Monday, January 04, 2010

Back To Reality

I just can't believe how fast the holidays flew by this year. Jessica is already back at school and our tree has been down for days. The village is still up, of course. I will keep it up as long as possible, which is usually until someone drags the boxes up from the basement as a very subtle hint.

Christmas was beyond what I expected. Not in terms of gifts (which were scarce this year) but in every other way. Grandma Lynn was here for Christmas Day, along with Spencer and Cody. Shawn prepared a veritable feast, and we gorged ourselves on turkey and the fixings. KC actually made dessert this year, and it was incredible. Home made squares and macaroons.

We played Apples To Apples after dinner and laughed ourselves silly. These are the best part of the holidays for me. Time spent with family.

Shawn and I never forget that every year spent with ALL of our girls is a great holiday. It was only two years ago that Jessica spent her whole Christmas break in the hospital. Every year is a gift.

Boxing Day we spent with Heidi and her family. There was of course, another feast, this time we had ham and the fixings. Jessica and Bucky tried to out do each other with his new Bop It, and we played more Apples To Apples. I think that I may need an intervention, cuz we played again on New Years Day when we had our third holiday feast.

New Years Eve Kayla Cody Shawn and I took the bus to Shawn's parents house to hang out with his folks and a couple of his sisters. I'm glad that we went,and I am actually enjoying the time spent with his family, when a few short years ago spending time with them felt like a prison sentence. We have a long way, baby.

Molly (Bella), Ruby and Bumble's baby.

Bumble and his new glasses. He will let Kayla do anything to him, apparently.

Bruno and Lola found the warmest spot in the house.

Ruby and Bumbles babies are almost a year old. It seems like just yesterday that we were sitting up all night bottle feeding the wee lil pups and Ruby was sick. On the other hand, it feels like they have always been a part of our lives. Since two of Shawn's sisters and a cousin of mine have the other three pups, we get to see them now and again. It all worked out rather well, I think. The pups are all healthy, happy and in great homes. Molly and Darby (Bella and Chloe) live like princesses, since their moms don't have any two legged babies of their own. Even my two brothers in law that used to laugh at my small dogs are smitten with their dogs.
I have to admit, I am glad that 2009 is over. It was a tough year for so many people that I care about, with so many different transitions and challenges. I am definitely looking forward to a better and brighter 2010!


Gabriel said...

You're right, my daughters will die of love when they see these pictures...

Still trying to figure out WTF is wrong with my blog. Will change the template soon...

Biddie said...

Gabriel - I was thinking that it was my pc, but it only happens when I try to log onto your blog - could that be my pc? Dunno, just miss seeing you!

Heidi the Hick said...

You're darn right we're lookin forward to a better and brighter 2010!

Love the dog pictures.

And also, Apples to Apples is the best card game EVER!

Four Dinners said...

Bumble the cat says "Hi" to Bumble the dog...;-)

Hope 2010 is the best babe! xx

Biddie said...

Heidi - Isn't it though? I had soo much fun! Can't wait to do it again.
This is THE YEAR. I know it!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the dogs are soo cute!
It sounds like you had a good holiday. I think that we could remember that the holidays should be about family and not gifts..That being said, I do love opening presents!

Maggie Mae

Anonymous said...

Here's to a better 2010 for you and yours!

farmer dave said...

hi biddie good to hear you and your family had a good crimbo and new year yeah 2009 did go very quick and plased its over hope 2010 is much nicer for you, and what is apple to apple and what are home made squares lol

Biddie said...

4D - Bumble says Hi back! Have you recovered from New Years Eve??

Maggie Mae - I love the presents, too! Aren't the dogs gorgeous??

Anonymous - Thank you! You too!

Farmer Dave - Lol. Apples To Apples is a card game..It takes no skill, just a good sense of humour.
By homemade squares I mean brownies, date squares, that kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated New Year! I am looking forward to a better 2010, as well.
The dogs are gorgeous, what kind are they?
I'm glad that Jessica is doing well. Close calls can really make you appreciate the little things in life - like having all of your family together for the holidays.

Peter Piper

debi said...

I cannot believe how long since we have talked. I suck. I hope all is well with you and your family. Thinking of you Biddie.

Anonymous said...