Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pug Love - For Heidi

Well, Heidi and Jethro have left for the Junos. I am the official Pug Sitter.
I have promised to post photos of The Pug frequently during the 5 days that Heidi will be away. Bear with me, ok? Oh, and check out Heidi's blog for red carpet updates.


Jay said...

Aw, hello puppies!!

dilling said...

omg! If Ruby is that small compared to heart just completely melted... she must be in heaven with her boy around for days on end! How is Porkchop taking it?

Biddie said...

Jay - Thanks for stopping by! The next few days will be filled with Pug love, because his mom and dad went to the Junos. Come back amytime!

Dilling - Porky is SO not putting up with the puppy stuff. She tries to put them in her place, but they ignore her. Ruby is not quite as tall as The Pug, but he outweighs her by about 12 pounds. They have been playing ALL DAY. The craziness! I love it!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Cute pug!

Marni said...

Pug love, pug love, pug love! Nothing better in the world. I know Ruby is SOOOO happy to have her boyfriend around, too!

Heidi the Hick said...

hee hee hee! He looks pretty darn happy!

(I wonder if he'll remember us when we come back!)

We're here. We lucked out on the plane ride and got an earlier flight. So far so good...we got a river view from our room! I'll blog it after breakfast. I'm hungry!

Pet the DOGS for me!!!!!

Biddie said...

whimsical - He is. Too bad he's fixed and we can't get Ruby/Pug puppies.

Marni - Ruby is SO jealous! She doesn't want to share her mom, or dad, or kids, or toys....She is having alot of fun playing, tho. They played non stop yesterday. We thought that the Pug was going to have a stroke! They keeping showing off for each other, too.

Heidi - He'll remember you! What a night we had! Poor little Pug couldn't figure out what was going on. He was up ALL night, pacing, barking, investigating...I think that tonight will be better, you know, once he gets the lay of the land. I swear, they played for HOURS yesterday! He found every one of Ruby's hidden treasures.
Pugs make the strangest sounds when they sleep. too. Plus, his little tail UNcurls and stretches out.
How are you doing? That Atavan looka like good stuff. What's on the schedule for tonight?

Biddie said...

Heidi - It wasn't just The Pug that was up all night. Ruby was a total brat! She LOVES her boyfriend, but wants him to know that this is HER house, her mom, her kids, etc. She even stole his baby!
I think that he's just a bit confused. This must be scary for him, you, know? He can hear the bunnies, but he can't see them, and when one dog barks, they all do. let me tell you, we don't have 3 pups here, we have a pack!
Still, it's all good. I KNOW that tonight will be better. He's more relaxed now, and they've calmed right down. The Pug even has his baby back. I'll walk them later, and they can get all of their silliness out of their systems. No worries.
Have a great time in Toon Town. Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow night!

Heidi the Hick said...'ll still love me after you've endured a long weekend with my dog? Yay!

roxygal14 said...

Wow...Cute dog you got!