Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is complete suckiness. The no computer thing. I hate no being able to check in when I want to know what is going on in blogland!

Things are somewhat improved. Yes, Shawn had all of his tools stolen, but we were lucky enough to have a boss with good insurance. Shawn's boss replaced most of what went missing, and Shawn only missed about three days of work. We will need to come up with several hundred dollars to get back to where we started....a fall arrest, the tool bags, the hatchet....but he has a screw gun and he is back to work. I feel so lucky. It could have been a lot worse. We can survive a crappy paycheck or two. No biggie.

I have most of my meds now. I still need the Cymbalta, but I am on the right track again. Thank God. I don't know if I can handle anymore of these mood swings...It gets pretty ugly.

Cody has a job now, working with KC at the party store. He is a great kid and I really enjoy having him here. I just can't help but wonder about a mother that dumps her kid and then gives him $30 a month to get by. I wonder if she thinks that she has sponsored a child overseas. Thirty bucks a month won't cut it here in K Town.

Today is Betty's birthday. I have been thinking if her all week (ever since I ran into her sister that so kindly reminded me of her birthday). I hope that she is doing well and I wish her all the best. I will not however be calling her or sending her an email.

I just can't do it.

November 1st is nearly here. You all MUST know by now what that means..

Christmas Village !

I have some new additions to the village and it has outgrown its little corner of my home. With the new family member and all of the crap that we have inherited recently, I have no idea where I will put the village this year. I was thinking that maybe one of the kids could giver up his/her room for the holiday season. I don't think that's too much to ask...Is it? Shawn has been coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas. Unfortunately, crazy is the operative word.

There is still no word on Jessica. She had some testing done and I still waiting for the results. I am trying to think positively here, but the longer I wait, the more difficult it is. If I hear anything, I will let everyone know. I going on the assumption that no news is good news.

I thought that I would throw in a photo of Shawn and I. There aren't too many photos of me wearing actual clothes (as opposed to sleep pants and nighties) and as a bonus, I am smiling here, not looking special needs with my eyes closed or drooling.


coffeypot said...

Glad things are working out for Shawn in the tool department - uh - I mean in getting his equipment replaced - uh - well you know what I mean.

That is a great picture of you two, too.

Biddie said...

Coffeypot - LOL. Shawns tools are just fine, and so far, we have not had to get his equipment replaced..So far, anyway.

Burfica said...

What an amazingly cute couple!!!!

I'm so glad his boss reimbursed a bunch of his stuff, how cool is that??

Oh man I would be moving everyone out of my living room for my decortations. Heck I almost do that anyway, there is barely anywhere to sit and see the t.v. I have so many decorations up at christmas.

Biddie said...

burfica - It is sooo good to be back!
I have to make tons of room for that village. If it was just random decorations, I would put them everywhere..and I mean everywhere...bathroom, hallway, on top of the fridge..but I need to make room for a whole dang village..I will figure something out, I have to, b/c the village is my fav part of the holidays.
Not a bad looking couple, huh?

Heidi the Hick said...

When was that picture taken? It's so great! He looks awesome in a suit. And look at you... special needs???!!!! You crack me up!

You're gonna get through, babe. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but you will.


Biddie said...

heidi - It was taken the day of Mary's funeral. We do look ok, don't we?
Yeah, we're ok. Things have been worse, and we are doing much better this year than we were last year at this time.
Could be worse :)

Tod said...

You both look such a cute couple. And I can't wait to see the village once again!

Biddie said...

Tod - You are the biggest Village fan! Next to me, of course.
Shawn and I were at the store a couple of days ago, and we saw nothing that we want for this year.
Mind you, it is still very early on, so wwe may luck out.
I missed the Zombie Walk last weekend. Forgot all about it...That bites.
You think we look cute?
There is an old german saying, and it loosely translates to, there is a lid for every pot.
Not sure if I am lid or a pot but it works for us :)

captain corky said...

Did somebody say Christmas Village? Now that's more like it! ;)

The Adult in Question said...

please tell me that you realise that the village was only put away in July and it is too early for the village to be out

Biddie said...

Corky - That's what I'm saying! When are you gonna bring Allyson and Max over to see it?

KC - Sigh. Only certain parts of the village were out until July. It became a winter scene when the snow melted....Anyway, nobody has seen the 50's diner, and that is the best part....
Don't be a hater.