Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I survived my harrowing ordeal last week - I lived to tell. Actually, I am not quite ready to talk about it. Talking about my stressors sometimes makes them larger than life. Shawn has his appointment coming up, and then there are various other appointments - the shrink, disability, nothing that should keep me up at night, but they do just the same.
I am ok. I will be ok. I just have to believe.
I have been trying to get out of the house more often, but it has been hard. The winter depresses me - well, obviously, I am depressed, but the winter deepens my dark moods. Plus, there is the whole cold weather part. Nobody feels like going out when you have to wait for the bus when it is -20 or lower outside.
Shawn and I did head out to the movies with KC and Spencer last week. We stopped at Chapters and our favourite toy/hobby shop. What could be a better evening for me?
It was fun, I don't see KC as often as I would like, and there has been no cash for anything like a night out recently, but I just had too get out.

The puppies are turning one on the 27th and we are having a puppy party on the 23rd. I know, I know, these are dogs, but my two sil's that adopted Molly and Chloe don't have two legged babies, and I love having the house full of puppies. I love the fact that I am close enough to some of my in laws to feel comfortable having them over to the house. This would never have happened a couple of years ago.
Shawn groan when I likened the reunion of the the dogs to the Dionne Quintuplets getting together. Lol. What can say? That's how my mind works :)

I had to post this shopping list. Cody actually found it several months ago when he was working at a grocery store. Can you all see what it says there?
I swear, you can not make this stuff up!


Coffeypot said...

I don't like to be cold, but I do love to go out and take deep lung fulls of breath. The cold air is cleaner than summer air. Hope you feel better soon.

Molly said...

Take care. Biddie

Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? Crystal meth on the shopping list?
Lol. Sad and funny.

Peter piper

farmer dave said...

stress isnt good i had a good deal last year, think it was enough for the next 2 year, yeah i dont like winter either the long dark nights csnt realy go no where and if your sayig its minus 20 over where you are think iam a winp lol as its only touched minus 5 here so far this winter and ive beena bit cold, hope you get through the things you got to do and shawns appointments go okay

Four Dinners said...


When I'm over in August next year...Ann Arbor...I will be very pissed off if you and Shawn don't make it.

Me and Cappy are hiring a car...which I'm driving...er...worryingly...so we can get your way.

You need the influence of Four Dinners and The Cappy Kid.

It's kill or cure time!!!!!!

Gardenia said...

Kiddo - if you were using crystal meth - you wouldn't even have a grocery list!!!!! It was a very arty grocery list. Hope you get to feeling better...although the longer days are a ways away.....but coming!

Anonymous said...