Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kayla

Today is February 27th. Today my 2nd born turns 16. I know that everyone thinks that their kid is special. Everyone thinks that their kid is wonderful, and one of a kind. I don't think so. I know so.

Kayla was born in 1991, a little more than a year after the loss of my son. Unlike her sister 3 years earlier, Kayla was not a surprise. We planned for her. I didn't even wait the 3 months that the doctor suggested that we wait. I couldn't. I knew that this amazing little person was just around the corner.
I was 21, and stuck in a bad marriage. I thought that a new baby, a son would help. I wasn't expecting Kayla to save our relationship. I thought that Rudi would realize how much he loved his little family and straighten up. I was wrong.
I was sure that Kayla would be a boy. So sure, in fact, that I bought everything in blue and green. The walls of the nursery were painted blue, the curtains were blue, the blankets, sleepers, and stuffed toys were all blue. I even bought a blue crib. About a week before she was born, I had an epiphany. The baby that I was carrying, the child that I was already calling Kyle, was a girl.
Rudi hit the roof when I told him. He must've thought that it was some conspiracy to drive him crazy. It wasn't. It was just a wonderful side effect.
Kayla slept through the night for the 1st time when she was 3 weeks old. I thought that those first 3 weeks were the longest of my life. I had to run the vacuum at all hours to calm her. The neighbours must've thought that I was crazy.
I was.

Crazy for the brown haired, wide eyed little girl that was the spitting image of me. Friends called her Midget Bridget. She really was. She had my attitude and my looks. Poor kid.
When we baptized Kayla, we gave her 2 sets of God parents. I knew that a kid like Kayla needed special spiritual guidance that Rudi's sister could never provide. Rudi's sister and husband were God parents out of guilt. Heidi and Jethro were made God parents out of love, and it is a decision that I have never regretted.
Kayla was always the brave one. I remember a 3 year old Kayla heading out the door to fight an 8 year old bully that had smacked KC around. Kayla was having none of that. She rolled up her sleeves and snuck out the back door while I was cleaning KC's cuts. My 3 year old Kayla sent the 8 year old bully home in tears.
Once, when she was 4, she caught a chipmunk. With her bare hands. That's how we learned that chipmunks don't carry rabies.
When she was in grade 7, she got a one day suspension from school because she kicked her shoe off at a girl. She was pissed because the shoe missed the other girl by a mile, but she still got suspended. She truly felt that if she had to do the time, she should get to REALLY do the crime. She wanted a re do.
I sent her to Shawn's parents for the day, because I was still in school. His parents were supposed to make her work in the garden and teach her a lesson about respecting her fellow classmates.
Grandpa took her fishing and then out for ice cream.

That'll teach her.
I guess that you could say that she mellowed in her old age. She will walk away from a fight- unless someone is threatening her little sister. Kayla took down a 200 lb girl because the girl threw a punch at J. Kayla told me that she just twisted the girls arm until she screamed and promised to leave J alone. It was about the same time that she heard a snap. Kayla weighs about 95 lbs soaking wet. This girl, a bully that had been bothering Kayla for months, crosses the street now when she sees Kayla. I don't condone or approve of violence, but sometimes you have to stand up for your self.
Kayla will stand up to God Himself. Then she will tell Him why He is wrong and she is right.
Those that know us well, Kayla and I, say that we are 2 peas in a pod.
I couldn't agree more.
And, I couldn't be more proud.
Happy Birthday, Kayla.


dilling said...

It's still the 26th here, but HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDDDAAAAAAAAYYYYY anyway to the wild child, the superhero, the stand up for the little guy or downtrodden guy!!!! We can only hope for a hundred million more just like that!

mjd said...

Happy Birhtday to Kayla, may this be her best year yet.

Biddie said...

Dilling - That's my girl! My little super hero. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

mjd- My wishes exactly. :)

Stinkypaw said...

Happy birthday Kayla! Enjoy it while you can!

captain corky said...

Happy birthday to Kayla. I enjoyed your post proud mom.

Marni said...

Happy birthday, Kayla!

Camie Vog said...

