Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, KC

Last week, Kayla turned 16 and I wrote a blog entry about her. Not be outdone, KC asked that I write one for her. Believe it or not, their birthdays are only one week apart. I wasn't thinking ahead back then.
KC was born when I was just a few months shy of my 19th birthday. I was pretty close to homeless, and I landed in a home for pregnant teens. I think that my parents were secretly happy to have to have me there, because the alternative would've been me crashing on their couch in Smallburg.
I was only about 6 weeks along when I moved into St. Monica's House. It was on a quiet residental street, a few blocks away from where Rudi lived with his parents. His mom was less than thrilled at the prospect of her 16 yr old son becoming a father. She was alternately sweet and hateful where I was concerned. She would let me spend the week end one week, and chase me away with the broom another. She took me out for burgers and bought me track pants big enough for both Rudi and I to wear - at the same time.
I hated St. Monica's house. It was sheer torture for me. We had parenting classes, and chore lists, and sign in sheets. I had no privacy and yearned for my own space.
Rudi and I moved in together when I was less than a week away from my due date.
KC was born on March 6th, 1988. I had to have a C-section after my water broke and nothing else happened. The doctors waited for 12 hours, then decided that I needed the surgery. It was the single most tramatic experience of my life. I slept for 3 days and awoke a mommy.
I loved being a mommy from day one. I spent every waking moment with KC and trusted her with no one. She slept through the night after one week, and I knew, just knew, that this kid was destined for greatness.
My parents were smitten with the raven haired beauty that was their 1st grandchild. My step mom wanted to take a 6 week old KC on a Florida vacation. My sister, Posh, relished the role of Auntie and took every opportunity to spoil her name sake. Even Rudi's mom was impressed with the darling little baby that smiled at everyone.
KC was especially close to my Dad. We spent countless hours at his office, my Dad, KC and I. He taught her one of her 1st words - bucks - and the meaning of it. I seldom left his office without KC's pants being filled with loonies, toonies, or sometimes a 20. She never failed to remind me that it was HER bucks.
When Jethro and Heidi got married in Smallburg, KC was the flower girl. She delighted in being a part of the wedding, and I can still see her marching proudly down the aisle with Jethro's sister.
KC was only about 3 when she was diagnosed with ITP. (idiopathic thrombocitopinic purpura - say that 3 times fast!) We were unsure of what was happening to our daughter. She was bruising at the slightest touch, and was tired all of the time. I took her to see a pediatrician and his response was one of horror. We took her directly to the hospital where she was admitted for what we thought was lukemia. I don't think that I ever prayed so hard in my whole life. We were lucky. ITP could be treated with platelette transfusions, and we had caught it in time. I think that KC has all but out grown her condition, but I still worry when I see a bruise on her.
She never complained about the IV's or the hospital stays. Not once.
KK was born one week before Kristy's 3rd birthday, and KC was beside her self with joy. She has played mommy to both of her little sisters since day one.
KC and I have not always seen eye to eye. I can remember the time that she tried her 'self defence' moves on me when she was in grade 9. Wanna know how that went over?
We are so alike that we sometimes clash over the stupidest things.
We also laugh. Alot. A day out with KC is guaranteed to be fun. I love spending the day shopping with her, or going to the movies, or just hanging out. I have the kind of relationship with her that I have always wanted to have with my own mother.
When you are a teen mom, you become less of a person, and more of a stereo type, or a statistic. My own family expected me to fail horribly, to raise a drop out teen age mom of my very own. I am so proud to say that those people are wrong.
KC is 19 now. Older than I was when I became a mom. She works part time, goes to school, helps out with groceries or a cell phone bill now and again, and makes her mom proud.
She has a good heart, and wicked sense of humour. She makes Shawn and I proud to call her our daughter. I know that my Dad would be proud, too, if he were here to see her.
Happy 19th birthday, KC. We love you.


her indoors said...

happy birthday KC, biddie you deserve to be proud of her you done good girl and its great that you have such a wonderful relationship with her and i am sure all your daughters x

captain corky said...

Your daughter has a really good head on her shoulders and is really smart and tallented. You did a great job Biddie.

coffeypot said...

Happy birthday, KC! You have done a good job, too. Those same statistics that biddy talked about also say that you should have been a problem child, too. Wrong! You are a person that anyone would be proud to call their daughter – uh, not me. I wasn’t there. I swear. Where the hell is Smallburg, anyway? I have never been there. I swear.

ldbug said...

Happy Birthday KC!!

Wow, life, you have so much to be proud of, what beautiful, intelligent girls:-)


she's a star BG. n so are you

Biddie said...

Her indoors - I am very proud of my girls. Not bad for an 18 yr old mom, huh? My kids made it easy. They rock.

Corky - Thanks. She is a pretty good kid. Makes a mom proud.

coffeypot - Don't worry, I know that you are not the culprit. Smallburg is a small town in southwestern Ontario. Very smallish, very charming, way too boring.

Ldbug - I am so proud of my girls. I kinda think that they're beautiful, too. :)

4D - I always wanted to be a star....

Gardenia said...

Happy Birthday. Sometimes I think our children are sent to us to save our lives. Redeem our lives. Bless our lives. Enrich our lives. You have lovely girls - and you sound like you are a lovely momma. Here's to the miracle of your girls and your love.

Biddie said...

Gardenia - I honestly don't know where I would be without my kids. Truly. They gave me a purpose, and a reason to carry on.
They are a miracle, no doubt about it.

Heidi the Hick said...

She's the child who made you a mother.

She has been a star since day one. She never stopped freaking me out with her amazing amazingness!

It's true, sadly, about the stigma of teen motherhood. You know what's really stupid? A hundred years ago you would have been the perfect age to have a baby and she'd probably have been your third one. But in this world, being a very young mother is made difficult.

You have never had it easy and yet look how awesome your kids are.

I can't wait to call her tonight and sing a very obnoxious happy birthday song!!!

Biddie said...

Heidi - She really has been a star since day one! I like to think that my girls are pretty awesome. I think that I may be a tad biased, tho. Thankfully, I know that you aren't! You always tell it like it is!
Her insignificant other is coming over for dinner tonight. We're having chocolate chip pancakes. I might as well just have a big bowl of sugar. My teeth are already itching.

Tod said...

Happy Birthday KC and a great post Biddie! :)

dilling said...

happy happy happy birthday!
and birthing day to you, mom! good job!

Heidi the Hick said...

"My teeth are already itching."

gah! The things we do for our kids, eh???


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Happy Birthday KC!

And congratulations on raising such wonderful kids.

* (asterisk) said...

Belated HB to KC and K. Really nice posts, LOSLI.

SkippyMom said... can write, can't you? This was so sweet and moving...your girls are lucky that they have such a great Mom. Seriously...if all Moms were like you the world would be such a better place. I know.

When my birthday rolls around can you write something pretty for me? hee...giggle...

[ps. your label had me in tears...too funny!]

Hugs and Happy Birthday to a very lucky young lady.