Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance. I am about to rant, again. If you're not in the mood to hear me whine and rant, you may want to come back another day. If you don't mind my angry ramblings, then by all means, continue on.
I am so pissed. It's less than a week before Christmas, and Hubby is laid off. Not only is he laid off, but we had no notice. To make matters worse, his last paycheque was $200 short because Mr. Bossman decided to that we should start repaying our loan to him. I don't mind repaying the loan. I don't. I am so incredibly grateful to have my heat/hot water. I am! I knew that we would repay the loan in increments of about $200 a week. It makes things tight, but I feel that it's a fair amount. I am pissed because we weren't supposed to be repaying the loan until the new year. We had NO notice that Mr.Bossman had decided to start the payments early. This is bad enough less than 2 weeks before Christmas. Now, there will be no paycheck this Friday, either, because of the layoff. Maybe none next week. Or the week after. A little notice might have been nice.
Hubby and I took the bus today. I hate the bus. HATE public transit. Last week, I was crop dusted, ON PURPOSE by an old guy. Not once, but twice. He practically crawled up inside my jacket with me. I thought that maybe he wanted me to piggy back him.
There was another older gentleman that got on at my stop with me. He had a cane. Nobody would give him a seat. He was flying around every corner that we took, falling into peoples laps. He stood the way to the mall. He still couldn't get a seat. What the eff does it take? Someone give the guy a seat!!!
The food bank. My biggest beef of the day. I loathe the food bank. I hate that I have to go there, I hate that it's dirty, and crowded, and more than anything, I hate that most of the people there getting free food are taking advantage of it.
I have a nice big ham for my Chritmas dinner. No problem there. I have frozen veggies, too. What I don't have is bread or fresh veggies, or milk. The everyday stuff. If Hubby was getting a paycheque on Friday, we would make due. The fact is, we don't know WHEN he'll get another pay, and with the holidays coming....It scares me a little. Trust me, we are desperate if we go there.
So, off we went, on the bus, to get our free food. By the time I left, I wasn't hungry anymore. The place was PACKED. I mean packed like a can of sardines kinda packed. I saw one woman with brand new Reeboks, so shiny white that they must've just come out of the box. I'm talking about brand new $200 shoes.
The next woman that I saw was wearing designer clothes, and so much jewelry that she could barely hold her head up. Seriously. Her gold chains would rival something that Mr. T wore in his heyday.
Then there was the grandma. She put her hands into the bag of buns, and prceded to manhandle and sqeeze every single bun to make sure that they were fresh. Oh, they were fresh alright, but after she touched everyone (after picking her ass and nose), nobody else wanted any. One lady took 8 loaves of bread, even after being asked to only take enough for her family size....It was 2 people, by the way. Thanks. A crate of fresh onions was brought out. You know, the green ones. I was standing RIGHT beside the bin, and by the time Ihad my hand in there, they were all gone. 4 people loaded up on green onions. GREEN FREAKING ONIONS, PEOPLE!!!!!! how many fricking onions are you gonna eat, anyway? I only wanted one bunch, but the 4 other people had taken about 12 each.
Wanna know the best part? We had to have Hubby's dad come and pick us up, at the food bank. I don't know why he agreed to do it. I think that he likes to see Hubby when he's feeling crappy and vulnerable. That's my theory.
Christmas is nearly here, and I have seen very little Christmas spirit. The people that I saw today were the worst that society has to offer. They were greedy, and ill mannered, and down right dusgusting. They took everything that wasn't nailed down, because it was free.
Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.
I feel a little better now. A lot better.
Sometimes you just need to vent.
On a happy note, I am looking forward to the holidays. Our family will be with us on boxing day, the day that we cooking our spiral cut ham. Hubby gets to cook, I get to eat, and best of all, I get to visit with some of my favourite people in the whole world. My real family. That should improve my mood. There's nothing better than best friends and pug love.


Nonnyhatesbeta said...

You free to vent anytime you want buddy. That's what blogs (and blog friends) are for. I know exactly how you feel about the people at the food bank. I get the same feelings when welfare recipients come into the office dressed nicer than I am and driving newer cars. Why do I work my ass off when I could just go on welfare and live the good life.

