Monday, November 16, 2009

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.
- Mark Twain-

Keeping those words of wisdom in mind, I am (with the help of new found friends) adopting a family for Christmas. I`m not certain yet how I will do this..Shawn is still off of work, and we are struggling to pay our own bills and Christmas? I have no idea how I will pull that off for my family. My kids are older now though, and as long as we have a nice meal, I think that our Holiday will be complete. Not only that but my brother Steve is threatening to come see us early in the New Year.
Shawn had an appointment with a specialist on November 15 th - or so we thought. I should have checked the calendar earlier, because the 15 th was a Sunday.
Why were we confused? Maybe because the receptionist at the doctors office and Shawn`s doctor both told us that was the date. When we called last week to double check, we informed that the actual appointment was on the 2nd and we missed it.
Shawn had been waiting since April and this was more than just a disappointment. Initially, we were told that it would take another year to get in with the other doc. Thankfully, we will get in earlier, Feb 1 st. That still seems like a long way off but at least it isn`t a year away.
Instead of being pissed off, I am trying to focus on the positive - February is waay closer than November.
Life is alright otherwise. We are slowly getting settled, and I mean slowly. We still have boxes all over the main floor, and the shredded paper that we used for packing is multiplying. Seriously. It is everywhere. The dogs have it stuck to their paws and the cats seem to always have it hanging from their mouths. Lol.
The Christmas Village is still packed up. I am stumped about where to build it this year. I can`t even figure out where to put our tree. I have half a mind to put some of it Kayla and Jessica`s bathroom. Somehow, I doubt that they would approve.
Oh, I am thinking of doing some serious baking for the holidays too. I`ll let you
you know how that goes. Thank goodness we have the fire hall on speed dial.


Four Dinners said...

Adopt me! Adopt me!


Great idea babe.

Anyone ever told you you're quite a special lady?

You are...x

Biddie said...

4D - Thank you, my friend :)

CindyDianne said...

What an awesome way to put the focus on others! You are fabulous!

Biddie said...

CindyDianne - Thank you. You and 4D are making me blush.

Gabriel said...

This is great, Biddie, what a fantastic attitude towards your current obstacles!!

I wish you could adopt us for Christmas, but we won't be around this year... :-(

farmer dave said...

i normaly donate to a charit faith in action witch my ex girlfriends parents run seems like a worth while cause you can choose the amount you pay and choose the gift i normaly donate around 20 pounds and that gives a needy family in a 3rd world country a goat which is a very usefull animal, and for when i find things are getting tough i always tink there are always other people worse off than me, hope everything works out okay and for crimbo i kinda made a start

Heidi the Hick said...

HOly crap, I can't believe his appt got put off til Feb!!!!

Okay but you are right. It's better than next fall. Waaay better. Now I'll have to keep telling myself that.

And YOU are amazing. You have the biggest heart of anybody I know.

And you've got a nice dining room now...

Biddie said...

Gabriel - Are you going away for Christmas?
I am feeling pretty bummed out about the holidays, so I thought that doing something nice for someone else might cheer me up. Things are tight, but I do feel lucky to have a warm home and my family. It helps to remember that things could be worse. :)

Farmer Dave - That's a great idea. I have often thought of doing something like that, but I decided to keep it closer to home. I used to have a foster child in Africa, and last year Shawn and I sponsered a child too. It is so true, there are so many people worse off...

Heidi - I LOVE my dining room! I am trying keep positive about the doctors appointment. Or should I say DISappointment??

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the missed appointment. Feb is better than next November but when you are doing the waiting it seems like forever.
Christmas is the time for giving. I try to put a couple of toys in the Sally Ann box every year. It's kinda fun picking out toys anyway so really it's more for me. Lol.
Maggie Mae

Biddie said...

Maggie Mae - Lol. I love out picking the toys too. That the best part!

Kimber said...

That totally sucks about Shawn's appointment. Esp when it was their misunderstanding, not yours! Humph! (I know you are trying to be positive, so I'm being pissed off for you.)

Great idea about adopting a family. Last year I did the World Vision thing and bought goats and books etc. for kids in other countries on behalf of my nephew. He gets so many toys and things that the last thing he needs from me is more stuff. Wasn't sure how he was going to react (he's 7), but it turns out he thought it was kind of neat to give someone a goat!

Anyway, doing someone else a good turn really is the ultimate way to cheer yourself up. You go girl.

aims said...

You are being calm about Shawn's appointment - but maybe the results from finding out have passed before you wrote this. I would be totally and completely furious and relive it over and over.

We have a house guest for the winter. He needed a home and we needed someone to look after ours in case we went away. Notice the 'in case'. Time and my health will tell.

He came with 2 dogs and much laughter. So it's working out.

I'm sure yours will too.

I agree - you are a special lady!

FullO' said...

Doctor's scheduling systems don't allow for them to input patients on days they are closed.

They would've been unable to schedule Shawn on the 15th [as it was a Sunday] because they were not open.

I guess you misheard.

Biddie said...

Kimber - We thought about World Vision (which I think is awesome, btw) but thought that we would keep it closer to home.
I am trying to get too upset about the missed appointment. I felt like crying when we first heard, but Feb isn't too far off...

Aims - I think about the appointment at night when I can't sleep..I don't mention in front of Shawn..I can actually see his blood pressure rise, ya know??
I'm glad that you are enjoying your house guests. I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't need a house sitter :)

Full - Yeah, I thought that I had misheard too, but the note from the doctor (which I still have) read the 15th.
I guess what happened is that the specialist gave the appointment to the secratary and she or the doctor wrote the wrong date on the paper that we were given.
Either way, from now I will double check the dates so that is no misunderstanding. Mistakes happen, sure, but having to wait another 3 or 4 months when you are in pain and have limited ROM is completely unaccepatable, for anyone.