Thursday, January 13, 2011

Family Friday - Week Two

This lovely lady with the big smile is my grandmother, who will be 90 in 2 short months. She travelled to Kayla's baby shower all the way from the Windsor area to be at the shower.
 I think it is amazing that I, as a granmother, still have MY grandmother. How lucky am I?


Coffeypot said...

That is very cool. I only saw one of my grandmothes at age 6. I never knew either of them.

Anonymous said...

She really is lovely :)


Biddie said...

Coffeypot - I know that I am so lucky to have had my grandma(s) in my life.
As a child of divorced parents, I was lucky enough to have a Grandma, a Nana, a Nanie, and a Granny :)

Peter - Thank you. :P

Anonymous said...

I had a very close with my grandmother, although she died when I was very young. She was a huge influence on me and in my life.
You are very lucky :)

Anonymous said...

Oops. That was me.