Monday, February 16, 2009

February 15th, 2009. 1 st day eating solid food.

Sleepy little girl, crashed right out in Kayla's hand. (Feb 14 th)

Ok, ok, I promise, I will lay off of the puppy stuff - soon. My life is so wrapped up in puppies right now that there really isn't much else to talk about. They are just beginning to eat solid foods right now, and it is such a relief. Ruby can't feed them anymore - it could kill her - and I am not willing to risk my baby. Shawn has been an incredible nurse for the pups. Kayla has put all of her spare time into mothering and playing with them, too. Even Bumble has helped. He tries to be the mommy dog when nobody is looking.

Valentine's Day was meh. Shawn and I exchanged cards and I took Kayla and Jessica to the movies later in the evening. We wanted to see Coraline, but missed it, so we saw The Uninvited instead. It was creepy,and although I thought that I had it all figured out, there was a bit of a twist at the end. We had a great time, anyway, and that is the most important thing. I feel as though I need to reconnect with my girls, especially Jessica. There have been some issues between us that I really want to work on. Grade 9 can be such a pivotal year, with so many changes and different paths...I worry about my girls. Peer pressure can make or break you sometimes.
Tomorrow is Family Day here in Canada. We are planning on hanging out and playing board games, eating cake ( baked fresh by Kayla) and watching movies. Do you all have
plans for your day off?


Gabriel said...

I see we have similar plans for!

Have a great Family Day.

Biddie said...

Gabriel - You too! I think that we are going to play Apples To Apples, and maybe some Yatzee if I can talk anyone into it! I am dying to watch Open Season Flor just now and those valentines that she spent so much time one. What a little doll :)
Have a great day!

Biddie said...

gabriel - You're right - later today. These late night puppy feedings are getting to me!

Anonymous said...

the pup's are growing but still so tiny!
me an T don't do valentine day, boring and unromantic thats us!
Family day sounds great, think England could do with adopting that one

Michael said...

Never heard of family day - I'm all for special days if there's cake. I love the pic of the puppy with his paw in the bowl - so cute!

I LOVE Yahtzee! I'll play!

whimsical brainpan said...

I hope you are having a great family day.

And please don't stop with the puppy stuff! Those are about the cutest pics ever.

Biddie said...

Katy - In the US they have Presidents Day, here it's Family Day..It's only the hyear. Today we are surrounded by puppies - that counts as family, right?

Michael - You love Yatzee?! What are you waiting for?? Come on over!
Omg, the pups are soooo cute...We are debating which one to keep!

whim- Oh good, I am glad that someone else loves them too! I have a TON of pics. Just added more on facebook, too.

Burfica said...

I love the puppy pictures. It looks more like the solid food is eating the poor pup. hehehehehe

I want some cake!!!!

Alekx said...

Don't stop the puppy stuff. I love the pic of her neck deep in the food dish.
I want one!!! Though I have more than enough animals.

I love a day of playing board games, to bad the hubbys attention span can't stay focused for us to do that.

aims said...

The long weekend was lovely wasn't it Biddie? Getting The Man for 3 whole days is always great for me. Then when it's over it feels so short!

The puppies are darling. No wonder you just want to talk about them. I would too!