Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good News!

Who's been praying for me? It's confession time heere. Who's been praying for me? Seriously.

I think it worked.

Two of the church committee memebers just came by with eviction papers. I told them what's happening...with the bankrupcy, the back taxes, the garenshee, and laid it out on the table. I told them that if I file bankrupcy, I can include them in my debts, and they will be out the $3200 that we owe....OR, they can work WITH us, and still get their money.

Guess what?

I have until the 2nd Sunday in August to come up a signed agreement and my August rent. If I can pay my rent every month, and make payments on the back rent, WE CAN STAY.

No, wait, let me say it again. WE CAN STAY.

Thank you.


Heidi the Hick said...

Oh thank God.

Bunny said...


catherine said...

Thats great news biddie :D Things are really turning around for you.

dilling said...

woot woot!

Nonny said...

Oh Biddie!

That is the best news I've heard in like forever. You're powers of persuasion are unmatched.

her indoors said...

fantastic news Biddie, things are really on the up now i am so please for you both x

CindyDianne said...

one of many prayin'


Marni said...

I'll take some of that credit -- but not a lot. You are doing most of the work. I mean, look at what you have accomplished in a few short months ---

You went to court about the cheese incident.

You stood your ground with your mom.

You came out of hiding with the tax situation.

You talked to your landlords about the rent.

You have gotten out of the house a time or two.

Girlfriend -- You have come such an incedibly LONG distance from a few months ago. You should be soooo proud of yourself.

Hugs to you!

captain corky said...

Awesome News Biddie! Things are looking up for you.

Tod said...

Yaay! That is such good news!

Gardenia said...

Oh, hooray, hooray. What a relief.

Canadian flake said...

woooooooohoooo I am so happy for you. I have been praying for y'all and hoping something would work out. So glad to hear things are coming along so well for you. Congrats !!

debi said...

Doesn't it feel like a weight has been lifted? I can feel it from here. Love hearing from you. Hang in there.

mjd said...

I love Marni's comment. Prayer may help, but you are putting those hopes and prayers to work. Take care.

Biddie said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words, and your prayers. :)