Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Talk Dirty To Me...

No, no, don't talk to me (Corky). I'm just gearing up for my concert tonight. You know the one. Heidi, Jethro, KC, Spencer, and I (can we say 5th wheel, boys and girls?) are all going to see Poison in Toronto. I am SO excited because this will be a REAL concert with my two best friends. Beyonce was awesome, but it was a diva show. This will be a REAL concert. A rock show. Old school. Oh yeah.
We (KC, Spencer and I ) were going to take the greyhound, but we wouldn't make it back in time, so (here's the best part) Spencer's MOM is driving us and picking us up. I feel like a spazz. I'll probably feel like an even bigger spazz when I get into her car with my teased hair belting out 80's tunes.

This is the real reason that KC and I wanted to see Poison SO badly. C.C. Deville. We saw him The Surreal Life Season 5, and we fell in love with him. How could you NOT? I mean look at him? He's hugging Mrs. Brady! He was so sweet, and we decided right then and there that if Poison ever came to Toronto, we would be there.

We were going to bring a big, sparkly sign that says C.C., I LOVE YOU!, but Jethro asked me if HE would be sitting with us.
Point taken. I'll leave the sign at home, BUT, I am seriously thinking of teasing my hair and sneaking some booze in. (Yup, in the bra. I could get a 60 in there)
Sorry Jethro. I can't promise anymore than that.
Later, friends. I gotta go find my hairspray. I only have 4 hours before Mom gets here to pick us up.


Burfica said...

OMGGGGGGGG details, I want details after words. lol

You may need a couple cans of hair spray to get the full 80's "big hair" look. hehehehe

coffeypot said...

Have a good time and I look forward to the photo's.

her indoors said...

go and enjoy have and have lots of fun and take loads of photos to share

Tod said...

This post is fab and your happiness shines through. I am glad you are all going to have a great time tonight Biddie, you all deserve it.

I wish I could tease my hair and suck it all in with you. Oh wait, I haven't got any hair...oh bollocks.


They don't look very punky. Oh well, have a good'n.

Only 60 in yer bra? Amateur!! I can get double that in me pants!!!!!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Have a blast!

I want to see a pic of that hair!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Flashback to the 80's and rockin' out to my Poison casette tapes! fun stuff!

Heidi the Hick said...


Write your report!!!!!

Post the pictures!!!!!!!!

I'll race ya!!!!!!!!

captain corky said...

I hear that C.C. stands for Captain Corky... and I never talk dirty Biddie. I'm a good boy.

CindyDianne said...

I think I told you the other day how I wish I was seeing this one.

Have a blast!

Canadian flake said...

wtg glad you got to have a night out and get away from it all for awhile. We all need that from time to time.