Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I just got off of the phone with my Mum..I love saying that :) Things are going well, phone calls, emails,. and a possible visit with my step father in the next week or so. He is coming to Ontario to go on a fishing trip with an old friend.
Mum can't make it due to work obligations. She wants Jessica and I to visit this summer, but I don't know if we will be able to swing that financially. I would LOVE to go home for a visit, but I doubt that it will happen. Like I say every year, maybe next summer. The sci fi con is the last weekend in August and I don't want to miss that - Burt Ward and Adam West will be there and I already (almost) too excited to sleep.
KC, Kayla and I hit the movie theatre twice this past weekend. We saw Splice on Friday and then on Saturday night we went to see Sex and The City 2 with four of Shawn's sisters. We went out for drinks after (Kayla and I each had a Shirley Temple) and despite my misgivings I had a good time. I still don't know Shawn's oldest sister very well, and she makes a bit nervous, to be honest. Karin is close to my Mum's age, so she and Shawn weren't really raised together. In fact, he was about 7 before he knew that she was his sister. Lol. He thought that Karin was his moms sister.
The movie was better than expected and we all had fun. Shawn's sister Janet drove us home and she cracked us up with stories about when Shawn was younger. Janet is Ryder's grandma so she is pretty darn excited that Kayla is having a baby. She can't wait to help with the baby shower. I have to say, I like this new family dynamic. My family and Shawn's family repairing the fractures and supporting each other..Happy day.
Shawn went for his first pain management treatment. He got four needles - one in his lower back, two on his upper back and one on his inner thigh. I don't know much about much, but so far, it has only made the pain worse. He will need about 10 treatments before we know if it actually work for him, and that translates into about $300. That's a lot of money for something that may not work. I wish that I knew more about this whole process. The doctor has not been very forthcoming with the info. Infact, I would venture to say that this doc is a jerk. He gave Shawn one Rx for pain that we cannot afford - it is over $150 a month and it isn't covered. He called our inability to pay a 'social problem' and not his problem. That is only prescription that he will give us.
I just hope that this does work, cuz Shawn is suffering and he wants to be back on his feet.
The puppies are gone. Buddy came to get them a week after he promised to pick them up. I am biting my tongue over this whole thing...I feel taken adavantage of and it's best of I do stay silent. Nothing good will come of me sounding off on this guy when I still feel the way that I do.
So....that's all of the news, I guess. I am hoping to make it to the theatre again this upcoming week to see The A-Team. I don't need to tell you all how I feel about that, do I?


Anonymous said...

I guess that I don't know much either. Sounds odd to me that you get MORE pain from a pain management doc.
Things that make you go hmmm...
I hope that Shawn improves sooner rather then later.
I am waiting to see The A Team, too!

Peter Piper

Biddie said...

Peter Piper - Yeah, I agree. I don't really get the concept either. More pain equals less pain??
I am sooo excited about the A Team!

Anonymous said...

How was Splice? I was thinking about seeing that one..How was SATC 2?
Did Buddy thank you for watching the pups? Seems like the very least he could do....

Biddie said...

Splice was ok. Probably not the best choice for a pregnant lady. It jumped the shark at one point, but it was ok otherwise.
I did get a thank you, and a promise of payment, but so far, nada.

Heidi Yantzi said...

I love it when a plan comes together...

and praying for Shawn!!!!

Biddie said...

Hey Heidi Yantzi! So that's a yes then?? Whoo hoo!