Monday, September 08, 2008

There is so much stuff going on at my house, I can barely keep up.
I went to see my shrink, and he put me on a new drug - Cymbalta. I am still on Wellbutrin, too, but this is supposed to make some drastic change for me. So far, all it has done is upset my tummy and make me sleepy. I will stick with it, though. After all, what have I got to lose?

The girls are back in school. This means that I finally have the house to myself again during the day. Whoo Hoo! I like having the kids home, but by September, I am usually ready for some alone time.

I had an interesting phone call last week. A guy from a talent agency- Jerry - called to inquire about Jessica. KC had given Jessica's name and info to his place of business (Hollywood something or other) and he called us within a day or two. Jerry wants to represent Jessica and get her some auditions...he mentioned lots of companies and tv shows (Disney, Universal, Nickelodeon,Fox, and Hannah Montana). I just about fainted when he called. He wants her to get head shots and start going on auditions immediately.

Poor Jessica. She had absolutely no idea that KC had even sent her name in anywhere. I think that she is too shy for that kind of thing. It is kind of cool though, and very appealing, but I don't think that it is something we will pursue.

In other news, our household has a new member. Cody, Kayla's boyfriend has moved in. His mom bought a house out of town, and he wanted to finish his last year of high school with his friends.
I was reluctant to agree to this arrangement, at first. I mean, aside from the obvious (boyfriend/girlfriend thing) there is the whole privacy issue. I am a freak and I love my privacy. Some days I am in my nightie until close to 3:00. Then, there is the whole mental health problem. I cry - a lot. I stay in my room - a lot. I don't clean up some days, or make dinner or do anything.
So far, it has been fine. Cody fits right in with the family and we love having him here. Kayla and Cody are seeing that it is not always mirth and laughter to live with your better half. In fact, they are getting on each others nerves more often then not.
Shawn has a new buddy now, too. He and Cody are getting on famously, and it something that I think has been lacking for both of them. Cody needed a father figure,and Shawn needed another male in the house. Before Cody, estrogen was practically dripping off of the walls here.

Our Big Trip to Toronto is almost here, too. With any luck, we will be spending the night in Toronto after the NKOTB concert. Shawn and I have never had a vacation, and we have never stayed in a decent hotel, either.
It seems fitting that our first night away should fall on our anniversay.

Yup, seven years.

It seems like only yesterday, and yet, in some ways, it feels like we have always been together.
Oh, I almost forgot the best news of all!

The A-Team is on everyday at 3:00.

I love it when a plan comes together :)


aims said...

Perhaps Cody needs to see that mental health is all not 'craziness' but still very hard. It's a good learning experience for anyone involved.

You're doing great - you know that? I can see that anyway.

Biddie said...

aims - Cody has a family member that is bi polar, so he has an idea of what mental health issues are like. He's getting a crash course, either way :)
I guess that I am doing somewhat better. Thanks for noticing. It's nice to hear it from someone else now and then.

Heidi the Hick said...

Love the way you ended that!

I hope the kids are getting enough time apart. And Jess- even though you don't think you'll follow up on it, you should do some sleuthing and find out if those guys are for real! I once got a photographer's card from a lady at the mall. (Do you remember this?) I called up the photog, who apparently was looking for models, and went to his studio. He was totally legit, not anything sleazy, but he was looking for fashion models, not short girls with crooked backs.

Oh well. His studio was wicked cool.

You are sounding great. Just lie low, and find something you can eat. Drink lots. Try to stay awake in daylight. That's all I can tell you for now.

Hugs to you and the family!

CindyDianne said...

Trevor was recently called about modeling. He wisely called a reputable agency and asked them about the one that called him. They said "Run" - so he did. Sometimes, he is really smart. There is a whole bunch of modeling / acting scams out there.

CindyDianne said...

And, you do seem to be doing better. Your are posting more regularly and seem more upbeat.

Biddie said...

heidi - I would never set anything up for Jessica without checking it out. I don't think that she is ready for something like that, anyway. She is way too shy. Still, it was cool to be offered.
Cody is doing some stuff on his own. I think that right now most of the problems are growing pains. They are sgharing a tight space and having a hard time of it..Oh, not sleeping quarters, just space for their gear :)
I guess I am feeling better, but I am still out of sync with the rest of the house. Can't sleep when I should.....Still, I am not crying nearly as often, and for the most part, my mood swings have all but stopped..Mind you, when I DO have a wild mood swing, it is still BAD. I think that my upcoming concert is one of the reasons for me good mood.
I know that I am such a dork, but I am SO excited!!! LOL

captain corky said...

