Monday, January 01, 2007

The Voices In My Head

I have SO much crap in my head. The voices in my head just won't quiet down, and I think that the only way to quell them is to blog about it all.
Christmas was awesome. We made do with less, and somehow it didn't matter. We were together, and warm, and enjoyed each others company. What did put a damper on our celebrations however, was a conversation with my brother, that upset the whole family and left KC and I in tears. I love my brother in a way that most people don't understand. There has been much upheaval and craziness in our lives, and through it all, we have been always been there for each other. TMOC is 4 years than I am, but it seems that I have been the one looking out for him. I have forgiven him for things that I would never even dream of forgiving anyone else for doing/saying. He has probably done the same for me. I don't know where our relationship stands now. I fear that I may have lost him. This pains me.
Hubby is still laid off. He went back to work for ONE day, and has been laid off ever since. I dealt with the Christmas issue just fine - we can all live with less stuff - but I am seriously sweating about the little stuff. You know - electricity, heat, phone..... I'm trying to stay positive about this, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. Soon.
Gas. Those ass-hats are at it again. I really thought that we had it all taken care of. I mean, we JUST paid $3300 to pay off ALL accounts, past present, and even the imaginary ones. Last week I got a bill saying that we owed $110 in ARREARS. Guess what? They had NO record of Hubby paying $ 3300 just 2 weeks earlier. SIGH. I am so mad. I don't even think that I can deal with this. Hubby will have to make this phone call. Deep breaths.
Speaking of Hubby, he needs glasses. The truth is, we can't afford them right now, but I don't think that he will even admit to needing them. I'll give you a few examples. We were watching Superman Returns last week. I need the captioning because I am practically deaf. (Seriously, I have a hearing loss in both ears). Hubby can't read the captioning, because he is nearly blind. The captioning says...' i'm glad that you're feeling better.' What does Hubby read?
I'm glad that I'm feeding you butter.
One day when we were out for a walk on garbage day, we walked past an old coffee maker sitting on the curb. Hubby wanted to know what was wrong the good looking pair of boots that someone would throw them out? He wanted to try them on.
Then there was the day that he was nearly arrested for following a woman around the bus terminal, trying to feed her french fries. As it turns out, he thought that it was me, and he was shoving food in some woman's face. Then there was the time that some poor guy thought that he was being car jacked when Hubby came storming over to his truck and tried to open the door. He thought that it was his boss's truck, and he was trying to pick up his pay check.
Tomorrow Hubby, KC and I go to the police station. Hubby and KC were assaulted by a cab driver, and the cops might be pressing charges. Even though I am going into police station through the front doors, sans handcuffs, it still kinda freaks me out. My expirience with the justice system has been less than satisfactory recently. I am hoping that since it is the police that are pursuing this, it will all work out in the end.
Grandma comes over tomorrow, too. We haven't seen her in a couple of weeks, because she was in BC visiting with her other grandkids. The girls are itching to get at their gifts, and I think that they may have missed Grandma just a wee little bit, too. This means that Hubby will be making some homemade pie in honour of her visit. There's nothing better than Grandma and home made pie.
Maybe having Grandma for a visit will help Ruby forget about the Pug. For a little while, anyway.


CindyDianne said...

KB just had an eye exam on Saturday after losing his glasses while riding Rooster the horse back in April. So, we know all about needing and not being able to get glasses. It sucks and I am sorry.

Have you had any more dreams about me visiting? Maybe it'll be a reality someday. I'd really like that!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I really hope that things get better for you soon, you sure could use the break.

LMAO!!! What is it about men and their health? They are so stubborn!

I hope you have a great time with Grandma.

captain corky said...

Hang in there Biddie. Things will pick up and get better soon.

Grandma always makes things better. Have a good time with her.

Camie Vog said...

Is there anyway that you all can move from that area? I get the feeling that the vibration there is adversely affecting all of you. Perhaps a change of location can relieve some of this nasty pressure.

gobs of love are being sent your way.


Tod said...

