Saturday, March 07, 2009

Damn Blogger

I have no idea what is happening, but all of my comments are missing! No matter where I comment lately, or on which blog, the comments just - poof - disappear!
Barring a conspiracy, blogger has to be screwing up, yet again!
Either way, I really have not been on much lately. I came down with a nasty flu. Can your brain actually melt when your fever hits 102.5? Let's hope not!
Shawn at the casino
Lola sleeping happily, legs in the air.

Dog pile.
KC turned 21 yesterday and she asked (ordered) me not to post any of the photos. I felt (feel) too miserable to even move, so I still owe her a birthday dinner. Maybe I can do it tomorrow...
The pups are really coming into their own little personalities now. They still run sideways at times, but they can do much more quickly. They tear the house up in minutes and are seemingly fearless. Bumble is afraid of the balloon bouquet - the pups pull it around the livingroom. They are an endless source of entertainment.
Wednesday is our Big Concert night. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am well enough to go. I will be so bummed if I miss Motley Crue. I want to relive my youth, dammit!


Gabriel said...

Carolina wants to know if you need anybody to take care of Bruno while you go to the concert...

Biddie said...

Gabriel - Lol. I think that Kayla can manage, just fine, but tell her thank you for the offer!

whimsical brainpan said...

I hope you feel better soon. And a belated Happy Birthday to KC!

I love all the pics. :-)

Biddie said...

Whim - I am feeling a bit better now. My headache is down to a dull roar and my fever is all but gone.
The pups are too cute and I LOVE that pic of Shawn. KC was trying to take a pic of me and he stuck his head in...

Burfica said...

oh man I hope you are feeling better now. That just sucks to not feel good.

Alekx said...

I want ALL the puppies.
Please don't tell the husband unit I'm trying to get them he'll take away the computer keyboard then I'd have to chop him up in little puppy bits.

farmerdaves said...

i had the flu before crimbo and it wiped me out for about a week, all i could do was lay in bed and not much else, hope you get better soon,

gosh arnt the pupps growing quickly i would love a dog myself but not at home enough to give the dog my full attention so wouldnt be fiar to have on, maybe onday ill get round to having a dog

hope your concert goes well iam supprised to hear motley crue are still aruond, iam off to see staus quo later in the year and iam going to be right at the front

The Preacherman said...

At least it isn't man flu which is decidedly worse than woman flu. This is a proven fact ;-)

Get well soon babe xx

captain corky said...

I hope you're feeling better and was able to go. Max had a fever last week of almost 102 but it thankfully it broke in 1 day.

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