Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm Baaack

I can't believe that I am finally here! I have been unable to comment, or write my own blog, or even check my email. I am still not sure what is going on, but Shawn found a way to get around the virus or whatever until we can find out what is happening.

There has been sooo much going here! Gah!

I have been to see Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull, and The Strangers. The Strangers was maybe not the best choice for us as we had someone try to break into our house about a week and a half ago. Scared the crap outta the kids, and kinda freaked me out, too. The dogs were barking non stop for about an hour before we finally figured out that someone was on our porch. I had gotten up about three times to look out the window and I saw nothing. I did hear some uber creepy whispering, but I couldn't decipher where it was coming from.

We could not get the dogs to shut up. It was Kayla that looked out the peep hole and saw a person shaking the door knob trying to get in. Shawn came to the door and screamed at her to leave, but she just kept trying to get in. She told us that she was Shawns girlfriend (oh really?) and then she was Scotts girlfriend. We threatened her, and she still wouldn't leave. Shawn opened the door and she actually tried to push her way past him.

Looking back on it now, I can chuckle a bit. Then? Not so much. She was obviously under the influence of something, and posed little threat to us, but I was afraid that she could have had a dirty needle on her. The good news is that the police were at our place within about 2 minutes of our calling.

The bad news? They didn't press charges because 'it's just Jackie'

I guess you can break in other peoples homes as long as you are drunk and or stoned.

All I know is, Jackie the Crackie had better not come backie.

Jessica is graduating from grade 8 on the 18th. The good news is that she is looking way healthier, and she feels great.

The bad news? She is a whopping 105 pounds and has outgrown her dress! I have no idea how on earth we will handle this....I hope that we get a surprise tax refund and I can buy her a new dress. I am just so thrilled that she is maintaining her weight!

We (read Shawn) have started on our home improvement project. He got a beautiful glass panel door for our front hallway, and my Aunt and Uncle gave me some paint - the same colour that we were looking at! We have some half inch thick real Italian marble floor tiles for the hallway that is stuck in a 70's time warp. The best of this? Everything is free! The door came from a job site - the homeowner was going to throw it in the garbage, and the tiles are leftover from another job site. I can't believe my luck.

Things have been ok on the work front. I am a bit frustrated because Shawn took two 'new' workers and they have slowed the projects down so much that Shawns pay has been cut by almost 2/3. I am not kidding. He starts a brand new project in the next day or two though,I doubt that he will much free time. Or money. I am already dreaming of ways to spend it :)

Ok, well, if everything goes as it should (knock on wood) I am back on line to stay! Give me a few days to catch up. The kids need to get caught up too, and the computer time will be limited for the next day or so. Jessica has over 100 emails that she has been able to read and will jumping for joy when she comes home and sees that we back on line!


Gabriel said...

That's too many good news in just one post. You should dose them! :-)

Seriously speaking, how happy I am to see you back online, and especially to know that our friend Jessica is doing so well.

Good luck with the graduation; Gaby and the kids -minus Santi- are driving back to Virginia in 10 days for my niece's grad as well. It's gonna be fun!

Biddie said...

Gabriel - So you and Santi will be home alone? How long will it take Gaby to drive to Virginia?
I am soooo glad to be back online! I have been trying to keep caught up with everyone, but I wasn't even able to log onto most of the blogs that I normally visit. I have missed everyone soo much!

Burfica said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YOUR BACK!!!!! I've missed ya!!!!!!

way to go on the graduation. Hope the dress thing works out.

And OMGGGGGGGGGGGG on the free stuff for the house, how cool is that??? Awesome!!!!!

Again I'm glad your back!!!!

aims said...

Woohoo! You're back! Throwing hands up in the air - Hooray!

I think that is too creepy about Jackie. Really - what is justice all about?

As for the free stuff! Well - I just love decorating and home renos....free stuff is at the absolute top of my list!

Glad to hear things are going pretty good. I've been thinking about you.

captain corky said...

Welcome back! I'm back too. We're all back and that's what really matters. All the good news sounds great.

The freaky crackhead banging at your door does not sound that great. ;)

dilling said...

welcome back....

Tod said...

[All I know is, Jackie the Crackie had better not come backie.]

LoL! So glad you are back!

Heidi the Hick said...

Ohhhh relief. I feel so much better now. Seriously.

I love free stuff. Some of my favourite furniture came from the end of someone else's driveway.

