Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Love Blog

A couple of weeks ago, Canadian Flake gave this award. I think that Flake is one of the sweetest bloggers around, so I am doubly pleased that she chose me.

Me! Can you believe it? I have such amazing blog buddies. I really do.
I have to pick 5 more people to give this award to. I hate this part, because I always feel like everyone deserves an award. Well, not EVERYONE, just my super great blog buddies.
Katy- Her Indoors. Wanna talk about someone spreading the love? Look no further than Katy. She sends me emails when I am feeling down, and always does her best to make me laugh. It usually works, too. She is awesome. I'm so lucky to have found her.
Chellie- I think that she found me, and I am so grateful. Have you been over to her new place? You really should stop by. You will feel as though you have reunited with an old friend. Plus, she is a dog lover. What more could you ask for?
Christine- Christine is amazing. She is incredibly kind, and has reached out to me, when she has so much going on in her own life. Honestly, if you haven't been by to visit her, then you really should.
Heidi- Hickchic- Ok, I am breaking my own rule here. I never pick Heidi because she is my real life bestest, for many years. The thing is, she is great blog buddy. If I had never met her before, I would STILL love her. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I love her for it.
Whimsicalnbrainpan- Where do I start? She is incredible. She has been so supportive of me. The thing about Whim is, she has a huge heart. She inspires me. Stop by and say hi. I guarantee, you will not regret it.
Ok, so there you have five. This was so difficult. I love all of my buddies SO much. You have all touched me, in some way. You have all enriched my life and made me smile. So, to ALL of my buddies, a great big Thank you.


Heidi the Hick said...



let's hear if for LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give it away, people, YEAH!

Ok that's all for today.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Congratulations Biddie!

And thank you for passing this on to me. I am honored.

Biddie said...

heidi - Like I said, cheer leader!
LOL :)

whim - Thank you, and you totally deserve it!

katy said...

congrats on this award Biddie, it couldn't have been given to a nicer, lovelier person.
and thank you so much for passing it on to me, love ya girl x

Biddie said...

katy- Aw, shucks. Thank you, Katy. You deserve it, too :)

Phoenix5 said...

Congrats, Biddie! You deserve this one! Hope all is well with you!

Christine said...

Thanks, Biddie. I'd like to thank... {music starts to play} ...{microphone turned off} ..and especially ...{escort takes my arm and leads me offstage as I wave to the upper deck}

Gabriel said...

Well done, and truly well deserved!

debi said...

You totally deserve this award. You always make me feel good or better and you care about everyone. You are s sweet heart Biddie and I am glad I know you. love, deb

Chellie said...

Thanks, Biddie. I've been in a funk lately and the really lifted my mood! :)

Burfica said...

Congratulations hun!!!! You deserve it!!!!

Canadian flake said...

(((hugs)))) love ya hon...glad you could feel the love and pass it on

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