Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, Everyone!
I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend. KC, Kayla, Jessica, Spencer and I are all heading south - for the day. We are spending Saturday with my Aunt, Grandma Steeves, and family in the Windsor area. I can not tell you how blessed I feel to be almost 40 and to still have a Grandma that I can visit. My Aunt and Uncle are two of the kindest people that you will ever meet, and they live in a part of the province that can only be described as heaven on earth. The snow has long since melted and the beach is a mere 5 minute drive from the house.


I found this ultra creepy photo on line. Look at that Easter Bunny! Lol. Poor kid. I bet that Easter was never the same for him again!

Mia is coming for a visit tomorrow before we colour eggs. The kids are soo excited. She has grown so much. Her new mom gave me a disc of photos - it feels like an open adoption! I am so grateful that pups all found loving homes. Who would have ever thought that the puppies would become such a big part of our lives in such a short time?


Thank you, everyone, for the support that you have shown to me, not just these past few days, but in the past almost three years that you have all been a part of my life.

You are the best friends, ever.

Biddie xx


CindyDianne said...

OMG - that is the scariest Easter Bunny ever!

Have a wonderful time with your visit!

Happy Easter

Biddie said...

CindyDianne - I know! Lol. It's enough to scare the Easter outta me!

captain corky said...

I think that Easter Bunny has rabies! Have a happy Easter, Biddie.

Heidi the Hick said...

geez, Bid! NIGHTMARES!!!!

coffeypot said...

That poor baby! Day one of its therapy isn't too far in the future.

Have a great time and enjoy your trip.

Biddie said...

Corky - Happy Easter to you! Give Max a big ol hug from me.

Heidi - I know! I could hardly sleep last night!

Coffeypot - Thank you! I will, and I really looking forward to my day away. Have a great Easter!

Burfica said...

Happy Easter to you to my friend. I love how we think alike with the pictures.

That bunny is creepy!!!!

I'm so glad your my friend to, and have stuck with me in all the bad times. Thank you so much!!!

Biddie said...

Burfica - Too bad we live so far apart...Imagine the trouble that we could get into! :)
Happy Easter, my friend!

Michael said...

That looks more like a wolf than a bunny. Good grief! Happy Easter Biddie!

Palm Springs Savant said...

that cartoon of the eggs is hilarious. thanks for the chuckle this am.

Happy Easter to you!

Biddie said...

Michael - That's what I was thinking. Happy Easter!

Palm Springs Savant - Happy Easter Rick. Hope it was great :)