Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yesterday, my facebook status read something like this 'Do I have a kick me sign on my back?'
It was one of those days, ya know?
I got my cable bill and it had a staggering $200+ dollars in pay per view charges. Not just pay per view, but pay per view porn.
It would be funny as hell if weren't so freaking expensive.
My On Demand choice is almost always the free stuff - catching up on Glee, or Criminal Minds, with the odd documentary (Car For A Dollar) or 80's flick like Krush Groove. The lay out of our very small house is not exactly conducive to any kind of privacy, never mind the kind that you would need to watch some kind of nudity and actually enjoy it. I mean, that is the point, right?
As it turns out, our neighbours were able to steal our signal for over six weeks. (Now that I think about it, they did stay in a lot..Hmm) I didn't ask for any of the titles of the movies (the first rep that I spoke to was too embarrassed to read them) It really didn't matter, I know that the charges are not mine. Or Shawn's, or anyone else's in this house. If they had been my charges, I would have just paid them. I would have been too humiliated to argue....
Anyway, after being called a perv by the second rep that I spoke to, I was able to get the bill knocked down by $130 - which still leaves me out of pocket by the same amount.
We are puppy sitting this week, too. We had 4 gorgeous, tumbling, jumping, chewing, braying pups that are poop machines. Kayla's favourite went to her forever home last night. The other three (Kayla calls them brown boy, black boy, and Fun Puppy) are still here.
Well, that's a good question. The guy that dropped them off is MIA. Kidnapped? Drafted? Incarcerated? Lost?
I have no idea. Nobody has seen him in days and meanwhile I have three poop monsters crawling all over my floors.
I am at a loss. I love dogs, but I already have a whole pack of my own..
WHEN will I learn to just say no to people???

My Mum and I have spoken on a the phone a few more times and have exchanged lots of emails. (She lives in another province, so we won't be seeing each other any time soon).
I have been reflecting on the past and all of the years that we lost. I wish that I had a magic wand and I could do all of it over. I would call her on Mothers Day, even if I were angry. I would take back all of the awful, hateful words that I have spewed angrily at her. The hurt, the pain, it would all be gone.
I can't do that. There is nothing that any of us can do to change the past, so I am looking toward the future. I am putting my energy into being a good mom, wife, grandmother, daughter....
This tiny baby has changed so much for me, for my family.
I am so thankful. Kayla has given my Mum and I a chance to start again.
I never dreamed that I could have this bond with my mother.


Coffeypot said...

Can you not take legal action against the neighbors? At least burn their house down? Cheap Bastards!

Babies have the amazing abilities to change family dynamics. They are amazing little creatures and don't even realize it.

Biddie said...

Coffeypot - I can't do much about the neighbours..I know that the signal was stolen, but we can't say for certain which neighbour..My money is on the house with the 4 single guys, but who knows??? I hope that they enjoyed themselves, cuz it will take me a good month to pay that off..
I m soo stoked about this baby..He/she has already made such a difference!

Anonymous said...

Omg. I would be LIVID! I was double billed on my cell phone a couple of times and the company tried to tell me that they were all my calls...At least I wasn't called a perv. Lol. Sorry...
I bet that you can't even sleep over the excitement of the new babe!

Anonymous said...

Can I laugh that they called you a perv??


Biddie said...

Maggie - Don't tell me, you use Rogers too? I have been double billed so many times, but this porn thing is new..
I am SOO excited about the baby!

Peter - Go ahead, laugh :)