Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is finally over, and we will soon usher in the new year. Personally, I can't wait for 2006 to end. I did have a wonderful Christmas, I must admit. Hubby had lots of time off, (Thanks Mr.Bossman - Ummm, is he going BACK to work soon?) and we actually spent some quality time together.

On Christmas Eve, we all went to KK's boyfriends family home. Even though we all know each other, KK and Corey have been dating over a year now, and this was the 1st time that we had a real get together. Corey's mom and Grandma are sweet, and I enjoyed every minute with them. Grandma is very entertaining. Whenever she tells a story, she stands up and acts it out, just like charades. It cracks me up.

Corey's dad on the other hand, was a complete ass-hat. I wish that he wasn't, because I really wanted things to go smoothly. He was, though, which left Hubby with no choice to go into his Cliff Claven routine.


Christmas was just the 5 of us, laying around, eating food and watching movies. I can't remember the last time that the 5 of us spent time together, just hanging out and having fun. We ate ourselves silly. It was great.

Boxing Day was even better. Heidi and family came over around noon, and we had our Christmas.

Ruby and the Pug chased each other for about 3 hours, until they both stopped for a breather. Poor Pug is fixed, and Ruby isn't. I don't think that that had nearly as much fun as Ruby did.

We gorged ourselves on ham, turkey, salad, turnip, pie...The list goes on, and on....

Heidi, KC, KK, and I played

this game. It was soo close, but KC and I did win. I should probably apologise to Heidi. We do tend to get a tad competeitive.
We're only a few days away from New Years Eve. I don't think that we have any plans. I think that we are going to say good bye to 2006 in our living room, and quietly say hello to the new year. Maybe a nice, quiet start will set the tone for the rest of the year. I hope.


millie said...

trivial pursuit 80s?!?! that looks AMAZING!


CindyDianne said...

Biddie - OH OH OH! We need to think of a way to play that game on the blog! I wanna play really badly!

I think a quiet New Year's Eve is exactly what we are getting too. And, after last year's all night, come home after the sun is up party - I am ok with that! :-)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I just love Trivial Pursuit! I haven't played the 80's version of it though.

Here is hoping that your New Year is a wonderful one and that it doesn't resemble 2006 in the least.

SkippyMom said...

<-----wildly waving her hand....

I wanna play, I wanna play...!!!

2006? All I can say - bring on 2007...WOOHOOO...7 is lucky right?


Marni said...

I'll play too!

Happy New Year! May it be better than '06!

Heidi the Hick said...

That game rocked. I'm so bad at board games, with my lack of patience, and yeah we bent the rules pretty bad, but it was fun!

Let's here it for Friggin Zurbriggen, Swiss Skiing Champion! He's one o my people! Have a slice of green pie!

That dog is still worn out from all the butt sniffin.

We are going to do boxing day again next year, damn straight we are. I'll eat less for a week to make room!

Tod said...

Your Christmas sounds fun. I love board games too and the more rule breaking the better if you ask me.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Millie - Thanks for stopping by! As soon as we figure out how to play on the net, I'll let you know!

Cindydianne - We really need to figure this out...I must warn you, tho, Heidi will kick ass on the music and movie questions.

whimsical - I love the 80's version! I am going to get KC to link you for me, as soon as she is home for more than 10 minutes....

Skippymom - 7 has always been my lucky number. Let's hope 2007 is better for everyone! We'll play the 80's version when you're feeling better. Soon, I hope.

Marni - We really need to figure out how to do this. Happy New Year, I hope it's great!

Heidi - You really kicked ass. Your partner wasn't as much help as mine, so it really wasn't a fair game. I swear, next time, I get Shawn on my team. I think that the 2 of us against the 2 of you would be a fair game.
Let's hear it for Ms.Pacman and green pie!
Ruby is waiting at the window, as I'm typing this. looking for the Pug. I think that it's a match made in doggy heaven. I can't wait for the pug to come in April.

Tod - Are you feeling better? I didn't cheat nearly as much as Heidi did at the game. Seriously, I love her, but the cheating.....

captain corky said...

Happie New year Biddie! It sounds like you had a great holiday.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah I'm a cheat. I admit it. If I can't read the charades I just play dumb until somebody mouths the answer. Not very scientific, I know but it works!

I will not play against you and Shawn together though! Holy crap, I'm not stupid, I know for a fact you and Cliff Claven there would mentally clobber me!!!

Gardenia said...

sounds like a wonderful Christmas, and good holidays. I too am glad 2006 is over - I feel like it is the year of the loosed demons or something, jees.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Corky - Happy New Year to you, too! We did have a great holiday. Nothin's better than friends and food!

Heidi - I was only joking about the cheating, actually. We all kinda bent the rules...Honestly, you and Jethro could kick ass. We could never beat you in the music catagory....As long as I'm being honest, if we wouldn't have gotten the Ms.Pacman question, we probably never would've gotten our green slice of pie!
Thank goodness Hubby only pulls the Cliff Claven act to be asshole when someone pisses him off. He likes you way too much for that!

Gardenia- I second those sentiments. Let's hear it for 2007!

snowcrush said...

Sorry about the asshat dad, but glad you had fun anyway! Here's hoping you have a great new year!