Friday, July 11, 2008

July 11 is a strange day for me. My Dad passed away on July 11th, 1999. I can recall vividly, most of the details of that day. The trip that I took to Detroit, and the phone call home at 10:11 that morning. I had a gut feeling that today was the day, and I called home to check on my Dad. He was eating KFC with my brother, and was more alert than he had been in days. My (step) mom assured me that he was fine, I had no reason to worry and that I should have a great time away with my friend an Geoff.

When we got home later that day, I had an incredible urge to see my Dad. It was nothing that I could explain, other than I just needed to see him. Geoff refused to either take me in the car, or watch the girls, and he went fishing, not even leaving me with bus fare. I cried for the remainder of the day. I knew that I had to get to my Dad.
I never did. He passed away that same night - at 10:11 pm.

I can recall much more, but I don't want to rehash it all. No need, really, because July 11 th is about more than just my Dad.

July 11th 1997, my sister, in Colorado, that I hadn't yet met, lost her Mom. On that day in 1999, while I was mourning my Dad, my sister, Lucky, was missing her Mom.

I found my sister in February, 2002. We connected immediately. She was everything that I knew she would be, and more. We made plans to meet that summer. Lucky called her travel agent, and a flight was booked.

I met my sister on July 11, 2002. Kayla and I waited anxiously for the sliding doors at the airport arrivals to open. My hands shook and my heart was racing wildly. When the doors finally opened to reveal my sister, my heart was beating like a drum. It was one of the defining moments of my life.

Before my Dad died, we had the opportunity to talk - to heal old wounds, to make amends, and to make promises. I promised to live my life the same way that I would if he were still here. To make him proud. I promised to do my best to reconcile with Betty, and to take care of his grand daughters (the light of his life).

He promised to watch over me, to let me know, somehow, someway, that he was ok. He also promised to send me my sister. He kept his word.

I have always wondered if it was a fluke that I met my sister on July 11th, or if there was a higher power, and two loving parents responsible.

Either way, today, I will be thinking of John, Joan, and Lucky.


Chellie said...

You were a real daddy's girl and we have that in common. I always enjoy your posts about your dad. I don't think those things are coincidences either about the dates and all.

CindyDianne said...

No coincidence, just the universe (and your dad) trying to help the 11th of July be a little easier on you.

We lost my grandpa on Mother's Day.

Gabriel said...

What a great story, Biddie. I'm not too attached to dates, but I do remember that on Feb 1st, 2005 we had one of the best days with my father visiting us here in Waterloo. I clearly remember that we went to St.Mary's and then stopped by the frozen lake. We took pictures, ate at a family restaurant... it was a great day.

Exactly one year later, my father took his own life (I can't discuss this in my blog, because my kids don't know it). I have always been OK with my father's decision, because after all, he had only days to live (and it was a painful agony), but it just amazes me how well he was exactly one year before...

aims said...

It's amazing how dates can bring a flood of memories!

I'm sure your Dad is keeping an eye on you and parting the way for you through life. He must be so proud of you!

Burfica said...

he said he would always watch out for you and send signs. my opinion, finding your sister on that day was one of his signs.

Take comfort in knowing how close he still is.

But I understand the sadness and loss, I don't think it ever goes away.

captain corky said...

I'm glad you were able to heal your relationship with him. That's important.

little wanderer said...

He is sure watching you all Biddie and he would be so proud of you and you beautiful girls x

Heidi the Hick said...

I knew all those dates and times and uncanny "co-incidences" but I had forgotten about what you were doing that actual day. I think I was either in an airplane or a different continent at the time... I just remember that during my trip, I knew he wasn't well. It was in the back of my mind.

But you know, call my crazy, but I really don't always believe in co-incidences.

I'm so glad you and Lucky found each other, especially on this day. I hope it helps to ease the pain of loss just a little. I know that pain will never go away, but you have each other now.


Tod said...

How strange that you met your sister on the same day. Your dad certainly was watching over you,

Heather said...

B,you are being looked after,hope you are feeling better.