Monday, April 20, 2009

What A Week

I am more than thrilled to be starting a new week and leaving the last one in the dust! Whew! It seemed to go on and on and on....

Kayla and I went shopping for prom dresses and we actually found one in the 1st store that we went to! Well, to be completely honest, she has already been out looking with KC, but this was our 1st trip out. The dress is gorgeous, and of course Kayla looks incredible. And why not? Shopping with Kayla is like playing Barbies. She is tiny and beautiful and looks great in nearly everything. The best part was that the dress was in our price range and it needs almost zero tweaking to make it perfect for her.
I spent an insane amount of time crying. I logged in 8 hours on Thursday. Eight freaking hours. I just could not stop...Or, I would stop, only to start again over something silly (like not being able to find any of my journals) and then it was like a faucet had been turned on. Gah. I hate that. I sit in my room, and think crazy thoughts. What if`s and the like. I seldom do anything drastic anymore - I used to cut myself. It was a way to focus the pain, to make the pain make sense. I mean, of course, a cut up arm is going to sting and bleed, and I understand why. My heart, on the other hand is a complete mystery. I can`t put polysporin on that sucker to make it heal.
Thank goodness I am not a drinker. I don`t do drugs, either, although I do admit to taking an anti anxiety that KC gave me when we were on our way to Harrow. It didn`t help much, but at least it gave me a reprieve from the sobbing.

Bumble left on Friday. He is with KC, at Spencer's house. Most people are shocked when I tell them that KC really doesn`t live here anymore. She lives at Spencer`s house. It happened so slowly that we were all surprised when it finally dawned on us that she had moved out. She just spent less and less time here. I still see her most days, because she comes home after school.
Anywhoo, I miss the little jerk. Oh, Bumble, not KC, lol, although I miss her too :) Now that we have three dogs of our own, we decided that KC should spend more time with her boy, and give us all a bit of a break from Bum. He is high energy, silly and gets the pups all worked up until I have three dogs doing laps up and down my stairs. (Ruby rarely joins in. She mostly keeps busy with her toys, she is far too lady like to be running amuck).
He will be back, and he will be here for most of the week, but I still miss him crazy-like. He is my shadow and follows me everywhere. He gets up early with Shawn and they watch the news together.

Shawn and I went to see Monsters Vs Aliens on the weekend. In 3D. I laughed my butt off and that is exactly what I needed. Shawn looked hilarious in those horn rimmed glasses and that

alone was worth the admission. The movie was great, but more importantly, we had some alone time. I think that we both really, really, needed it.

Oh, Cody got a job, too. He gave us some money out of his first pay, without even being asked. He is a good kid, I just wish that his mom could see that.

That`s all I`m gonna say about that.

So, the week is starting anew and we have much to look forward to. Ruby Tuesday turns 3 on Tuesday. That means a new squeaker toy and some treats. It also means that I might get talked into baking a cake. Kayla loves cake and will use just about any occasion as a reason to eat one.

The kids have a holiday on Friday, which means that I just may be able to talk Jessica into watching some more episodes of Dexter with me.

Oh, and the best part of the up coming week? Shawn has promised to finally get some repairs done around the house. The door that he installed last June (yes, you read that right..JUNE) still needs some trim and never mind the kitchen. I have a whole weeks worth of work in there for him.

Well, on that note, I better get moving. I still have laundry to fold and it`s getting late. When will I ever learn to start it in the morning instead of midnight???


coffeypot said...

I know what you mean about the uncontrollable crying and sobbing. It happens to me every time I run out of beer and have no money to restock. I sob constantly with I find out I have seen all 92 porn movies at least 12 times and there are no new ones until next week. And I feel miserable when I have to go to the store on any day other than Wednesday (senior discount day.) But I drink plenty of water and ice tea to keep me hydrated from all the lost fluids from crying and I replace the sodium loss by eating salty peanuts. Now I have found out I have to come up with a thousand dollars for the deductible for having my roof repaired and replaced due to two violent storms that came though this past week. WWAAAAAAAA!

Burfica said...

I'm with Kayla, any excuse for cake. hahahahahaha My little rat dog will run crazy, the two older one's just watch her like she's nuts. But on occasion the 10 year old cat will get a case of the sillies and tear through the house a few times. Funny stuff.

dilling said...

time is relative....
at least you started!

Palm Springs Savant said...

isn't it strange how some weeks are pure hell, and the next goes so smooth...I often find people have the same bad week as others. I sometimes wonder if there is something "bigger" disturbing eveyone at the same time....

Heidi the Hick said...

OH man, I forgot to wish Ruby a happy birthday. I also have a big envelope full of birthday cards for the rest of the family. I'm such a loser!!!

I hope this week is better than last. Mine is the pits, but I'm trying to stay positive. At least I know it's just me, there's nothing bad happening.

Repairs? Going, not going? How's Bumble doing? How was the cake?