Happy Birthday, Kayla!!!

Biddie, this was an amazing post! Thanks for sharing it. I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I read that she first slept thru the night at 3 weeks old. I was up all night last night (until 5 am) with the girl who is a spitting image of me. I hope to be able to write about my girl when she is grown up, the way you have written about Kayla.

Biddie said...

Stinkpaw - In our house, it's more like a birthday week. Hubby has a birthday tomorrow, and KC is in a week. She'll enjoy every minute of it!

Corky - Actually, I was thinking of you and your Mrs. while I was writing. Waiting for my girls was sweet agony. I loved/hated every minute of it. You have no idea what you are in for you with this new baby! You know what? YOu are so lucky!

marni - Thank you!

camie vog - I was just thinking of you. Kayla and I look at your beautiful baby everyday. I do a lot of laughing out loud with Kayla. She is absolutely nuts. Totally unpredictable.
I love it!
Cherish every moment, Camie, cuz they are gone way too quickly.

ldbug said...

Happy birthday! Sweet sixteen?

Biddie said...

Ldbug - Sweet 16 indeed! I can hardly believe it myself.

coffeypot said...

Happy Sweet 16, Miss K. What’s the saying, “Sweet 16 and never MISSED a kiss.” Or something like that.

Biddie said...

coffeypot - Never missed a kiss? Sounds like my Kayla. Better be just kisses, tho!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!!! Ahhh, sweet 16 indeed. Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo!!

She sounds like a great kid and you sure sound proud of her. Thanks for sharing such a special post about her. I bet she's beaming.

Biddie said...

Ann - Kayla approved the post last night before I actually posted it. She chose the photos and laughed at the stories. I could have told so many more, but I think that you get the idea. I am so proud of her. Could you tell?

Gardenia said...

Ahh, Kayla sounds like my Maggie. Anyway, what a sweet, wonderful girl Kayla sounds to be - isn't it something when a loss heralds in such a gift? Makes the gift pretty special.

On the Cusp said...

I just stumbled on your blog from links on another.

What a great Mom you must be. This post really moved me. My mom hasn't spoken to me or my two sisters in over two years. She sent my younger sister to visit me for summer vacation, changed her phone number and never spoke to us again. I was 22 with a 15 year old. Now I'm 25 with an 18 year old. It makes me believe in humanity to know that there are mothers out there like you.

Kayla sounds like she is an amazing girl. I hope you two know how lucky you are.

Biddie said...

Gardenia - I often think of that. I could never imagine my life without Kayla. Not for a moment.
I think that i would like to meet your Maggie. :)

on the cusp - Wow. Your mom sounds alot like mine. It has been almost 4 years since my mum and I have spoken. Unless the family funeral that we were both in June. She mostly glared at me then.
My girls ahve all been abandoned by their bio fathers. I think that these parents must be wired wrong or something. I can not imagine walking away fron my children.
You sound like a wonderful sister. As for me being a wonderful mom - ask Kayla after I've grounded her or yelled at her for something! She is a special kid, all of my girls are. I am a proud mom, that's for sure! I hope that you will stop by again.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh my gosh, make me cry at 8 am!!

I went to bed last night thinking, WOW, my GOD BABY IS 16!!!!

How can this be? I remember seeing her in the hospital for the first time. (and dropping KC on her head up the stairs on the way into the apartment afterwards. Geez...)

She really is a unique and cool kid. I loved reading theses Kayla stories! I often wonder if I'm a good enough god parent, and I hope I am, and if not, just be a halfway decent fairy god auntie or something.

Anyways, you know I love her!!!

I hope she wasn't too moritified by the singing last night...!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh- almost forgot- did you know that Sally and I used to call her The Little Bulldozer?

Affectionately of course!!!

Biddie said...

heidi - I can hardly believe iy myself. KK is 16.
I wasn't going to mention how you dropped KC on her head. NOt in this post, anyway. KC's birthday is next week.
As for you being a good enough God mom...I have never regretted my decision. Not once, ever. You and Jethro have been made God parents after the fact to the other 2. You must be doing something right!