I think Cody should be cleaning up when you are not feeling up to it. Make the little shit earn his keep. ;)

Biddie said...

cindydianne - I am feeling a little better. Maybe it's my upcoming concert, or maybe it was meeting The Fonz :) I think it's too early to tell of the new meds are really working, but at least I don't feel worse.
I have decided that if Jessica really wants to get into modelling/acting, then we will look for a reputable place. This guy may be on the up and up, but I would turn my kid over to anyone without knowing everything about him/her. Besides, like I said the girl is sooo shy. It would be too much for her right now.

Corky - LOL. Cody is a good kid. He will actually ASK if he can mow my lawn! He sucks at putting his dishes away, but I can forgive him that.
For now.

jAMiE said...

I think it's amazingly kind of you to take someone into your home like that Biddie...i applaud you!

I know you are really looking forward to your trip to TO and the concert...can't wait for your post (and perhaps pics) of that.

Take care and i hope you are feeling better (with the pills) soon.

Biddie said...

jamie - Thank you :) I really look at the whole thing (taking Cody in) as paying it forward. I was lucky enough to have a family take me in when I was 17 and on my own.
Cody is a great kid, and we all love him, so it's really not a problem.
I am feeling alright. No more queasy tummy, and my mood seems to be improved.
I am going to try to sneak my camera in to the concert. I plan on taking loads of photos!

The Adult in Question said...

The camera thing will not be an issue, I have a secret hiding place. And if anyone says anything, just do what Spencer did at Billy Idol. He turned to the security guard and said " I will put my camera away if it makes you feel like you did your job today." We put it away long enough for the guy to turn his back and then we took it back out again.

whimsical brainpan said...

LOL! Love the A-Team thing!

Give the medicine time. As you well know it can take weeks before that stuff takes effect.

I'm glad that Cody living with you is working out. I think it is cool that you took him in and that it gives your daughter a realistic look at what it's like to live with your BF.

Have a great trip and Happy Anniversary!

dilling said...

good luck with the Full House....
lordy, i sure couldn't do it....
I totally "Heart" Faceman...and Starbuck, for that matter...
Happy Anniversary

Biddie said...

KC - LOL. I have a secret hiding spot, too. We'll get our cameras in, one way or another.
Are you as excited as I am????

Biddie said...

whim - Thanks :) I am so looking forward to our little trip away..Well, KC and Spencer are going too, but we will most likely be in seperate hotels. We are going to the concert together.
I actually watched most of The A-Team today. I can't get enough of Face!

Dilling - Thank you :)
I heart Faceman, too.
Our house is a bit crowded, especially since Cody moved in with more stuff then Shawn did 7 years ago, but so far so good. I like the kid a lot, and he mows my lawn. What more could I ask for???

Tod said...

Corky's comment really made me laugh.

Wow, your house sounds crowded. When I'm in a bad mood I need everyone at least a half mile radius of me.

Biddie said...

Tod - LOL. Kayla is the same way, and now she is sharing her space. Cody has 'boy stuff' all over her room. She has to sleep in KC's room now, and we are all feeling a bit crowded.
I don't mind too much, but I am thinking that this winter we might all get a bit of cabin fever.
Oh,and since there is new furniture in Kayla's room, my cow chair was displaced and is now where my Christmas Village usually goes.
That is a BIG concern for me !

Tod said...


Don't forsake the Christmas village!!!! I look forward to it every year. :) Any new additions?

Biddie said...

tod - Of course the village will be up this year! I have no idea where it will be, but it isn't Christmas without it.
There have been some new additions. We have a 50's diner, and who knows what else will be there by the time it goes up this year.

Gardenia said...

Hey, things are a bit wild around your place too. i think you made a good decision about the acting - the people they have to associate with ultimately - well, its scary. The whole Brittney Spears thing - I felt sorry for the girl, don't think she ever had a normal life.

Our "kids" moved out too - I still have grandson - but suddenly my house is less cluttered and quieter and I'm excited about the privacy - BUT "H" wants to "rent" her room and bathroom and kitchen privileges out to a co-worker - I told him please give me some time to think about it - I have just finished a non-stop marathon of cleaning up mess after mess after mess that's nont mine - I'm tired and hurting.

I too like to lounge if I feel like it - run around in my pajamas with no bra, even leave the bedroom door open while I dress if I wish! Dunno - there's a happy medium - and sometimes people pass through our lives for a season for a reason....

Sarah said...

Me too.. a plan is a good thing.

Love the A Team !

Canadian flake said...

Hope you don't mind that I stopped in to check on you and say hi. Hope things are going ok with you there...was here lurking so thought I would say hi.

Take care.

Canadian flake said...
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