Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Like Me, You Really, Really, Like Me!!

Look what I got from Whim! I can't believe that I would be picked, when there are soo many deserving people out there!

I have to pick five people now, and I don't know if I can...ONLY five? All of my blogbuddies are Nice. Beyond, infact. They are MY friends, afterall. I know that alot of my pals have already been picked, too. We are a great crowd, aren't we?

I pick Cindydianne -

She actually PHONED me when my internet was down, to check up on me. She did. Can you get any nicer than that?

Marni phoned me, too. A couple of times. I swear, I have the BEST blog buddies EVER. (and OMG, she has the cutest voice)

Gardenia -
She has been a wonderful friend, too. The whining that she has 'listened' to is enough to make anyone crazy, but she always has time for me.

Paddy -
Paddy...What can I say about Paddy? He is a true gentleman, through and through. His posts are always thought provoking and insightful. An email or comment from him is always a reason to smile.

What can I say about Dilling? She rocks. No, really. I have a standing invitation to come and see her if I ever make it out west. She has one from me, too.

Honestly, I could pick all of my blogbuddies. Her Indoors has been a wonderful friend, too. I got a little card and a surprise in the mail one day, just because. Tod? LOVE him. I do. 4D? The best. Debi, Burfica, Jamie, Canadian Flake, Saly, all sweet. Captain Corky? He gives me warm fuzzies, and I think that I am in love with Max. Camie Vog...I WILL visit her one of these days. I have to meet her babies, too.

The point is, you ALL rock, and you ALL are the best. I mean it. If I didn't mention your name, just look at my blogroll. You are all there because you matter.


paddy said...

Thank you very much Biddie for the award, and your very kind words.
I appreciare it.
Y;-) Paddy

Marni said...

Thank you so much, Biddie! That is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time.

You are such a sweetheart!!!!!!


CindyDianne said...

WUHOO! Thank you Biddie! It really means a lot!

thank you, thank you, thank you

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how I found your blog a few weeks back, but I'm so glad I did! You are a sweetie!


Gardenia said...

It's amazing how important our "blog friends" have become to us.

I'm honored. Thank you.

rain said...

I knew it all along! Congrats, Bridget Colleen!

Heidi the Hick said...


Your labels crack me up!

Biddie said...

Paddy - You deserve it. You're one of the nicest people that I 'know'

Marni - Really? The nicest thing to happen in a long time? That's just not right...You totally deserve it.

Cindydianne - You're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome! :)

Saly - Divine intervention? (thanks)

Gardenia - it's the least I could do, since I can't take you out for coffee...You deserve it, too.

Rain - LOL. Am I in trouble? That's the only time that I ever hear BOTH of my names...thank you..:)

Heidi - of course, you KNOW that I think youare the nicest, but I didn't want to play favourites...You know how it is.. You know how I feel about you. Glad you like the labels :)

Kati said...

Hi Biddie!!! Congrats on the award! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Biddie said...

Kati - Hello, to a fellow award winner! Congrats to you, too!

dilling said...

ah...that's nice...see? you ARE nice!!!! Thank you. And get your bootie out to the coast...this coast...the warm coast...

Tod said...

No, YOU ROCK! :)

Biddie said...

Dilling - One of these days...Are you heading out this way anytime soon? Imagaine the fun that we could have..You me, Heidi....Think about it!

Tod - No, YOU rock!!!! :)

her indoors said...

well done you, you deserve this you are very nice no very, very, very nice, i just cant wait for the day we will meet and beleive me we will meet one day
big congrats girl

Biddie said...

Her Indoors - Thank you :) Does this mean that you might be travelling to Canada one of these days? Hmm? We could have a blog party!

jAMiE said...

Congrats on your award, it is well deserved! And thank you for your kind words too...

her indoors said...

biddie i plan to come to Canada in 2009 gosh i know it sounds a long way away but i will be there!

Biddie said...

jamie - Thank you, and you're welcome, from one nice person to another!

Her Indoors - REALLY? And you're just telling me now? When? We have SO much planning to do! You'll be here, in my neck of the woods? This is excellent news, most excellent!

Canadian flake said...

we don't just like you... we LOVE you...cause you rock!!!

Congrats on the is well deserved.


'Course we like you yer daft muppet!! Why'd yer think we come here???

Yer a star babe xx

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Well you deserve it!