Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas with Gramma Lynn has been put off until the 20 th, the day before she leaves for B.C.
I'm ok with that, because I am not exactly caught up in the Christmas spirit.

My dental surgery was put off until January 20. I am going to see my regular dentist and he is doing the procedure himself - without sedation. I can't afford it and I am tired of dealing with other dentists. I just wanna get it over with.
Shawn and I are going to the dentist together that day - me for my surgery and he is having another root canal. Isn't that romantic?

A relative stopped by today. Most of you may know that I love hanging with family, and they are always welcome in our home. Almost always.
Shawn has a relative named Bob. He is....Odd.
Probably harmless - I am told.
He stopped by today unexpectedly. Of course, Shawn was gone, and asked me to keep him there until he could get back.


I tried to talking small talk with him. He doesn't really get the whole small talk thing. His idea of small talk is this :

Bob: Remember that time with Shawn?
Me: Ummm...
Bob: You know, that time!
Me: That time...?
Bob: Yeah! That time! With you and Shawn!
Me: Oh, yeah.....That time. That was...great.
Bob: (sitting back in the chair, smiling ear to ear) Yeah! That was the best.

Bob then spent several minutes telling me about his girlfriend's Jack RUSSLER terriers, and how hers have fur just like Bumbles, except that really, they have no fur at all.

God help me.

Bob has a warehouse full of boat mufflers that he bought online from a guy in Australia. He is positive that they will sell like hotcakes.
Thank goodness Bob lives in Orangeville now and we don't see him as often. Bob is best enjoyed in small doses.
Shawn is still not back to work. I am really starting to sweat now. There are only a couple of weeks until Christmas and then there will be no work for almost a whole week after that. There is no way that we can hang on until then.
I mean, the kids can eat just about anything - and they will, but the cats...If they go hungry they will eat my eyes out while I am sleeping. Ok, maybe not my 15 year old orange tabby, but that wild ass crazy black cat of Kayla's will, I know it.
I am NOT going to be wearing an eye patch for the holidays.

Geoff had a lovely vacation in Cuba. I saw some of his photos on facebook. I think that Jessica did, too. I often wonder how he (or any other deadbeat) can sleep at night. He has not bought Jessica any diabetic supplies in over six months and he has no money to help with braces, but he can vacation in Cuba.
I wish that I were that broke, don't you?

Jessica is devastated. She can't understand why she rates so low on his list of priorities and I have no way of explaining it to her. I just hope that this doesn't put a damper on her birthday celebration this weekend.

Anyway, I am not going to let him spoil my holiday season. I refuse to give him that kind of power.

Well, it is late. I usually hang out on my own late into the night, but I am trying to get my sleep back on schedule. I haven't been falling asleep until after 3 am most nights and I have to be honest, it does nothing for my sweet disposition!


Heidi the Hick said...

Bid, I don't know if your conversation with Bob was that funny in real life, but you sure made me snicker in your retelling! Would I like Bob? Would he tell me all about that time, at the place, with the stuff and things? You know, and the people?

Good times.

Don't worry about the cat. I know from experience that black cats don't really like to eat eyeballs. They prefer to scratch your scalp off while you sleep and go straight for the brain.

Sweet dreams!

(by the way, I have an eye patch. Maybe I'll wear it for Christmas dinner, just for entertainment?)

Biddie said...

Heidi - What are you doing up??? It is way late for you.
Ahhh, Bob. You would get a kick out of him, fer sure, but he will get to you too, my dear friend. (I used to think that you had sunshine coming outta yer ass, ha!)
The girls exploded into giggles when he left and KC screamed jack russlers! Ahhhh! In that way that only she can.
The laugh was on Shawn tho, cuz they went to Cambridge with Cody to look at fish. Bob got to tell them about the sweet deal he got on the mufflers.
Are you interested? You can put in on yer car, Bob says so :)
Kayla's cat is evil. I think. She is still a baby and it is hard to tell, but I am keeping a close eye on her just the same!

Biddie said...

Oh, and Heidi? You already know the story about that time with me and Shawn. I figured out what he was talking about....

Dana and Daisy said...

oh I don;t know you, just dropped in, but my heart breaks for Jessica.

Burfica said...

I wish my conversations with Gigantor's family where that calm. Usually it resorts to them blaming me for everything in their lives, and for telling me my son is unlovable, at which point I storm out or throw them out. Yeah....good times at the holidays.

man to bad you can't sue that jerk. Don't you have an agreement of what he will pay in custody or divorce papers??? I always tell people they need to get that, that way they can nail their butts to the floor. hehehehehe

Biddie said...

dana and daisy - Hi, Thanks for stopping by!
Jessica (amd my other two girls) have gotten to the point that they don't expect anything anymore, but I know that they are still hopeful. It breaks my heart, too. It's so unfair.

Burfica - Well, Bob is one of the few family members that has always been nice to me, that is why we put up with him. He knows my name (some still don't) and most of them can't even tell you the names of all three of my kids.
There have beeen many days like the ones that you have desribed. It wasn't until Shawn lost his sister that any of them saw me in a different light.
I can't belive that anyone would say that about your boy. Sounds like they may be the unlovable ones...
As for Geoff...Yes, I can take him to court. I will probably have to, but it is expensive and takes up so much time. Since I have anxiety issues, it would be near impossible to do....I would need someone to go with me for every court date and Shawn will have to back to work at some point....
If we do go to court, I have no doubt that I will win, and Geoff will be paying thru the nose. He is too much of a jerk to settle antything between us. Plus, his wife is uberjealous and we can't even talk on the phone without her listening in. She is the main reason that he doesn't see the girls - she will not allow it.

Alekx said...

You know if his body disappeared you could get some sort of settlement for Jessica leaving the current wife in the cold.
I'm just saying.

On what Burfica said. Her in-laws are only brave enough to say this stuff to her, funny they never say shit when I'm around. Wonder why that is. :-)

Biddie said...

alekx - Oh, lol, don't tempt me! I actually had several friends offer to get rid of ex number one.
You know, his wife (ex #2) is the big problem here. She is so jealous of my kids that she refuses to allow him to even call his kids. Mind you, of he were a real man, he would stand up to her, but that will never happen.
Outlaws seem to be the same everywhere. Loud mouth asses when other people aren't around. Too bad that Burf's outlaws can't see who she really is. It is their loss, really :)

Tod said...

LOL... Bob sounds great.

Biddie said...

tod - LOL. I Have soo many Bob stories. He has been here everyday this weekend. EVERYDAY.
There was the time that he decided that everything he owned needed to be power washed with his hose. EVERYTHING.
He took all of the mattresses out of the house and against Shawn's advice, took the hose to all of them.
I am not sure how long they were all sleeping on air mattresses after that.
Strangely enough, he and his wife are seperated now...