Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday`s Thoughts

I have loads of stuff swirling around in my big empty head.

I am so relieved that Jessica's friend is home safely. I still have no idea what happened to her. I am just so happy that her mom can sleep at night now.

I got a phone call from my blogbuddy Camie Vog last night. She says that I sound 'Canadian.'
Most of my Canadian friends will say that I sound like a Nova Scotian. It was great to hear from her, since she doesn't get much blogging done these days with the wee one toddling around and getting into stuff.

Shawn has been off of work since he came home from Toronto. I hate the winter slow down and I hate that it always happens right before the holidays. I am not freaked out, though. We are doing so much better than we were last year at this time. I have not forgotten how far we have come.....Jessica is healthy, I am on my meds, and we are paying off our back rent. Yup, still chipping away at it.

I don't have my Christmas tree up yet and we are celebrating Christmas with Gramma Lynn this Sunday. She is heading out west, to see her other grand baby, so we are having a huge turkey dinner early.
I love Lynn for so many reasons. She is a wonderful grandma to the kids. Beyond wonderful, really. She loves KC and Kayla like her own, and treats them the same as all of the other grand kids. Naw, who am I fooling? She treats them (and Jessica, of course) better then the others. LOL. It's true. She spoils them.
Gramma Lynn has been a great friend to me. When Geoff and I got married, she was my matron of honour, and when Geoff and I divorced, she and I became even closer. We just decided that Geoff leaving was just that, Geoff leaving and it should not affect our relationship.
She is wonderful to Shawn,and calls him her son. I laugh at that, but I love it. She hugs him tight whenever she sees him, and he loves it. His family is not touchy feely and he never got a lot of hugs as a kid. We are making up for it now.
I still have a ton of stuff to get in the mail. I have not mailed TMOC`s package yet. I bought my SIL a Royal Dalton fĂ­gurine and now I am kicking myself. How the heck am I going to get that off to Nova Scotia in one piece? I may have to wait until she comes for a visit in January to give it to her. I have to mail the other stuff, though. My brother is a bigger kid than I am about the holidays and he needs his stuff. Of course, there is always a little toy for him, too. This year I found a Pez dispenser that looks a skull. Not very Christmas-y, I know, but he will love it. I also got him the complete series of Soap on DVD. Now he can drive my SIL crazy watching it instead of me. LOL. I am evil.
I am only about half way done my shopping. I got Shawn a sno cone machine. He will love it. I still need to buy something for KC. Can`t say what, she reads this blog and it would spoil the surprise.

Jessica is having a birthday party this Friday. She is having 6 friends sleep over...I hope I know what I have gotten myself into. They are going to watch movies and do `girlie`things. I have to find a place that can make me a peanut free cake, cuz two of her friends are allergic. The only affordable place that I can think of is Zehrs, the same outfit that had me arrested for stealing the cheese. You can see my dilemma. I am banned forever from the place, but I won`t have an issue going to the one that I used to work at. I just feel icky about supporting them in any way after the way that I was treated.

I have been watching Celebrity Rehab 2. Sigh.
Gary Busey is an even bigger freak than I thought, and Jeff Conaway is a jerk. I am so disillusioned. Kinikie is an asshat.
Rodney King on the other hand seems like a sweet guy. Every time I see him I can see the beating in my minds eye, and then the subsequent beating of Reginald Denny during the L.A. riots. It makes me wonder about the human race and the way that we treat each other.

OK, well, Shawn has come home (He was hanging out with his nephew) and brought me a coffee. If I have to make a choice between Tim Hortons or the laptop, Timmie`s will win every time!


Gabriel said...

You know what? This is an excellent post!! This is what blogging is all about, you're just missing the 'Dear Diary'! :-)

I'm so very happy to see that everything is going OK these days, and that you take the temporary setbacks (Shawn will be back at work soon, believe me) in stride.

Please wish Jessica a very happy birthday and brace yourself, as 6 girls staying for a sleep over can only be compared to 10,000 antelopes (and a small hippo) running around your place all night. :-)

Heidi the Hick said...

you got him SOAP on DVD! My sister's been gathering all of us up on the occasional Saturday night to watch it. (sometimes I'm really busy out in the barn, like reeeally busy!)

It's all gonna be okay. We're living and breathing and it's okay.

we might have more work for the big guy, if he's available. Just saying. I think our sofa bed might be big enough for the two of you... y'know, if he had to stay overnight for work. And bring you. Just sayin.

Biddie said...

gabriel - Thank you :) I am hoping that I know what I got myself into, as well. SIX girls. I feel bad for Cody, really. I hope that he comes out of this in one piece considering Shawn and I are going out for an hour or two and leaving him in charge....

Biddie said...

heidi - I did! lol. We used to watch it as a kid all of the time. I think that he will like it. He is a tv junkie like me, all of that pop culture stuff. I also got him the 1st season of WKRP.
Oh yeah, I am the best sister!
As far as the work goes, he has tsill not been called back. I am trying not to freak out, but I am getting worried.. This week he has a root canal on Wednesday, so he isn't going anywhere until that is done, even if his boss does call.

captain corky said...

Your tree's not up yet!?! What are you waiting for, Christmas? ;)

I gotta get a cup of this Tim Hortons coffee one of these days.

Burfica said...

I think I'm done shopping except for stocking stuffers, something for one friend in town, and stuff for the goodies I'm giving out (food)

I do need to wrap my sisters and my best friends and get it in the mail though.

Heidi the Hick said...

Hmmm. I need some drywall mud.

Can we watch WKRP before you send it off to TMOC? I had such a crush on Dr Johnny Fever. Is that weird? Wait, don't answer that.

Biddie said...

Corky - Lol. We're working on the tree. Our house is so full of stuff right now we ran out of space.
Stop by our place and we wil buy you and Allyson all the Timmie's that you want :)

burfica - You are farther ahead then I am. I just keep plugging away at it...Hopefully I will be done by Christmas :)

heidi - Lol. No! I wrapped it already and I didn't let anyone watch your gift first! BUT, your birthday is coming up....Hmmm.
I have a crush on Howard Hessman, toom, and yes, it is strange.
Drywall mud? Shawn has enough on his shoes and pants to do a a rec room, I think. That stuff gets everywhere.

Gardenia said...

Thoughtful and sweet post. I like to watch the rehab once in a while too - then I feel bad for all those who have no means to get rehab when they want it....

Glad things are better this year - it was pretty wild and trying last year.

Next year is going to be good for some of us, despite the dire predictions! It is.

Biddie said...

gardenia - Thank you :)
I am seeing things differently after coming so close to losing my baby last year. I am getting worried about the money situation, but the truth is that things could - and have been - so much worse.
I really hope that 2009 is a great year for all of us. We all deserve it, I think,

jAMiE said...

Mmmm, Timmys coffee...i can totally understand your choice!

Loved this post..thank you for sharing!

Biddie said...

jamie - Thank you :)

Gardenia said...

Just reread your post - thank God the girl is home.

Biddie said...

gardenia - She is home, but has not been back to school yet. Jessica is still worried about her. I just hope that nothing terrible happened to her. She is a sweet girl.