Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Feel A Rant Coming On............

ARGH! I am so pissed off.

I finally have the papers that I need to get my meds covered, and I can't reach my shrink!

Seriously. I have lost track of how many times I called. I have called everyday last week, and I left several messages. Today is Tuesday, and I have called no less than 5 times since yesterday. I have left at least 3 messages since then. No matter when I call, the phone always goes to voicemail.

I understand that Doctors are busy, but COME ON. My phone calls have not been returned once.

This doctor works FIVE hours a day in his office. On Wednesdays, he works from 11-3, with a one hour lunch break. I can see that he is very obviously over worked.

I need to start my meds all over again, because it has been so long since I have had any. I can understand that. The thing is that the last time I started my mood stabilizer, it made me feel like crap for the first two weeks. I remember talking to Heidi and Jethro on the phone, crying because I was bottoming out. It was better after the first couple of weeks. Then there was the other side effect.


You might think that this would not be a problem. Heck, normally sleeping is NOT something that I complain about. I LOVE to sleep.

What I do NOT love, however, is falling asleep sitting up. That's right. In the middle of a conversation, or watching tv, or even folding laundry.

Christmas will soon be here, and I do not want to spend it sleeping or crying because I feel like crap.

I think that I have been very patient here. I don't expect the doctor to drop everything to call me, but it has been weeks since he has contacted me.

I am at my witts end here. I don't know what else to do. I feel like calling him and letting know how angry I am, but if he won't return my calls when I am being polite, then I seriously doubt that a phone call from me dripping with sarcasim (They don't call me sarcastro for nothing) will help.

Has he dropped me as a patient? Doesn't he have to tell me if he has?

HELLO! He is the mental doctor for mental cases, for crying out loud! I feeling more and more mental by the minute.


Any suggestions?


coffeypot said...

Yep! Go to his office and jump him between patients. Tell him, "Don't fuck with me, asshole. I crazy! Remember? Now give me my meds - NOW."

Biddie said...

coffeypot - LOL. Well, that might get the 72 hour hold kind of help, so I'll think about it for a bit. Thanks, though :)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I think you need to find another shrink!

Biddie said...

whimsical - I was thinking the same thing. A new shrink might be just a day dream, though. It can take months, or even longer to get in to see a new doc. If I am still considered a patient of this shrink, then I don't think that another will see me, anyway.
It's so frustrating. I am going to keep calling, and calling, and calling.....

Chellie said...

Maybe it's different in Canada, but here in the US, it's up to you who you want to see. If that doctor isn't calling you back, call another. Heck, call your regular primary care doctor just to get your meds going while you find a psychiatrist that can return phone calls.

Biddie said...

chellie - My family doctor is even worse. There is a doctor shortage here in Canada (especially in Waterloo region) and I won't find another doc - at least not for months.
I need a refferal from the family doc to see a new shrink, and he won't give me one when I alrady have a shrink.
I think that I will ask him for a Rx to get moving on the meds, but he may not do it either. He will tell me to see my shrink.
I'm going to ask, though, as soon as he gets back from his hoildays.
In the meantime, I will keep phoning.

~JJ! said...

Oh girl I hear you.

Can't your pharmacy harass the Dr. for you? Mine does.

Biddie said...

jj- I was thinking about that, too. They already called him a few times, and I was thinking that maybe they would do it again for me.
I am just so frustrated with the whole thing. I do not want to fall asleep in my turkey on Christmas day because I haven't adjusted to the new meds, yet.
I am still ahving a hard time getting onto your blog. I am still lurking when I can get there!

Gardenia said...

Uh, maybe we don't want nationalized medicine here - - -

I would suggest going to his office, telling his office girl that you will be sitting there until he sees you, and you will be talking to the other patients coming in about how hard it is to get him to respond, as you will be really bored. OR - I tried this twice and it worked like a charm - send him a letter marked personal on the envelope. My gastro jumped on that one and the girls in the office did not dork me around anymore.

Heidi the Hick said...

Coffeypot...I'm crazy, remember???? SNORT!

What have you been leavng on his messages? Maybe it's time to tell him how upset you are. Just, "I'm extremely frustrated." And "Am I still your patient?"

My pshrink stopped returning my calls. I always have thought it had something to do with the THREE PAGE PISS OFF LETTER which I READ TO HIM IN HIS OFFICE. Apparently they don't like being told what to do. Apparently we're supposed to be INTIMIDATED by pshrinks.

Well...I wouldn't recommend my approach, cuz like I said, he sorta broke up with me without telling me about it. Coward.

He needs to know that this is serious. You need to be taken seriously. Don't stop calling him. Be the priority. I know how draining it is. Please believe me. I know. The only reason I stopped calling Frankenbushy is because I genuinely did not want to go to his office anymore.

Rattle that coward's chain. You have so much more control that you think. I spent the last few days thinking about this, and it's all I can come up with.

Also, like I'm not a pshrink, but I doubt if that drug is the right one for you. There are about a gajigawillion drugs out there and from what I've been through, it seems like the only way to know what's right is to try it. Grrr...

hang in there.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yoou know what? Maybe sitting in his office and waiting for him is an alternative. Is that practical to do?

rain said...

If you can, I would go into the office too. At least they will have to book an appointment for you. Do you have a walk in mental health clinic? Those guys are often awesome advocates and can pull chains and know all the shrinks in town. If all else fails, phone and say you are feeling suicidal!

Burfica said...

I would have my happy ass down at his office, and catch him going in or out and make him get my meds, then after I got them I would find me another doctor.

mic said...

make m baker act u

Babzy said...

I vote for sitting in his office and bugging the office assistant. If you know which meds you need then your GP can prescribe. Tell him/her that your shrink won't get back to you. Maybe your doctor will refer you to another.

BTW There's a doctor shortage all over Canada. One reason is they have such strict licensing rules in Canada that legal immigrants who are doctors are driving cabs.

katy said...

i agree that you should go and sit in his office and cry loudly. they cant expect you to try and carry on like this, you are entitled to see your doctor, over here if i cant get an appointment i ask for a house call, it is surprising how quickly they find the appointment then!
keep trying girl, dont give up and keep us posted x

Tod said...

I hope you have managed to get something sorted out Biddie :) Hugs.

debi said...

Hang on. I know it sucks today but tomorrow will be better.Or maybe the day after tomorrow. We all love you. deb

Phoenix5 said...

Grrrr! Doctors and Lawyers... overpaid and underworked... especially in Ontario cities! I jsut wish our government would grow a backbone and some teeth and put the Ontario Medical College in it's proper place... grrr! I need a new doctor too... since mine is in Milton and tells me men can't have migraines! But, because I'm still his patient, I can't get one in Guelph because over 20,000 in our little city don't have any doctor at all... grrr!

Sorry to rant on your blog, but you touched a real nerve there! I also vote for walking into his office and causing a bit of a ruckus. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease!" Good luck, my friend!

Canadian flake said...

grrrrrrrr doctors...don't they just drive you nuts...sorta makes ya wanna smack the snot out of them doesn't it...grrrrrrr.

Hang in there and good luck hon.

whatevergirl said...

Can I send this post to all the #$#%@s who think the US needs government run health care???????????????????????????????????