Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jessica was given a clean bill of health, no kidney damage! I was so freaked out, and convinced that she was sick, mostly due to the fact that nobody would give me the results over the phone.

No wonder we were scared.

I took Jessica to the dentist, and we were given MORE good news.

Jessica's braces will cost a couple grand LESS than we first thought. That's the estimate, anyway. It is still about 5 grand more than we have, but it takes a weight off of our shoulders. It feels more manageable.

Halloween is tomorrow and I am bummed out. Last year we had about 10 kids, tops. I bet that five of them were drunken college kids. This year, we have major road work being done on the street, so we will get zero kids. You cant even walk on the sidewalk...Oh, wait, they tore that up.

This is disastrous for us. We love the pumpkins and the decorations, and the little kids coming by all dressed up. Ruby usually gets in on the act, too. She has several different choices, but I really like the bumble bee costume. Unfortunately, she ate her headpiece when she was a puppy.

Halloween just isn't happening for us. It is truly tragic.

I guess I will have to focus my energies on other things.


CindyDianne said...

Spending Halloween night putting up the village? Sounds like a good idea to me! :-D

CindyDianne said...

Oh, and that is marvelous news about the young one.

Burfica said...

We never get any kids on this street. And this year, kiddo wants to dress up and pass out candy, so we are going to my aunt and uncles, who get TONS of kids.

Biddie said...

Cindy - LOL. I can't actually put it up yet, we are still in the planning phase. I am not allowed to put it up until Nov 1 st. That's the agreement that I have with the other people that live here. (sigh)
Still, I CAN plan. And get it ready.
I am thrilled to bits about Jessica.

burfica- I suppose that I could go to Shawn's parents house and hand out candy. It wouldn't be the same for me...Ruby and Bumble wouldn't be there and they really want to dress up, too.

Heidi the Hick said...

Our dog got a cow bandanna tied around his neck like a cape. He was Super Cow Sidekick Dog. Or something. He looked even sadder than usual. The perpetrator eventually gave up and took it off. That dog's a party pooper eh?

We got about 11 batches of kids here, and that's it! It's really down!

I wore a bunch of cowboy stuff for awhile and then I got sick of it. Chaps are tight. I wear that stuff to work, I wanna wear my comfies when I'm on the couch!

You should see the two kids and the big kid downstairs, sorting through the candy. Greedy little monsters! The big one's the worst...

Tod said...

Can't wait to see the rest. Woohoo!

Tod said...

Great news about Jessica too! Sorry, I got your posts mixed up. :)

dilling said...

yay for jessica
yay for christmas village

Heather said...

Glad she is well!


captain corky said...

All of a sudden I'm in the mood to drink some eggnog and sing Christmas carols.

captain corky said...

And Thank God about Jessica!