I'm glad you can still find some holiday cheer among all the losers :)

Life, or Something Like It said...

Nonny - You're here in the evening! So good to 'see' you.
I can't wait for boxing day, and I am feeling the Christmas spirit...It just brings me down to see pepole behaving more like animals than people.
Some of the people at the food bank were driving brand new SUVs.I know that you can fall on hard times, at any times, but I just kinda feel like if you need food, then buy food. Not smokes, (I am expecting critisism for that), or booze, or crap like that. If I can SMELL the booze on you, then you've got more money than me or a lot of other people there. Pisses me off.
I do feel better after my little rant. I needed to expell all of that hot air...Hey, btw, do you want a copy of my DVD? Email me.

The Adult in Question said...

Work is the exact same way! Sure nothing is free but people are greedy, rude and mostly take it out on me the cashier. Tonite a coworker told one off. Made me feel better. People are so rude and they demand, and then when they can't get exactly what they want they throw a fit!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I wish Mr. Bossman a permanent case of crotch rot. How can you not give someone notice? Especially this time of year!

Being on government assistance myself it boggles my mind how many people get away with cheating the system.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and really enjoy yourself.

Life, or Something Like It said...

whimsical - Mr Bossman is an ass-hat for not giving us notice...But he still rocks for loaning us the money....
Happy holidays to you..Mind if I link you?

Tod said...

That's bad news about hubby's job Biddie. You have so much crap to put up with right now I hope things look up for you all in the new year.

captain corky said...

I love rants. Writing a rant is probably the most therapeutic solution there is for dealing with stress and unsettling emotions.

I'm sorry about your situation Biddie, but I admire your resolve and it sounds like you guys are going to have a perfect Christmas!

SkippyMom said...

Sorry I missed you last night - but the Porcupine sure did get a kick out of talking to you. [her FIRST IM..Aunt Biddie!] So hugs to you girlie.

As everyone has said - ranting is the best thing you can do...it is theraputic and what we [your friends] are here for. Anyone doens't like it...tough beans.

Sorry about the food bank and the job. That is SO wrong...but you perked up at the end and the holiday is only two days...this too shall pass.

We are all here for you - I get how it is sweetie. I know....but it will get better.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read this. I know what you mean about the food bank crap. I decided to massivily cut back on gift giving (only getting a few things for my son and 1 present each for his cousins) in order to continue to buy food until my hubby's first paycheck arrives (Jan 10th or something).
I live in a ghetto where the residents who get gov't assistance (we do not get cash assistance or food benefits...only health care for our son) drive brand new cars, and wear clothing that I can only imagine how much it costs. They continue to breed like rabbits, and don't work. It is sick.


Heidi the Hick said...

Oh man, I feel like crying! But dammit, we're going to have a good time on boxing day even if all we have is friggin kraft dinner to go with our ham!

The food bank is such a good idea in theory but turns into something nasty in practice. I think that's sad. Where is the pride and sense of generosity and gratitude?

Ok screw it all, get over to my blog and LET'S PARTY!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Tod - I am just so angry because we had no notice at all. He should be back to work in a week or two.
I can't wait for 2006 to be over. I think that I needa fresh start.
I saw you over at Heidi's party. Did you see me? I'm the one dancing on the table...

corky - I felt MUCH better after my little rant.
I'm looking forward to my boxing day dinner, and focusing in on that. Good food, good friends, what more is there?

skippymom- Hi, Skip! I just needed to let loose. I wish that more people were feeling the real spirit of the hloidays. ..Maybe our visit to the food bank wouldn't have been so dehumanizing...
I loved talking to the Porcupine last night. She's too cute. That lifted my spirits, too.
Thanks for the Hugs, you know I love you, too!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Camie - I would've been more careful, if I would have known this was coming. Even after Hubby's paycheck was cut last week, I thought that it was no big...I thought that we still had one more coming before Christmas. (We didn't know thatthere was no work until Monday morning).
The whole episode at the food bank was unbelievable. Seriously disgusting. I still feel dirty.
I just can not believe that people can behave in such a way.
Thankfully, we are out of the ghetto now. I saw alot of what you described in our old hood. I can't even count the # of families that live in geared to income housing that have new cars, extra income, brand new everything. The system needs to change, so that people that need the help get it...
I hope that your holidays are wonderful. I am so glad that Mr.Vog has a new job. Things are looking up for 2007!

