Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wow. Time is flying and I haven't been around much. There has been a lot going on, and my computer is still being wonky, so half of the time I can't blog, facebook or check messages anyway. Here's a quick update.

~ Shawn has another appointment tomorrow for a CT scan. I am keeping my fingers crossed that something actually comes of this..

~ Shawn's mother is STILL in the hospital. It has been over two weeks now and every day is the same thing - maybe tomorrow she can go home.

~ Shawn's screw guns were stolen, AGAIN, this time by a co worker and possibly a family member. Isn't that nice?

~ Someone that both Shawn and I have known for a loong time passed away last week. He was not exactly a friend of mine, but I did know him, and it just seemed so sudden. We are both still so shaken by it, ya know? So fast and unexpected, and whamo, here we are at the funeral home, again.

~ Kayla has a new job, and she is loving it. It is only part time, so she is looking for another job so that she can save for school.

~ Speaking of school, KC is now DONE and working for a dentist in Waterloo. She LOVES her job, and I am soo proud of her.

~ Jessica is still st her school, and that is where she will be staying. I had a meeting with a VP and a guidance counseller, and took Grandma Lynn along. She kept me calm and on track...The bottom line? Jessica's family doc wrote us a letter suggesting that she would do well in her current school and that moving to another might trigger stress and high blood sugar. I am beyond relieved. (Thank you Dr.D)

~ We got a new(ish) king size bed that is large enough for Shawn, the dogs, and me! It is heaven on earth!

Whoo hoo! I promise I will be heading over to visit you all soon :)


Four Dinners said...

Lock up your guns as opposed to lock up your daughters? fucks sake man!!! Your guns!!!! Lock the sods up!!!!

See yer in Michigan in August eh?

As to 'passing away' Mother hasn't.

Ah can't have everything eh?

Biddie said...

4D - As far as I know, my Mum and my Mom are both still alive and kicking.
I am doing my best to make it MI. Honest I am.
I am SO pissed about Shawns screw guns. We know who has them, we just have to find a way to get them back. You know me, I ain't beat yet!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back stranger! Lol. I was wondering if you were ok or just too busy. Now I know that you are just spending more time in the comfy new bed!
Hope your MIL comes home soon.
Peter Piper

Biddie said...

Peter Piper - Lol. Waay too much time enjoying the bed, fer ser. It is awesome.
I think that my MIL is coming home tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Good news about Jessica and her school. I bet that she is one happy kid right now.
It sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks, with your mil and the funeral and all.
I hope that things slow down a bit for you soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that your mil is home asap!
Maggie Mae

Biddie said...

Maggie Mae - Jessica is very happy, she was actually losing sleep over the thought of leaving her school.
Shawn's mom is on her way home as I type this, thank goodness. She wanted to make it home in time for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! MIL is home! Great news!

Sally said...

Hi Biddie! - I am blog hopping and brand new to this so I thought that I would stop by and say hi!
I really like your blog - honest and real.
I'm glad to hear that your MIL is home.

Biddie said...

Anon - Yes, it really is!

Sally - Hi Sally. Thanks for stopping by! I will be sure to stop by your place asap.

Anonymous said...

How is your MIL?


Kimber said...

I like the mix of happy/sad news here - such is life, huh? Glad things are rosy for your daughters. And so glad about your bed! We just got ours yesterday...what a heavenly sleep. I no longer have to deal with the cavernous dip caused by the cavernous dip I was previously married to. tee hee!

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