G needs glasses too. We have been putting it off as well as they are SO expensive. That's a long list of stuff for you to deal with Biddie, I hope some of it sorts itself for you.

Life, or Something Like It said...

Cindydianne - Hubby won't the glasses anyway. He rufuses to even get an eye exam. He says that he doesn't want to look like George Costanza. Yeah, right, they would be twins.
He was mad at me once because he was CERTAIN that he saw me kissing Flavor Flav on the city bus.
I haven't had any more dreams about you visiting. Are you thiking of doing some travelling?

whimsical - I'm just whining a little bit. Don't mind me.
Men never want to admit when something is wrong! He cracks me up. One time, when he was changing a 50 watt light bulb, he thought that it was SO watt bulb. SO WATT?! He thought that it was so rude...So watt...I'm going to keep the pressure on him, though. I can't have him feeding food to strangers any more, it just isn't right.

Corky - I can't wait for Grandma to get here! Whoo hoo! Grandma means donuts, coffee, lots of laughs, and in this case, CHRISTMAS gifts! YAY!
She really is one of my favourite people, even if she is the mother of my ex husband. Nobody's perfect!

Camie - We have only been here about 7 months, and I love my little house. I couldn't move even if I had to....
I think that maybe I'm going to be pro active in getting back on my meds. It's so hard to be pro active WITHOUT the meds, but I'm just floundering. I know that with my meds I'll feel a little more like my old self.
How are you feeling? Only 2 more months until Baby Vog arrives! YAY!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Tod - I'm not going to deal with the gas company. I'll leave that up to Hubby. I will have to work on him about the glasses, tho. The last time he was just trying to FEED a stranger, who knows what he'll do next time? Sheesh.
I'm not going to sweat too much about dealing with the police, either. Whatever happens, happens. I just feel a nervous wreck even going to the police station. I'm not sure why. As for the rest of it...I'll just take it day by day. I have a bad habit of thinking a little too much. I stay awake at night worrying. That's what I'm going to work on this year.
Happy New Year to you and G.

Gardenia said...

Hey gal, have I finally met someone whose life is more tangled than mine and whose luck might even be worse?

Your brother, I pray, will come back around. Hopefully he will realize that if you don't have your blood family what do you have.

Your husband is doing a Mr. Magoo scenario! Flavo Flav - how funny! My hubby too refuses to take care of anything that would resemble a medical or health need. He has twisted reading glasses from the grocery store lying all over the place. Must be a man thing. To admit a need for meds or glasses would surely be a sign of ulimate weakness!

Hey, I've gone to a more private mode of blogging - I would invite you, but I can't find your email address in your profile - if you send it to me at I will invite you so you can sign in. Its cumbersome but I have the definite creeps now about cyberstalkers who intrude into my workplace! I risk loosing some of you who are precious to me, however, I hope you fight the google maze and come on over!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Gardenia - I was just trying to find you! I will send you my email...Actually, it's I was wondering if I would be invited! I didn't even know that was option.
I haven't heard from my brother since our arguement. He lives in Halifax, and I'm Canada, and the distance has never felt so big. I do miss him.
I'm going to keep working on Hubby to get his eyes checked. Who knows what he'll do next?!

dilling said...

You sure don't have much luck on your side...hopefully this is not an indication of the coming year but simply a little 2006 leftovers....
much love.

Heidi the Hick said...

Ok. I'm so sorry but I'm hoping that you'll still love me after I say this....

Every time I hear another story about that man feeding strangers and wanting to try on a pair of coffeemakers I snort with giggles.

I do. I can't help it.

I don't know if it's because he's so funny or because you have such an amazing way of telling it, but damn. Kissing Flavor Flav??? SO WATT!!!!!?????

He will not look like George Costanza, holy crap, or you trying to kill me with funny?????

I love you and the Large Man.

Glasses and meds. I have neither at the moment but can see the benefits of both. See. haha!

Life, or Something Like It said...

Dilling - I know that this crap is leftover from 2006. 2007 will rock. I know it.

heidi - I swear, Heidi, he kills me. Really. I don't know what goes on in his head, and quite frankly, I don't want to know......