Heidi - Don't cry! Today is blog party day! I'm looking forward to the nog. Yu know how much I love nog!
The food bank is a wonderful idea, but therer needds to be monitoring done. Nobody should leave with 10x more food than they will eat. This is not an exaggeration. I was so disgusted by what I saw. We have vowed to NEVER go back there agagin....
We will have cauliflower and spuds with our ham, or broccoli, which ever you prefer. We might even be able to scrunge a pie, if Hubby feels like baking one. No KD on Christmas! It's going to be great!

captain corky said...

"corky - I felt MUCH better after my little rant.
I'm looking forward to my boxing day dinner, and focusing in on that. Good food, good friends, what more is there"?

I feel the same exact way Biddie, except maybe I would add a couple of bottles of wine or maybe a case or two of beer:)

Life, or Something Like It said...

Corky - In my caes, it would be egg nog, with or with out the booze.
You should head over to Heidi's Blog, she's having a christmas party. Seriously, drop on by. Tell her Biddie sent you!

snowcrush said...

No notice?!! That's horrible!

Enjoy your ham, and maybe thing'll look up soon.

We used to grow our own green onions, just an old pot and some (thawed) dirt. It's kinda fun too, like an herb garden thing, but easier. Those things grow like weeds!

dilling said...

Contrator work is a bitch... is there an upswing or a downswing of construction right now? Is there any fulltime employers in his line of work out there?

Life, or Something Like It said...

Snowcrush - I know that things will pick up in the new year. I'm just so pissed that the boss could do this with no notice. he took $200 bucks off of Hubby's cheque, early, and now a lay off? Meanwhile, he's in Florida, enjoying the sun. I can't wait for 2007!!!

Dilling - Hubby is kinda stuck with these guys now, because we owe them so much money. We're hoping that they'll find work for him fast, so that he can start repaying the loan! There is a lot of work, but nobody wants to work right now. Everyone wants 2 weeks off for the holidays. Unfortunately, Hubby doesn't get holiday pay or unemployment. Like I said, a little notice would've been great.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Link me but if you do know that I'll do the same. ;-)

Kim Jong Ramone said...

Sorry about your husband's job but seriously rant as much as you want. just one question though what does it mean to get Crop Dusted"?

Life, or Something Like It said...

whimsical - Actually, I'll get my daughter to link you, cuz I suck, but I would love to be linked, too!

kim jong ramone - Crop dusted is when a guy rubs his package on your ass, or a girl rubs her ta-tas on you...Trust me, it was gross. Do you know that you're the only one that asked? I wonder who else wanted to ask but was feeling too shy?

Libbe said...

I am so sorry this is happening now to you! I mean I guess there is never a good time, but geesh!! Frustrating!

Life, or Something Like It said...

libbe - So frustrating! I am counting my blessings, tho. I know that it could be way worse!

Gardenia said...

Vent away - yeah for blogs! Dang, I can't figure out how some people do it - I used to be a single mom, and it came down to doing without chewing gum. But now I see single moms with manicured fingernails, hair extensions, they are doing a heck of a lot better than me. I dont' get it.

Most of the time their "ain't no" politeness out there - it is who is the toughest, meanest that seem to get it all. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww, crop dusted - yuck! The older I get the more "private" I get - hhmmmm some of that "spiked" clothing the youngsters are wearing might be a great Christmas present.

Before I left we just finished packing lots of grocery sacks (at church) for folks who had rotten things happen to them and would struggle through the "season" - wish you had a couple of them.

Someone from a church came by the year our son died and we forgot it was Thanksgiving, and here they came with the food & fixins." It's hard to take sometimes, but I received that with gladness for sure for the other kids' sake!

I do hope all the love your and your husband have makes your holidays wonderful!