Tuesday, February 10, 2009


exam at vets office: $94

I.V. injection: $70

other costs related to vet care: $469

Saving Ruby Tuesday: Priceless

We had a close call tonight...I feel so blessed to have had friends and family step forward to help us save my Ruby dog.

It's going to be a long night - I have 5 little puppies to bottle feed.


Gabriel said...

Good to know that Ruby is doing alright. But that was a lot of money! :-(

Biddie said...

Gabriel - I am trying not to think about it - the money part..She is worth that much and more, but it is going to take me forever to pay back.

Marni said...

OMGoodness -- what happened? So happy to hear she is OK.

CindyDianne said...

oh no! What happened?

Biddie said...

Ruby has been nursing so much that her calcium levels dropped dangerously low. She went from healthy and happy to falling over in about two hours. It was THAT fast.
She spent the night in the hospital and is seeing the vet again this afternoon (we just came from there, have to do one more blood test).
We have to hand feed the pups now and try to keep her from feeding them. She is one determined little momma! Luckily, we can start introducing solid(ish) food in another week, so we all might just survive this!

dilling said...


Burfica said...

holy cow I am so sorry. I'm glad she is okay though.

I know what you mean about the cost. We did that with our buster dog, he needed surgery or put to sleep. 981 bucks later. yikes!!!

Biddie said...

Dilling and Burf - Yikes is right!
We were lucky enough to come up with the $$$ that we needed. I still feel like that in itself was a miracle. I left the house with $45 or something and somehow we took care of our baby.
I am soo relieved! You all know that she is so much more than a dog to me, and I would be lost without her...I think that we will have to sell all of the pups just to break even, but whatever :) She is ok. (We are taking her to see her vet later today just to be sure ,and she has to get her iv needle taken out. We left it in just in case).

Fifi Flowers said...

OMG... that's a lot work... hang in there.
ENJOY the little furries!

Heidi the Hick said...

Whoa! That went scary fast.

There's one advantage. You've got a few people in that house to feed those puppies. Can you get them onto solid food early?

Man, you're going to be cat-napping like the mother of a newborn. Only there are five of them.

It's worth it to save Ruby. You;re right... she's priceless. Hang in there.

Jenn said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Ruby. We took Ella in and it looks like this will be her last litter. I'm always worried about their calcium being depleted. What a scary situation for you to have to go through. Good luck with the bottle feeding, that is going to be rough. As soon as they can start to lap up water you can make a good thick gruel out of their formula. I also gave my puppies cottage cheese around 3 weeks.

Jenn said...

PS this is one of the best sites for information on raising puppies...


Scroll to the bottom to select different weeks

Biddie said...

FiFi - Thanks for stopping by :)
I am soo in love with the little fur babies, even staying up al night is ok by me!

heidi - Scary is putting it mildly. She got sick and I had $35 in my pocket, and the hospital was in Cambridge. By the time we got there, she could barely stand.
I was beside myself....
Anyway, after another check up yesterday (morning and afternoon) she is ok. No more feeding but that is easier said than done. Ruby cried ALL night because we took the pups away.
She still needs to mother but keeping her from nursing is a whole other matter...I have her dressed and bandaged up like crazy, and they still find a lil boob to nurse!
As soon as they can lap up food, we can introduce semi solids..another week or so. .
Shawn was up most of the night with the pups and I am on duty right now.
You know what??? Saving Ruby was truly priceless. I would give ANY amount to keep her with me. You know how important she is to me :)

jenn - Thanks for the info :)
My hubby has the hang of the bottle feeding and they are doing ok so far. I am more concerned about Ruby. HOW do I keep her from nursing???
Cottage cheese was my next idea, too, actually. lts of calcium and not much chewing.
How is Ella doing??

whimsical brainpan said...

How awful! I'm so glad that Ruby is okay. I know how much she means to you.

Biddie said...

Whim - Thanks :) I am so glad, too. She is so much more than a dog to me.

Anonymous said...

good to hear ruby is okay and the pupps are coming on, think if i had a dog i would do what ever was possible to make sure it was well

The Preacherman said...

Money means nothing compared to the love you give them and they give you.

I am so chuffed you found a way.

If me lottery ticket ever comes in I'll shove a few quid over there for Ruby (and for you babe) xx

Gardenia said...

She is so adorable. Whenever I want a puppy and "H" won't let me have one, I console myself thinking about the high vet bills of the 21st century! I bet her puppies are extemely cute too! Poor thing - I hope she is feeling top notch now!

Michael said...

Poor Ruby, missing her pups. I hope she's doing better now.