Sunday, February 10, 2008

To my very good friends, Marni and Debi!
Love you


Gardenia said...

Hey, dear. I'm catching up from a hiatus. I just read the Church saga - what is it - the Church of Satan?

Let us know your situation - if you are moving, or if one more coven member has entered in that still has the heart beating in their chests and straightened this weird mess out.

Biddie said...

Gardenia - We are staying, for now. I asked the church to give us enough time to find a new place, if they really wanted us out. Instead, they decided that we COULD stay.
We paid our weekly installment, and the Church Lady told us that we are behind by TWO weeks. I am tired of arguing. We will keep our eyes open for another place, but in the meanwhile, we are staying put.
It's funny, because through all of this, all I have heard from them is about the money that we owe. We have made our payments to them when it meant that some weeks we had $80 for groceries and gas (for Shawn to get to work). We really are struggling. They know that Jessica was very ill, they know that Shawn was laid off. I KNOW that we owe the money, but all I have heard about is the dollar signs. It just doesn't seem very church like to me.

debi said...

Thank you Biddie. This was the best day let alone birthday I have had in many many years. I am still in shock. My kids and my husband treated me like I was special or something. Of course my day was already perfect after Chucks sister Carla called me at 6am to tell me that Chuck is amazing all the Drs.We still don't know the outcome but it appears to be much better than it looked yesterday. After that the rest of my day was just gravy. I am so happy and peaced out.I can't remember when I felt so happy and without worry for just today.

Biddie said...

Debi - I am SO happy to hear that! I did not forget about you, but I can't phone right now. I promise to send you something silly soon, just to make you smile.
I'm glad that Chuck is ok, for now anyway. Happy Birthday, my dear friend :)

Marni said...

Thank you! You are soooo sweet!

Canadian flake said...

Happy Birthday to your friends...hope they had a great one.