks. That was most of his pay...BUT, we made it there, just in time, and we are safe for another couple of weeks. Without our phone, Shawn can't get work, so you can see how that bill HAD to be taken care of, ASAP. Anyway, I am on line until further notice.

Ugh. Gotta go. More later. Just had to deal with Geoff's wife and I am so upset that I am shaking. Sorry guys......

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hey, Lookit Me, I'm a Book, Too!!

You're The Sound and the Fury!

by William Faulkner

Strong-willed but deeply confused, you are trying to come to grips
with a major crisis in your life. You can see many different perspectives on the issue,
but you're mostly overwhelmed with despair at what you've lost. People often have a hard
time understanding you, but they have some vague sense that you must be brilliant
anyway. Ultimately, you signify nothing.

I took this little quiz over at Heidi's place. It seems amazingly accurate. Funny how a silly little quiz could capture the 'real' me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Still Here

I got this over at Canadian Flake's blog.....

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Duchess Bridget the Encompassing of Nether Wombleshire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

So, as you can see, I am still here. Shawn called the phone company and got us an extentionsion until Friday. I don't know if this is feasible, but at least it bought me some time. (Whew) I will go bonkers if we lose the internet and cable AND our telephone service. Completely over the edge. I am NOT kidding.

My brother arrives tomorrow, with his new wife. I have known her for 23 (?) years, but TMOC and Lovey just got married in May. This will be the 1st time that I will see her as my sister in law. We were supposed to bbq, but TMOC decided that he would rather go out with HIS relatives for dinner instead. Oh, but we can tag alonng if we like....No thanks. I think that I will opt out of this one. We don't have the money, and I am tired of getting shafted, quite frankly. I wonder if TMOC will read this blog entry? Maybe it will do him some good if he does.....I miss the days when we were still close....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is it just me, or has it been a LONG week? I dunno. Either way, the weekend seems to be dragging out, and I think it's because Shawn has to work. Yup, all weekend. His asshat boss decided to take half of paycheques every week, so we are still way behind. He hasn't had a full week yet, either, expect for this one. You can imagine how tight money has been. I am hoping that things will change SOON. Things can only get better, right?

I will run out of my meds this week, and since there was a smallish problem with my taxes, I am not getting my baby bonus, either. That puts us another $500 in the hole. It just seems IMPOSSIBLE right now.

On a happier note, Heidi, Jethro, KC, Spencer and I are going to see Poison on the 28th. This will NOT be like Beyonce. These are $20 tickets, and we will be sitting on a lawn. I will probably have to sneak my camera into the venue under my - er- the girls. Might even hide a mickey of vodka, too. (Yes, yes, all in the same place). I am soo excited. I WILL be holding a sign that says C.C. I LOVE YOU. I don't care if he can see it or not. I'm doing it. I will probably tease my hair, too. We'll see. I'll have to check with Heidi, just like we used to in high school before the dances.

TMOC will be here this week. He is coming for a wedding, so I wasn't expecting to much of him, but he is only coming by on Wednesday night for supper. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I wish that he would spend more time with his neices. KC and TMOC used to be SOOO close. It's sad that there is a distance now...and I don't mean the one from here to Nova Scotia.

My internet might be cut on Tuesday. I have all my services on a bundle, and that is how much I owe. Shawn is going to try to work some majic, but I just don't know....If I'm gone for awhile, don't panic. I haven't been sent back to the funny farm (it's not veery funny there), I'm just off line.

And, because I promised....Here's Heidi at Beyonce. She's a real rocker chick. What? What's that? Where's the photos of me? Umm, gotta go now..................................

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Beyonce Experience

The Beyonce Experience...It's kind of in point form now, because blogger is being an ass hat, and I have tried about 3 times to publish this, so I'm just pushlishing as is.....

Check out the background singers. BBW. Seriously. I dig them. Big, beautiful, and fabulous singers...
See the scary looking girl with the guitar? She now has five new big fans. I can not say enough about Beyonce's band. Incredible. Amazing. Beyond words.

My sister sent us the tickets, just because. She is SO cool like that. This is also the sister that sent me 2 ipods a few months back. Anyway, my sister has a friend that works at the record label, and did he ever hook us up! We got floor seats, 11th row. Now, in case you didn't hear me, I'll say it again. ELEVENTH ROW. Heidi and I were practically shaking. I mean, we could see Beyonce's face. Like her facial features. It was AMAZING. I will never have seats like that again, ever.

Robin Thicke opened for Beyonce, and all I could think of was...Your Dad used to be on Growing Pains. He tried - bless his heart - to dance, but most of his moves? Not so much with the dancing. Some were really good, others were more like a cry for help. His singing was not my style, but still very good.

We made it back to the bus station at 11:20- our bus was leaving at 11:30. Ten minutes to spare. Unbeliveable.
How amazing is it that two anxiety ridden chics made it to the Big City, with kids in tow, and home again, without a full blown attack?

I am so proud of us.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ok, I'm back. I don't after all, have Strep FINGERS. My sterp throat seems to be gone, I just have a bad cold now, maybe some form allergies...ARGH. I still feel crappy, but not as bad as before.

Anyway, things are pretty much the same here. The new carpet is down, thank goodness. It's a different look, but the other shit was soo threadbare and smelly, I am so glad to be rid of it.

We are still losing half of Shawn's pay every week. We haven't gone any farther with the bankrupcy yet, because we can't afford to. We're stuck. I can't see how we'll go on from here. We haven't been able to get our rent money together, and in a week, my internet will be gone. I can't figure out what to do....

