Monday, November 03, 2008

We Need A Little Christmas

I am soo excited about Christmas! There are only 51 days until Santa...That might seem like a lot, but when you break that down into shopping days, or baking days, it looks more like this - 1230 hours, 78319 minutes and 4429105 seconds until The Big Guy delivers presents.
Oh, not Santa, Shawn!

In the meanwhile, I am sneaking little Christmas-y things out bit by bit.
Santa and Clarice, with Rudolph, and my new ornaments, including my Bumble.

There are some not-so-new ones, like Gary, my inflatable Ginger Bread man. The kids hate Gary. I have no idea why. He waves happily to them whenever they walk by.
Poor Gary. Look how happy he is.

I am scouting new real estate for the village, too. It's taking longer than I thought. I wonder if Shawn would mind giving up his half of the bedroom for a few weeks???


Heidi the Hick said...

You are crazy.

I love it.

captain corky said...

Very nice. Before they even realize what has happend it will be a Winter Wonderland over there. ;)

CindyDianne said...

Your Christmas spirit is infectious! I wish you would participate in the cookie swap!

Burfica said...

okay I collect rudolph and reindeer stuffs, so I'm loving all that. But to be honest, I'm rather creaped out by Gary too. hhehehehehe

Biddie said...

Heidi - Thank you :)

Corky - That's the way that I see it happening, too. lol

cindydianne - The cookie exchange....I really bad at mailing things out. I try, but I forget or misplace stuff....Besides, if I make cookies, they will be eaten before they are even warm. Happens all of the time.

burfica - LOL. That is not the real Gary. The real Gary is less creepy.
I collect Rudolph stuff, too. I have a pile of tree ornaments and I get some new ones every year.
I asked my kids for a Sam The Snowman ornament this year. It's $30, more than I would ever spend, but it IS a collectable...

Stinkypaw said...

Happy to see I'm not the only nutt when it comes to Chrismas!

Biddie said...

stinkypaw - LOL. Thanks :)
BTW, good to see you again.

Burfica said...

Biddie, I got a collectible set from Avon, had to buy it in pieces. Had rudolph, clarice, santa, the bumble, Sam the snowman, and oh crap the prospector guy, what was his name??? But it didn't have the elf. I also have a stuffed animated, Santa and Dasher that sing about the true meaning of christmas. And I have lots of rudolph tree ornaments. I collect those, but also just reindeer in general, I have tons of those too. hehehehehe

Biddie said...

burfica- Yukon Cornelius is the prospector :) I always loved the fact that he had little wee dogs pulling his sled.
I have an ornament that lights up and plays music, it is Rudolph and Hermes(?) The Elf.
I just started collecting a couple of years ago. I have always loved the Rudolph Christmas special when I was little. I still watch it every year, even now that my kids have outgrown it.
I have never seen the Avon set. I don't get Avon books anymore, but that is proably for the best. I could spend Shawns's whole paycheck on the collectables that I see in there. (Some of them)
Have you dug out any of your stuff yet??

Burfica said...

biddie---not yet, I'm all decorated for thanksgiving. I decorate for halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and easter. If I could find decorations for valentines, st.patricks and 4th of july I would do those too. hehehehe

So...the three days after thanksgiving, we hose down the house and outside with christmas stuff.

Gardenia said...

Well, if that guy were in my bedroom, I would take to dressing in my bathroom - on the other hand, I am kind of lonely.....