Monday, March 23, 2009

The puppies will 8 weeks old tomorrow and are almost ready for their new homes. This has been such an emotional journey...I doubt that we will ever do this again. No more puppies for us!
I knew going in to this that we would finding new homes for the pups. I was - I am ok with that. What I wasn't prepared for was the heartache that would come with it....
It looks as though three of the pups have found homes. Mia, Chloe, and Bella have found new moms and that is part of the problem. I thought that Bella was going to stay with us. That was the plan. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

I went out for groceries on Saturday and when I came home, she was gone. To say that we (the girls) are heartbroken would be an understatement.
A family member took her for a visit, and now refuses to bring her home. She wants to adopt Bella.
I know that this person will give Bella a great home. I know that..What pisses me off is that she refuses to even bring the dog to the house again and Bella is the runt. She needs her mommy for a few more days at least, and I never had the chance to say good bye. Nobody did.
Oh, and we haven't been paid yet, either.

Bruno still needs a home. He is getting so attached to me - and me to him - that I just want him to find his new family - NOW. Still, these things really can't be rushed. It has to be the perfect family.
KC had a friend come out to see the pups last week and her kid was, umm, let's see, I'm trying to be nice here...An asshat. This friend came out to see Mia, knowing full well that she was spoken for and we made no promises to her about any of the other dogs. Of course, he obnoxious 10 year son (please remember, he is 10) came barreling out of the van, and from the instant that I saw him, he rubbed me the wrong way. It could have been the way that he mauled the tiny pup, squeezing her so hard that she couldn't squirm away, or the way that he wrapped her up in his vest and rolled on the frozen lawn with her..It could have been the way that he did a rolling throw and tossed the dog like a bowling ball.
Yes, you read that right. A ten year old kid. HE THREW MY DOG.
The mom was there for all of it, and her response was this...(whispering)..'Kyle.....'
No, for real. That was all that she said.
Then, after they left, I found out that she wants to buy the dog, and keep him at a friends house until mid June, when they move into their new house.
Are you kidding me? WHO in their right mind, would sell them a dog?
Not I.
So, this lady lays a guilt trip on Kristy about the dog...
"Can't you see how attached Kyle was to the dog?"
"He won't understand."
Look, if your kid, at ten, can't understand that a dog was sold to the person that it was promised to, if he gets that emotional about every dog that he sees, then you have much bigger problems.

Mia's new family, on the other hand, is great. They have been here twice to visit with her and the boys (11 and 13) are age appropriate with the pups. I have no worries about her. I am going to miss her like mad, though. She is such a little firecracker!


Yesterday, Shawn, Kayla, Jessica and I went to visit his brother in law and two nephews. In about three weeks it will be the year anniversary of his sisters death.
I can hardly believe that Mary has been gone nearly a year.
The grief in that house, the feeling of sadness, was beyond overwhelming. Flowers from the funeral home were still sitting in the dining room, dried up and untouched since they were placed there nearly a year ago.
I am reminded, once again, that life is all too short and much to precious to be squandered and wasted.
Why does it always take a tragedy to bring us to our senses?
Jessica has an appointment with her specialist today. In two hours, actaully. I guess that I best get moving. I have no reason to think that she is anything other then fine, but I get nervous just the same.
Keep your fingers crossed for us!


CindyDianne said...

Oh my Lord that Bella is a cute thing!

I can't believe she is keeping that dogs.

I can't believe that mom let her kid act like that.

CRAZY. And not in a good way.

Biddie said...

Cindydianne - My thinking exactly. No amount of money would make me hand her a dog. No amount.
I miss lil miss Bella..hopefully she will be back at least for another feeding.
I'm telling ya, never again.

Gabriel said...

Please, PLEASE, let's hope Carolina doesn't find out that Bruno still needs a home. She's going to cry for weeks... can she visit him again one of these days?

Biddie said...

Gabriel - Come this week, anytime..Just call me and let me know when. I still have that dvd for you, and I may have another one later this week.
We are keeping Lola and of course I still have Ruby and Bumble is here, too. She can come and see them whenever :)

aims said...

I just couldn't do what you are doing. It would break my heart.

Fingers crossed for Jessica!

Biddie said...

aims - It is breaking my heart! Never again!
I'm sure that Jess will be fine, but just in case..Thanks.

Burfica said...

Good luck to Jess!!!

I would have made that mom and kid leave and I definatly would have taken the puppy away from him.

You are easier going than me. Someone come in and take my dog and not return it. Family or not. Hell No!!! I would be over there getting my dam dog back. but that is me. I'm mean remember. hahahhahaa

Biddie said...

burfica - Jessica is fine...She is already 5`5 and just over 109 lbs..Whoo hoo!
The dog..grr...I am ok with this person having her, we were planning on keeping her, but we were undecided. I wanted Bella.
I am just pissed that she refuses to bring the dog back to even say good bye and never mind that the lil runt needs her mommy more...I guess that I worry too much.