Saturday, August 14, 2010

I saw my shrink today. It was a good visit - he gave me a whole 3 minutes or of his complete and undivided attention, before turning to his computer monitor and watching a video on YouTube.
I also had an interesting phone call this evening. A friend/family member that I have not heard from in quite some time called me out of the blue. This person and I were once very close, but metal illness (hers), divorce (mine) and physical distance all took its tool on our friendship.
She has been homeless at times, in care at others, and just plain lost. Mental illness messed her up but good....
When she called today she told me that she has a good relationship with her daughters, holds down a job at Wal-Mart, and was incredibly lucid and focused on the phone.
Or, so I thought....She went on to tell me about a Christmas with her family a few years back and that she made the dress herself.
Wonderful! Except for one thing.
It was a wedding dress...
I am not poking fun at her. I am honestly not. I just feel so awful for her and I am thanking my lucky stars that I am bi polar, and not suffering from a worse , more debilitating illness.
Jessica and I were at the ER twice in two days this week. She had an infection that spiked her blood sugar and made her feel all around just miserable. We got some anti biotics and headed off for home. The 2nd night, it a new problem, a new pain, and x rays.
It looks as though everything will be ok and the pain is temporary.
Thank goodness. I really didn't her to spend her last two weeks of vacay in the hospital.
Speaking of vacay - Two more weeks and us girls are off to the FAN EXPO!
William Shatner, Adam West, Burt Ward, James Marsters, AND the original Bat mobile from the TV series will be there.
I am one happy geek!
I know that I have been neglecting my blog buddies, and I promise to make my rounds in the next few days.
I have to see what you all have been doing!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Well look at it this way, at least you aren't bored.

Anonymous said...

3 whole minutes?? How much time are you supposed to get??
So happy to hear that Jessica is ok. :P

Maggie Mae

Anonymous said...

Did I mention that I LOVE the name Landon?
You must be over the moon excited about the fan expo. I read about it on line every year, but I never go...Maybe one of these days I will make it there.


Anonymous said...

Where are you??

Gardenia said...

Don't know why, but blogging has been really hard to keep up with since the first of the year - life has filled up like a rain barrel in a hurricane! Yes, mental illness always scares me, because I totter around so much, there but for fortune go I - - -

Have fun at your expo!

Biddie said...

Thank you for stopping by my friends :) I have felt the same way about blogging..I WANT to blog, I just never seem to do it...