Man, I don't even know what else to say -- OH grad dresses - My kid was going to borrow one of my dresses, since she's tall enough haha, and decided last week that blah blah blah is wrong with it and she needs one that's perfect. Plus she needs shoes. I told her we can get a new one if it's less than $30. I wish I was kidding! I wonder if the door people are planing to throw out any nice clothes....

Oh I'm glad you're back. Really really really relieved.


Heidi the Hick said...

Hey biddie, why'd the cops tell me to stop visiting you???????????

Biddie said...

Burfica - YAY! Right back at you! I am SOO happy to be back! Still trying to get caught up, though. I'll be around soon. Promise :)

Biddie said...

Aims - I was thinking of you, too. :) I missed everyone terribly and I am so happy to be back!
As for free stuff...I am all over it! Nothing better, really. I'll stop by your place soon. Promise :)

Corky - We are all back! YAY! You're right, that is all that matters :)
Jackie the crackie was way wackie..Really. She had better not be back. I am thinking of a crack trap..Just not sure yet how it will work.... Any ideas?

debi said...

She's back!! Yippy! Give Jess a big hug for me. You must be so proud. Glad Jackie didn't hurt anyone. I am from Cailf, I always keep my doors locked. Day and night. It's a crazy world out there. ( not good crazy) I have missed you, glad you have returned. Love ya.

Phoenix5 said...

Welcome back! I've been wondering how you guys were doing! Glad to hear that Jess is maintaining weight! That's AWESOME! It's only the Grade 8 grad...lol... I told my oldest that she will have to wait until high school grad to get all dolled up! LOL! Lucky for me, she's not that into being "dolled up!" I was shocked at the expense some of her classmates made on their Grade 6 grad... I think that just cheapens the real special moment of HS grad.

Good luck on getting rid of that virus! They are so hard to completely get rid of!

And also, good luck on the renos! Free stuff is always good! Looks like you really lucked out this time!

Sounds like the K-W police are still as helpful as ever! Sometimes I wonder why we pay/paid them...

Biddie said...

Dilling - Thank you. It is GREAT to be back!

Tod - For some reason, I knew that you would love that line. I can't really take credit for it though..Jessica came up with it as the cops were loading her into the cruiser.
It is SOOO good to be back.

Heidi - Well, as far as the grad dress goes, it was a gift from TMOC and Lovely, but I am afraid that she won't be able to sqeeze into it. Still, that is a good thing for her.
As for the free stuff? You know me. I love free! The front hallway is going to be so gorgeous. Hopefully, we will have it done soon...Might go faster if I got in on the action.....

Debi - It has been a long couple of weeks. There was so much that I wanted to tell everyone.
We always keep our doors locked, too. Thank goodness. I am so glad that we have the dogs, too, or she have been there all night, and the next morning when we put the dogs out. Can you imagine? Yikes.
Missed you, too :)

Phoenix - YAY! I am so happy to be back in touch with everyone!
Jessicas whole class gets all dolled up for grad, so I wouldn't her to be lft out. I think that I have different ideas about what 'dolled up' actually is though. When Kayla and Jessica each had their First Communions, there were little girls there that were wearing dresses more expensve than my whole wardrobe. It was actually kind of sad....The girls looked little icky brides. It made me itchy. Honestly. You can ask Heidi, she witnessed it.
Ahhhh, the police. They were here in about 2 minutes (I live about 2 minutes away from the cop shop) and they were great..Until it came time to actually deal with Crackie. I have no idea WHY she would not be charges...Used to be that being intoxicated/stoned was no excuse. My kids are feeling unsafe now and I can't even make them feel better by telling them that the person has been charged.
Still kinda pisses me off.

whimsical brainpan said...

Welcome back!

I could see why Jackie freaked you out.

Yay for Jessica! Graduating healthy and maintaining her weight!

Woot on the free stuff for your home!

I hope you are here to stay.

Canadian flake said...

okkkkkk I left you a big welcome back message here...and now it is gone...is blogger being a farthead?? LOL

catherine said...

Hey biddie,
If you can't find a dress, check out VV Boutique ((Value Village)) LOL. There is a TON of grad style dresses there for girls Jess's size, in really good shape. I couldn't find anything for Cara, shes a bit tubby, but if she were a size 2-8 instead of a 14 she would have had her pick.
catherine from london