I have heard back from disability, though. Not a yes or a no, just that they recieved my papers and are considering them. I have no idea how long this process will take, but I am one step closer. I guess that is good news.

Wednesday is the Beyonce concert, and as of today, I have NO IDEA how I am getting myself and 2 kids to Toronto to meet Heidi and her girl. The tickets were free, but I didn't count on our money situation being quite this bleak. Heidi is probably having a panic attack after reading this....

Shawn keeps saying DON'T WORRY.

Oh, ok, then. The situation seems so impossible.

I guess that if there is any good news, it would that Shawn and I are better than ever. As a couple. It's not really something that I can explain. Things are just so GOOD, even with all of this stress.

How can I be so HAPPY with my life falling apart?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tag, I'm It

So, I've been tagged again, and since I have strep throat, and I am feverish and cranky, I am going to this MY way. (Well, I TOLD you that I was cranky). I'm going to do them both at once, and I'll probably end up getting something wrong, BUT I just might have fun doing it, so it's all good, right?
I was tagged by KB, and Jamie, and argh...who else tagged me? Marni? I told you, I'm feverish, here. I've been sick since Friday and we are in the middle of a freaking DIY reno..Apparently, Shawn has decided to go on strike or something. My furniture is literally upside down in one room, and the carpet is almost done, there is just debris everywhere....oh, wait, I'm supposed to be doing something here, right? Yeah, the MEME's. Ok. Here goes the first one.

The first one is where you go to wikipedia and type in your date of birth, and come up with three intresting fact, two birthdats, and a holiday, right? Ok, here we go.
June 26.

In 1284, the Pied Piper lured 130 children away from Hamelin.

In 1819, the bicycle is patented

In 1997, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is published in the UK

In 1955, Mick Jones, is born ( The Clash)

In 1969, Bridget Steeves is born

June 26 is Independence Day in Madagascar

Tag Number Two...............

Tag number two is where you take your middle name, and take one fact that is somehow relevant to each letter of your middle name to your life... Um, yeah. Well, that kinda sucks, cuz my middle name is COLLEEN.

So, here we go.

C- Crazy. It's kinda true. I mean, it's not stamped on my forehead or anything, but I have had a stay at the funny farm....

O - Obviously wonderful.

L - Loyal. I can say that without a doubt. I am completely loyal to my friends and loved ones and family.

L- Again? Lightheaded. This fever is getting to me, man.

E - Energy. I wish that I had more of it. I never have enough. Ever.

E - What, do I stutter? Epic. Really, Jessica said epic, so I'll go with that. Besides, Shawn said that my sandwiches are epic.

N - Nighthawk. I have a lot of insomnia. I mean ALOT.

Ok. I can't think of anyone else to tag, because I think that most of us have been tagged, BUT if anyone wants to do this, then by all means, go ahead, and let me know. Can't wait to see what you all have to say....

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tagged !

I have been tagged by Rain, my newest blog buddy, to tell you 8 random facts about me or my habits. For those of who that have been reading me since the beginning, you probably know everything except my bra size...and I'm not about to tell you that! A girl has to have SOME secrets.

1. I took grade 9 two years in a row, and then I was skipped ahead to grade 11. Never really had grade 10. Does that make me an idiot or a freaking genius?

2. I hate using the telephone. Hate it. I will talk to Heidi, and when we do, we may be on the phone for over an hour, but we don't call each other that often. I call my sister, too, and I have even gotten phone calls from a couple of super cute blog buddies....I will answer the phone. I just hate PHONING people sometimes...It seems like such a chore. I don't know why that is. I think that alot of has to do with my depression.

3. I have more blog friends than 'real' friends. It's true. I seldom leave the house, and I haven't worked in years, so it's hard to maintain friendships. The friends that I do have I have had for YEARS (more than half of my life), but I find it difficult to meet new people. Might be easier if I ever left the house....

4. Speaking of which, I left the house for the first time ALONE in almost one year last month. Had to. I had to see my shrink.. It was the day of aunt's funeral, and I knew that I would be seeing my Mum. What I didn't know is that I would be seeing Mission Mary (dear old step mom) there as well, and by the end of the night, my brain would be snapping. Thank goodness I made it there before that happened.

5. I almost ran away to keep my ex from getting my kids. Yup, I did. I was almost one of those Movie-Of-Week Moms. Jessie's father decided back in 2001 that he wanted custody, and I was TIRED. Just plain tired. I had been fighting with ex number 1 for years over KK and KC, and I was all alone. I just didn't feel like I could do the whole thing again. My Mum was still on speaking terms(ish) with me, and was going to give us a place to live....Anyway, long story short? Shawn and I got serious, and I realized that Geoff didn't stand a chance at custody. I stayed, I fought, I won. Thank goodness. I can't imagine living like that...I would have though. The environment at his house is NOT healthy, and I would do anything for my kids.

6. I hate bugs. HATE them. Doesn't really matter what kind (unless it's a ladybug, they're good luck). I mean, I worked in the morgue, right? No problem. But bugs? That's a whole other story!

7. I think that I'm addicted to The 2 Corey's. I make no apologies. That's just the way it is.

8. I love my dog. I mean I LOVE my dog. LOVE. She is the light of my life. Of sure, I have kids, and they're ok, too, but Ruby? She's the best.

Now, for the tagging. I tag...Heidi, Canadian Flake, and Marni. Don't forget to let your friends know that you have tagged them! :0)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm still here, alive and kicking...I am really struggling with all of this red tape and paper work involved in the whole bankrupcy process. I still don't have the rent money together, because we haven't filed our papers because of all the red tape because....Well, you get it.

Anyway, I'm still here. Just preoccupied right now.