Friday, August 01, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah.................

I can't remember the last time that it was this long between posts. I still have no pc and I am still borrowing KC's laptop. She is less than thrilled, but I am jonesing big time for the internet and all of my friends!
I got a way cool award from CindyDianne, and I will pass it along soon. I am so jazzed about getting another award. I always feel as though I am not worthy, like all of my blog buddies deserve it more than I do.
Not much new around here. We are having some major construction on our street this month, and we had to have some yahoo from the city come in and do an 'inspection'
I say it like that because all he did was take a quick tour of the house and take one photo from each room. He didn't even go into all of the basement rooms, or the sunroom. For this, I fretted for days about someone coming in. Of course, that means that The Germanators think that they are going to be wandering around my house, too. Erwin showed up three hours before the inspection and tried to force his way in. These people refuse to respect out privacy and think that they can come in any time.
I didn't let him in.
I watched The Lost Boys 2- The Tribe on Tuesday. You know that I was at the store asap to pick up my copy. It was ok but I was disappointed, because, as usual, I expected too much. Angus Sutherland is a poor mans Keifer Sutherland and Corey Feldmans acting was just plain painful. Still, I got my vampire fix and it was a good distraction from the nosey Germanators.
Shawn and I went to see Dark Knight last week. He was calling it Dark Day and Knight, because it was so long. He also mentioned something about do pilates before hand, so that he wouldn't need medical help to get out of the seat after the movie. I think that I liked the previous one better.
Tonight is date night and I think that we might see Step Brothers.I have a sassy new hair cut and a wild new colour - vampire red. Time to paint the town red, I think. I might go for purple, next week. Gotta mix it up and keep Shawn on his toes.

Have a great weekend. Hope it rocks.


CindyDianne said...

We need to see a picture of this vampire red hair of yours!

Have a great date night!

Burfica said...

Would love to see the hair.

When we lived in an appartment the landlords came in all the time without permission till I got a copy of renters rights, and sent it to them and told them I would call the police next time. Yeah they didn't like me much after that.

congrats on the award. I always feel I don't deserve them and it took years before I got one. Probably why I give them out to all I love on my list when I give them out. hehehehe

I have a hard time choosing and love everyone's blogs for different reasons.

I wanna see the new lost boys movie. We went to see Dark Knight, we liked it, but yeah I needed the paramedics to get me out of the seats. hahahaha

I really wanna see the new mummy movie, but so far the Dark Knight is on it's 4th week here, with no dam end in site. *sigh*

captain corky said...

I wanna see Lost Boys 2 just so I can make fun of it, but I'll wait till it's running on cable at some ridiculous hour in the middle of the night 6 months from now. ;)

Tod said...

There's a new Lost Boys film? I hope they'll all be wearing weird 80's clothes like the original, otherwise it just wont be the same.

Heidi the Hick said...

Okay, I'm sorry, but I do not believe they can do a Lost Boys 2 and even come close to the original. I mean, duh.

And all I got to say about that is that I wish my VCR still worked. Lost Boys on VHS, darnit!

Also we need a hairdo pic.

And I hope you get your computer back, because this long wait for my Biddie Blog is ridiculous!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you being without your computer just hope that the problem is sorted out real real soon.
and that is really naughty of you, fancy telling of your new hair cut but not showing us!!! Now get a photo posted asap OK!

Biddie said...

Cindy - I have no idea how to post photos from the laptop. I can post some when the pc gets fixed, but by then I will probably have purple or pink in my hair.
Date night was great. We stayed home this week end watched a movie..

Burfica - We have had sooo many ass hat landlords. The church folk just ignore all of the legalities and try to do as they please. We have had far too many incidents with Erwin trying to force his way in to the house. I know that he is elderly and he may not know all of the rules, but come on! He knows better than to just barge inti any persons home. Maybe one day, I will show up at his place!
The new Lost Boys movie is straight to dvd. You can probably rent it somwhere...
Do you only have one movie theatre in your town?

Biddie said...

Corky - Don't be a hater! If you really wanted a copy, I could make you one, but only if you promise to be nice :)

Tod - Feldman looked exactly the same as he did in the first one. Same hair, same clothes and same back acting. I have to admit, he does look good.

Burfica said...

yeah we only have one rat ass movie theater here, and they 0only show one movie at a time. They talked about getting a new one that will show 3 to 4 movies at ttime, but it's a 11 year plan they said. grrrrrr

Biddie said...

Heidi - My only copy of Lost Boys is on VHS, too. I love Corey Haim, and I loved vampire flix, so I really though that I would love LB2. Sigh...They cut my Corey from the movie and he is only on the alternate ending part. I nearly cried.
I put Fushia in my hair today. I bleached some of it so that the colour would be more vibrant, but this stuff needs to be touched up every couple of days. I thought that I may as well mix it up. Besides, they were out of purple :) Kayla has bleached ALL of her hair and she has cotton candy pink. I can't wait to see that!

LW - LOL. I have no idea how to post photos on KC's laptop. I can barely type on it! I hope that the pc is fixed soon, too. I am nearing a break down....

Burfica - ONE movie at a time??? Yikes. We hacve umpteen theatres around here. Thank goodness. All of the good movies will be out on dvd sooner then they get to you.