Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just lost my post cuz Blogger ate it. Or something.
Sometimes, Blogger just plain sucks.

Also, I just saw Kanye West on the Much Music Video Awards. He is the biggest douchebag EVER.


.:.KC.:. the brown eyed girl said...

Yep. Kanye West is an ass but this is not new information. He's a very jealous person. And besides, I thought he was never going to another awards show when he didn't win artist of the year or some crap like that. He is the biggest diva ever.

Gardenia said...

Blogger, Facebook, and Farmtown have all been sucking lately. For a while I was afraid it was my computer!

Anonymous said...

Kanye is indeed an asshat. I wonder how many more award shows he will ne invited to??

Maggie Mae

Biddie said...

KC - I thought that he was boycotting all of the awards shows, too. The guy is MORE than a diva, he thinks that he is better than Jesus. Gimme a break.
He needs to wander away..I seriously doubt that he will he will be missed.

Gardenia - I haven't even tried farmtown yet..As for blogger, what the heck?? The last three blogs that I have tried to post have just disappeared. I am about ready to give up..

Maggie Mae - Hopefully, none. I am surprised that he showed up anyway. How does this guy have any friends, anyway??

Carmi said...

I've never understood why some artists feel the need to go through life with an ego that's larger than an 18-wheeler. What sickens me even more than the act itself - which was horribly mean-spirited on so many levels - is that he has gotten tons of free publicity because of this. In the cult of stardom, it seems any PR is good PR, and that's just plain wrong.

Biddie said...

Carmi - I agree with you 100% - it was horribly mean spirited on soo many levels and it has gotten way too much publicity. Isn't that always the way?
I know too many people that go through life with an ego that big. It disgusts me. He needs a reality check in a big way.