Wednesday, October 07, 2009


So much to do, but it is windy and wet outside, so I am stalling. I am still in my nightie, thinking of things that need to be done instead of actually doing them.
Shawn and I decided to redo the kitchen cupboards at the new place. They are a hideous, sticky, greasy, 80's throw back mess. I have a feeling that I may have taken on a project that is bigger than it looks. There must be 25 years of ick on those cupboard doors. They need to be sandblasted or something before I can even think of painting. Yuck.
Kayla has been painting her butt off. The girls' tv room is now a light pink instead of an almost white. The owner had painted, but he painted over wallpaper and you could still see the border going around the room, under the watery white. Jessica is less than thrilled about pink, but it was a mistint, and half price. That makes pink my favourite colour of the moment.
Shawn and I spent half of the day yesterday waiting for the cable/phone guy to come by yesterday, only to find out at about noon that the appointment had been cancelled. We were only sitting in the new place for four hours. Actually, I spent most of that time hanging out on the only piece of furniture that we have there - an air mattress. Shawn did home improvements while we waited - like fixing the door casings, which were so off kilter that none of the doors closed properly.
Tomorrow will be an even busier day. Kayla is having her graduation ceremony! I have no idea why the high school holds the grad in October. It makes is infinitely more difficult for the grads that are attending college to come back. They always hold them on Thursdays, too.
Kayla doesn't want to dress up. She will be wearing a cap and gown, so she sees no need to put on anything fancy underneath, were nobody will ever see it. Lol. She is my girl, after all. I would like to buy her some new shoes, though. Converse, of course. No heels for my baby.
It seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating KC's graduation. I can still barely believe that she almost done her third year of college. (Well, she finished advertising and then went back for dental assisting). She is now doing her externship with our family dentist.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Heidi and Jethro can make it...They are out of town packing up their own house, getting ready for a move of their own.
Grandma Lynn had knee surgery, and she is kicking ass with her recovery, but is still not quite ready for a night out. Kayla is so upset that Gramma can't make it..I can't even tell you how sad she is.
In more Kayla news, she asked me last night if I would be upset about Geoff being a part of her life again. Umm, no, not really, but I just know that he will not be able to make this commitment to her. It has been almost 10 years since our separation and subsequent divorce, and he has made zero effort to see his kids. I have not blocked him in any way, this has been his choice.
I know that Kayla is 18 now, but she wears her heart on her sleeve, and I will be heartbroken for her if this does not work out. I seriously doubt that it can. Geoff has a wife that makes life hell for everyone around her. There is not person in the family that likes her. In fact, most of the family refuses to even allow her into their homes. I hate that things have turned out this way.
I wanted things to be so different when we parted ways. I wanted the girls to have Geoff in their lives, but it just didn't work out that way.
Anyway, I don't know if I will ever be prepared to share celebrations with Geoff, but I have no problem with Kayla going out for coffee with him. I just hope and pray that it works out this time.
So, that's life in a nutshell. Jessica is doing well, she is tall and rosy cheeked, looking like a million bucks. We are knee deep in boxes and trying to purge the garbage that we don't need out of our lives. Easier said then done, in all reality.
Kayla will soon be an official high school graduate, we will be in a new home, with a fresh start, and hopefully life will get back to what passes as normal in our house.


aims said...

I've been gone most of the summer and am just catching up.

Sounds like things have been quite rough for you. However - I can see that you still are 'better' than you were when I first met you.

Hopefully the landlord stays out of your place. If not - add a lock and don't tell him.

Biddie said...

aims - Hi :) I haven't been around much, either.
We did add a lock, and we haven't told him. I won't tell him, and hopefully he won't find out until the day we move - eons from now!
I am ok today. Last week was bad, but I feel kind of manic today.
I'm glad that you stopped by :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kayla!
I hate the chaos of moving and the way that is feels so unsettling, too. I always put off packing untill the very last minute.
Maggie Mae

Four Dinners said...

a new lock is a good idea.

Chin up babe.

Any chance of getting to Ann Arbor MI next August? Me and Cappy will be there for a couple of weeks.

Heidi the Hick said...

YOu've got such awesome kids. Just had to say that again!

Gardenia said...

Moving is the pits. However you sound really up for the most part, and also sounds like everyone is really busy making the house a HOME! Its so cool to have a man around that can (and will) actually fix things.

You have much to be proud of with your girls! As for Geoff - it is not the best thing for him to be back in there, but I'm sure, judging from the track everyone else is on, that Kayla has her head pretty well on her shoulders too and she will be able to handle whatever comes. Sometimes I think these jerks are more out for themselves than their child when they make these contacts.

But enough of that! You have so many positive things going on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's sound like there are many positives in your life right now.
Congrats to Kayla, I hope that you post of photos soon!
As far as Geoff is concerned, I hope that it works out for Kayla's sake. He doesn't deserve a great kid like Kayla, IMHO.

Peter Piper

Biddie said...

Maggie Mae - It's good to know that I am not alone!

4D - Maybe..I am working on a passport, and MI is only a few hours away. Maybe I could make it up down for a day?? I would love to, actually :)

Heidi - Aw, shucks :) It takes a village, you know. Remember that :)

Gardenia- There is much to be thankful for..I do hate moving, but I do like the new little house very much. We are making it into our own place,which is nice.
I do worry about Kayla..She has a big heart and I hate to see it get broken. Hopefully, Geoff will see what he has been missing out on and make the effort to see her on a regular basis. Hopefully.

Peter Piper - Photos soon, I promise!

I LOVE YOU said...