Saturday, December 09, 2006

And Finally

We got the bill paid. Hubby went to city hall and paid it, and it was reconnected in about 2 hours. YAY! The final bill that was given to Hubby, and that we paid, was different once again, then the bill that we recieved YESTERDAY.
I can fight this. I should fight this. I just don't know if I will. It stresses me out too much. I don't think that even if and when we prove our case, they will give us any of our money back.
You can't fight city hall. Truly. Did they win? Yup. They won. They got everything that they wanted, and then some. I can sleep peacefully, and warmly, in my own bed tonight. The kids are safe, and our Christmas will be a good one, because we will all be together. They can NOT come after me again, because they have nailed me for EVERY address that they had on file for me. I don't have to look over shoulder, or worry about this popping up ever again.
Did they win? Yup. They won, but I will be one sleeping peacefully tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great Biddie! We're going to have to dress this story up a little bit and add some muppets and turn it into a great Christmas special.

Life, or Something Like It said...

corky - What a great idea! I wonder which muppet should play me?

Anonymous said...

Bid, fight is money owed you. Don't give up.

Biddie I have one last thing to say. Fight what you can, because when something comes up that you have no hope of defeating you are going to be sorry you didn't take on what you could.

I know you can prove you don't owe this. Don't pay settle for what you don't owe.

One day you are going to owe something you weren't aware of and it IS going to cost you.

I love you Bridget. Hugs.


Anonymous said...

so pleased you will all be together for christmas x
you must fight this you can not let the ASSHATS get away with it, just take your time and do it x

Anonymous said...

Fight it, honey. Even if the reimburse you a dollar, you will feel better. See if anyone can give you some "free" legal advice and go about it that way.



dilling said...

I would fight, too... it's a david and goliath fight, but david won, no?

Gardenia said...

Jees, and I thought I had trouble. I got so angry reading your last three posts I wanted to spit nails. how DARE they?

It might be a case of like it is here - the city treasurer embezzled (allegedly - well, she admitted it) over $250,000! Maybe that's where your payments went - to someone's pocket.

I know in FL they (the utilities) ban together and cut off all your utilities if you get behind on one.) But they don't wait months, years - you are right, this stinks like crazy - something really really wrong!

Don't be embarrassed, who would ever dream of a nightmare like this! Truthfully,I think people keeping books are being hired for being young & skinny with big eyes & boobs, and stupid. Sorry....but I've seen too much during my working years.

I pray that your spirit is able to calm down again - what a nightmare - a real "Nightmare before Christmas" story. Merry Christmas utility company/municipality! Hope ya sleep well. Ha, they don't care, why wouldn't they sleep well.


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I say fight it girl! I also know that sometimes the fight is not worth it and you have to pick your battles. I guess only you can decide if it is worth the effort.

BTW, you are always welcome over at my place! I'm glad you enjoy visiting.

Camie Vog said...

AAAhhhh! I can't believe I have missed this utility scandal!! Fuck! Please fight it. That is a lot of money lost if it is really their fault. This makes me so angry! Like, angry as if it was happening to me!
Biddie, I send a huge hug to you.

Heidi the Hick said...

deep breath, phone call, polite persistence, proof and paperwork.

Keep at it. Insist nicely that they take the time to look into this. Y'know, for everybody's best interests.

You can cry afterwards. Before during and/or after your well deserved hot bath!

(Look at all the good wishes sent your way. Lots of love.)

Anonymous said...

Phew...! That is good news Biddie. Well good in that you have your heating back and not so good to pay that amount of money when you don't owe it.

Coffeypot said...

I say put your money toward a good lawyer and sue the shit out of them.