Monday, December 06, 2010

This is what has been happening in my life the past (almost) 2 weeks. This little guy with the messy head has stolen my heart.
He is the spitting image of his mom, yet he looks like his dad, too. He also resembles my Dad - not in a Benjamin Button way - but rather he looks like my father did when he was young.
Landon (or Lando, as I call him) changed my world. He has changed the world of many people, I suspect. He brought joy to Shawn's mom on Sunday when he was the guest of honour at Oma's birthday party.
Seriously, it was like a celebrity was in the house. He is slowly making friends with his cousin Ryder, who at a year and a half, is not quite ready to pass the 'baby' torch. At one point, Ryder was showing everyone his finger, where Landon had bitten him in an unprovoked attack.
Kayla is doing an imcredible job as mommy. I am so proud of her.

There is more to my life than just Landon, though.

Jessica turns 16 on the 16 th. She does not want a party, or any kind of fuss. I still haven't decided what to get her, and her big day is quickly approaching.
Christmas is just around the corner too and *gasp* my village is nowhere to be seen. It is still in the basement, gathering dust.
This Nana gig takes more time then I ever thought that it would, but I am loving every minute of it!


aims said...

There is something about new babies that takes your breath away. One can't stop holding them or hugging them.

I often wish I had been able to have one of my own just to be able to experience that part and be selfish about it.

Anonymous said...

Simpy perfect. No wonder he is your life.

Stinkypaw said...

Congrats to all and a warm welcome to baby Landon!

Gabriel said...

A whole bunch of good news, Biddie. Lando looks great! Lots of stuff to be happy about.

Oh, did you know? jAMiE is back! She posted an update today. :-)

Why? said...

aims - I know that I am blessed to have my children, and now a grandchild. I babysat last night and I held him for almost two hours straight :)

anon - Thank you.

Stinkypaw - Thank you, we are beyond happy.

Gabriel - I stopped by to say to her earlier. It's nice to see that she is back.
Lando really does look good, doesn't he??

Heidi the Hick said...

I can't wait to see him again!!!!

"See?" Heck with that, I am going to cuddle him until his mama (or nana) demands to have him back!!

He's gorgeous. History repeating itself, only the boy version...

Biddie said...

Ooops. I was on Shawn's account :)
Heidi, I can not wait for you to see him and for the rest of the fam to meet him.
He really is the boy version of my Kayla, isn't he???

Coffeypot said...

How 'bout a Justin Bieber CD for her birthday? HAHAHAHAHA

Biddie said...

Coffeypot - Lol. She would kill me! She is not a fan!