Wednesday, October 03, 2007


What a day. I was late getting to the hospital today, and I left a little earlier. I still put in my 12 hours, and I feel completely spent.

Jessica and I had a visitor today. My blog buddy Gabriel came by to say hi and to lend us some moral support. It was a wonderful surprise, and he lifted our spirits. He was so funny, and sweet. He offered to come back with his kids to see Jessica. I can hardly believe it, but he actually got Jessica to talk. You have no idea what an amazing feat that was! Seriously. We were still smiling after he left.

Jessica also had her puppy stop by. That's right. Ruby came to the hospital to see Jess. We couldn't bring her in, but we all sat outside while Jess had a visit with her doggie. Grandma Lynn came by, too, and brought Jessie some movies to watch. Shawn and I stepped out around 7:30 for a biteto eat, and two of Jessica's school friends came by. I was so happy, that almost made me cry. I think it helped Jessica tremendously. It has been a long few days, and has been feeling lonely and bored.

I STILL haven't seen the doctor. He told Jessica early in the morning that he wanted to have her home by the weekend. She is worried that she will miss Thanksgiving, which is just a few days away. Shawn and I have assured her that there will be NO Thanksgiving until our baby is home.

She has gained about 2 pounds back, but her blood sugars are still way off. Heidi and I were talking about that today, and while I want my baby back home, I am somewhat relieved to see that this is something that is not my fault. If her blood sugar is still wonky after a few days in the hospital, then there really is something wrong. I am just so happy that we caught this in time. I am not sure about the damage to her kidneys, or what the long term affects will be. I may know more after I speak with the doctor tomorrow.

Thank you again for all of the support. I just can't tell you what it means to me, and Jessica. The whole family, really, including my bff, Heidi.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Gabriel said...

You have a wonderful, beautiful daughter, Biddie. And it was great to meet you both.

I honestly have no idea whether I'll be able to be there on Friday or not, but I will do my best. And if I can't, well, there will be other opportunities.

As I always say, if you need a hand, I have two!

Biddie said...

gabriel - I am SO glad that you stopped by this morning. Jessica was really pleased to have somone come by (she sees far too much of my face lately!)and you made her smile.
That is HUGE.
You are more than welcome to come by anytime :)

her indoors said...

biddie so pleased she is improving, and so pleased you have realised you are not to blame in anyway.
love to you, Jessica and the family (((hugs)))

paddy said...

I hope Jessica is back for in time to celebrate. I hope all will be well.
Y;-) Paddy

jAMiE said...

All the best to you Biddie and your beautiful daughter...

Anonymous said...

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captain corky said...

I'm glad she's going to be ok, and I knew it wasn't your falt because you are one of the most caring mothers I know.

PS Watch out for the food in there Biddie. When I was at the hospital for two weeks in July I must have gained 30 pounds. Fucking hospital food. LOL

Marni said...

I am so glad she is on the mend! And a visit from Ruby?!!!! OMG, that is enough to make anyone feel better. Dogs are healers, I tell ya! Now, Heidi needs to bring her pug around and Jess would be GOLDEN!!!


Balloon Pirate said...

I'm so happy for both of you. Aren't friends wonderful? I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers still.


Heidi the Hick said...

Wow, Marni that 's a good idea!

( I really have to get over my highway phobia so I can get there....)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that Gabriel stopped by! Blogging friends are so great. I wish I was near you, but you know I'm centrally located in the states. I'm thinking about you more than you know.

Anonymous said...


Still thinking of you.

dilling said...

love'n'stuff from me and michael...

Tod said...

And me & G

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Burfica said...

I am so glad she is doing better, and glad you are too.

Yeah hunt that doctor down if he doesn't talk to you tomorrow. I was hunting one down every day with my mom. hehehehe

My dad probably doesn't have Thanksgiving off. We always cook it for when he is off. It's all good, cuz having her home will be a thankful time.

Keep us posted.

big hugggsss

Gardenia said...

Oh, dear - I had not been commenting much the last 3 days - and your life falls apart!!! Do NOT feel guilty - that will not be productive at all - reading over the last few days, it appears you did everything you could and were supposed to do. Us mothers will always struggle with how much to let go and when. And guilt. But don't! Concentrate on getting her better - sounds like just one of those awful things that happen when you are dealing with the medical profession and chronic disease - they and you do the best you can. Make sure you & Jess are educated on care. Is there anything there besides the doctor's office? Sometimes they forget we don't know stuff or need stuff we know gone over again. Find a class or support group or something. And then you guys do your life. Crazy things happen. Any of us could get hit crossing the street. Anyway, what a scare - I hope your adrenaline returns to normal and that Jess can get back home and get caught up. Poor little thing. I pray that her body is ok, keep us posted.

DJ Andi said...

Hugs to both you and Jessica. I am so sorry she is having to deal with this and at such a young age. My brother has had diabetes for 20+ years. He was an adult when he found out. It is a much more serious disease than people realize.

Have faith in the doctors. They will get her regulated. Just wanted to send you a little southern love.

Canadian flake said...

WTG and glad to hear she is doing better...damn this diabetes is so terrible at times.

Praying and thinking of y'all.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Yay! Puppies and laughter are what make healing possible, no doubt!

All my love and prayers!

Phoenix5 said...

Biddie, I'm within driving distance of your city, and would love to drop by too, but I would be barred from the hospital at this time. I have a bad cold plus a lung infection. :-( As soon as I discovered that you were so close by, (both my daughters were born in that hospital) I wanted to drive right over. I'll have to settle for keeping up-to-date through this and sending my prayers heavenward for you and Jess. Glad to hear she has other caring friends who can help, and nothing beats the unconditional love of one's dog. All the best to you both, as always.

debi said...

Dear Biddie, I am so glad to hear Jessica is doing better and that you realize that you are not to blame.It is wonderful that Gabriel came to visit.The world is full of kind and good people. They never make the evening news but they are out there just the same. I hope you and Jessica can feel all the prayers and good thoughts being sent to you. Take care of yourself too.

rain said...

Hope you are all sitting around the turkey table together this weekend! Hang in there!