Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Photos

How cute is Flor with the puppies? Yesterday we had some visitors...Gabriel and three of his kids (There was Juan missing, again) stopped by with a 'Gaby' cake. All that Kayla asked for a Gaby cake and of course, Gaby was kind enough to oblige. She has done this twice for us, and I am so touched.
I wish that I would have taken more photos. I always think about that after...

Kayla got a super cool Batman balloon from Mom Dad.

This is Caro with Bruno and Lola. She feel in love with the puppies, but everyone does right? Isn't that why they call it puppy love?
I had to pinky promise her that she could come over anytime she wanted to play with the babies and Bumble. Bumble is a huge attention hog and would eat that up. A pinky promise is unbreakable, after all.

This is the Gaby cake. I can not even describe it. It has three kinds of milk, apparently. Skim milk. That makes it practically diet, right??? OMG, it was soo moist.
Today is Shawn's birthday. We are waiting for him to get home so that he can open his gifts and we can go to the casino. I have never been gambling before. Well, ok, once, at my brothers stag and doe I put a dollar on that wheel that yo spin, and when I was a kid, I would gamble away my allowance at the fall fair. This is different. This is grown up gambling!
I am pretty broke, which actually works in my favour. I have $20 to blow and then I am done.
If I win big, that will make all that much more exciting.
Ok, I have to get moving. I need to do my hair and make sure that I look good for when the photogs take my winning photo.
Look for me in the paper!


Gabriel said...

Happy birthday to Shawn, and once again, I'm very happy to see that you all liked Gaby's cake so much!

Caro has been saying all day that she has a buddy and his name is Bruno...


captain corky said...

Hope everyone had a happy birthday and I hope you won US some money. ;)

The Preacherman said...

Hope Shawn had a good'n

I want some Gaby cake!!!!!!

....mmmmmmmmmmm....Gaby cake....

whimsical brainpan said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Shawn!