Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Seem To Have A Situation Here...

It's been a month since my last post. Wow. There is so much going on and so much that I want to tell, but the time isn't right. Not yet.
I can tell you that my cute as a button nephew turned ONE a few days back. He was so well behaved, even though he was all jacked up on sugar from the cake and birthday treats. I can't believe how quickly the first year flew by.
Shawn is finally going to see a pain specialist next week. We are praying that this doc can offer Shawn some hope for the future. Hope that he can live pain free - or at least have some kind of productive life. This last year or so have been hell for him. He misses work and the pain has gotten so bad that there is very little quality of life for him.
KC has a new job at a brand new dental practice is so far, thrilled. I find money to be a great motivator.
As for Geoff and Steff..For those of you that don't know, Geoff is my x husband - x number 2. He is the bio father of Jessica and he raised Kayla and KC. Anyway, it seems that Steff is so jealous of my 15 year old that when Jess phoned Geoff a couple of months back, she was told (and I quote)
Don't bother calling here anymore..He has a new family now.
This, of course reduced Jessica to tears, which of course, enraged me.
I just don't understand. HOW does a person walk away from their own child? What kind of a person is capable of that?
It's a mystery that I may never know the answer to.
In other news, Kayla and I saw the new Nightmare On Elm Street. I really just didn't buy a former child star as the evil child killer, Freddie Kruger. No Robert Englund, no fans in this house.
Iron Man 2 is coming out at MIDNIGHT.
RDJ at his finest. I. Can. NOT. Wait.
Just saying.
Oh, and one more thing.
WTF is going on with LOST?
Sayid, Jin and Sun are all - dead?
I hope that the weird flash sideways thing is going to show us that they are living happily ever after, somewhere.


CindyDianne said...

1. Glad you are alive and well.

2. Trevor has had two dads walk away.

3. Yay for KC.

4. I think I am FINALLY going to mail your apron either today or tomorrow. Go me!

5. Love you!

Biddie said...

CindyDianne -
1. Thank you :)

2. So not fair. KC and Kayla had two dads walk away as well. Makes you wonder about people, doesn't. the heck they are missing do they?

3.I know, right??! I am so happy for her!

4. Whoo hoo! That rocks!

5. Love you too!!!

.:.KC.:. the brown eyed girl said...

Hahahahaha! What does my mom need an apron for? Is it for Shawn??? LMAO.

Biddie said...

KC - You never mind, or you will be the one that needs an apron! HAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Geoff sounds like a jerk and his wife takes the cake. Jessica is so much better off without him.
Congrats to KC on the new job!